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(Clay Aiken's "Perfect Day" plays) "Mr. Spiegel?"

"Y-yes?," Spike demanded, leaping up in his chair as he anxiously observed the blonde nurse approach him, clipboard in hand. "C-can I see her now.....please?"

The nurse smirked, her violet irises scintillating with her ridiculously obvious amusement as she acknowledged blithely, "Yes, Mr. Spiegel, you must certainly may.....go right on ahead."

Without even having to be told twice, Spike rudely pushed her out of the way and burst into the rather modest hospital room, only to lay his eyes upon his languid wife, a small bundle of joy lying snugly within her possessive embrace like a tiny treasure that was by far more precious than any type of jewel known to man.

"Faye," he breathed, taking a clumsy step forward, "wh-"

"It's a girl,"
she returned proudly, her full, rosy lips turning upward into a warm smile full of love and adoration for her husband as she held the sleeping babe close to her bosom, her voice lowering slightly as she continued apprehensively, "I'd like to name her Mikaya....that is, if you don't mind."

Finding inwardly that he couldn't possibly ever deny his love of anything that her heart desired, he nodded, agreeing softly, "Mikaya, it is."

"Thank you," Faye breathed, tears slipping down her cheeks like liquid diamonds as she ran her fingers throughout her daughter's soft, fuzzy green-violet hair. "I-I feel as if I owe it to Mikaya......she deserves to still be here, so, by our child's birth, I feel as if she is being born again."

Sensing her pain, Spike gently traced his warm, soft lips along the crook of her neck and fondly interlocked his long, slender fingers within her own, praising breathlessly against her flesh, "She's as beautiful as you, Faye. I'll now be living with the two most gorgeous women known to man in the entire world."

Faye felt her cheeks grow hot as she admitted softly, "I'm so very glad that I was able to see just in time that you truly cared about me, Spike, because otherwise I fear that I would've left you without further questioning."

"Yeah.....I-I kinda wanted to forget about all that, but no matter," he agreed, sighing heavily as he cast his gaze heavenward. "I just want you to know that I will never leave you, Faye, and I hope that you will always remember this: I have walked by your side since the dawn of our love, and I will continue to do so until the very dusk of our lives."

Smiling warmly as prismatic tears began to form along her kohl lashes, Faye reached out to him and pulled him in for a deep and passionate kiss, her soul feeling lighter and more alive than ever before as she returned breathlessly against his lips, "Then let it be so, my love......let it be so."


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