a Shaman King fanfiction
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: Miko-chan

Summary: An unexpected visitor comes near to Asakura household, paying its respects to the ones he holds dear for their happiness... but what about his...
All of this characters are borrowed from Takei-san. Standard disclaimers apply. 'Reflection' by Christina Aguilera...
Author's Notes: The following story happened after Yoh became the Shaman King for a decade or less. Keep reading! Ja ne!

He was sure about it.

"Aniki?" He had been extremely worried before he left him there. For there was something unusual with his erratic breathing, and the unconscious flinching and handing towards his waist. "Is there..."

"Go, its already morning and brides get cranky by the time grooms disappear."


"Don't mind me." He chuckled. "I'm getting used to little brawls that had always following me..."

The other one widened his eyes in astonishment

"...around since many had heard that I have been taken away with all of my abilities."

Creeks and snaps of birds and last batch of crickets filled the air.

"Do you blame me?"

"For what?" A disbelieving grunt.

"For all of these?" A hesitant pause.

"And what if I am?"

"I dunno..." The younger one scratched his head, discomforted. "I guess I do owe you an apology."

"Both of us."

Yoh gave a startled look.

I never thought that I'll be willing now to give it least, for the time being.


Maybe the throne that my brother ascended to was really for him.


Because as each time pass, I am starting to wish that everything had been different.

A glorious sun had fully risen to the azure skies over the mountainous grounds of the Asakura household. It illuminated radiantly sluggish faces that had just awoken from their comfortable cots. Yet, each were immediately dispersed in different tasks. The breakfast was forgotten, with the distribution of warm teas and simmering cocoa supplying their appetites. The faint indication of the affair to take place was there, no matter how strongly the sunlight might impose upon this bright day. That fact was shown through the women who were exhibiting such energy when picking the blooming bunches of red roses grown in the lawn, cooking some meals or just plain sweeping the dust from some the forgotten things of the house. Men have taken refuge in silence, clearing things that were not supposed to be there.

No decors or flashy ornaments had furnished the ceilings. There was only the serene simplicity in the single rose that had been placed at each porcelain vase in each room. For this occasion, it had surprised him that she did not arrange anything filled with splendor. This was much different from the usual sophisticated demands of the merciless Onna. All of them who had known those two couple for almost a lifetime can determine how it was difficult to please her.

He knew so much, didn't he?

Yes... because he was one of those people, who had supported the groom--His best friend--throughout their troubles, as the laidback shaman had also done for him. Canceled a few meetings and promise himself to turn off the cell phone for one day. It was his best buddy's wedding, isn't it?

His vague thoughts suddenly vanished as he was suddenly interrupted with a persistent tap upon his shoulder was becoming much stronger.

"Manta! Haven't seen you a bit!"

"Horo-horo-kun." The medium-sized millionaire grinned. "How are you?" Then he gave a wry smile. "err....What happened to your...?" His rather large eyes fell unto the distracting added feature on the male Ainu's skull.

The particular ice shaman reflexively rubbed the curvy lump that accentuated his spiky head. He had an expression of overwhelmingly terrorized, not suiting for the formal attire of the Ainu attire that he wore. Wearing a plain white hakama and an exquisite dark bluish gi, he merely wiped off the whitish powder of some flour that adhered to his sleeves. "You know, I can't help myself earlier. "

Tamao. That name came very swiftly to the midget's mind as he deduced from the aroma that wafted through his wardrobe.

The Ainu grimaced. "Why can't the females just be blinded by my charms, eh? Manta?"

As small as he was, there is a huge dripping sweat dropping at the back of his head. Sometimes, he could never fathom the mystery between the attraction of the timid fortune teller and this ever voracious Ainu. If it was merely love for the sake of food or the enthusiasm of the daily brawls that proceed every living moment.

It really seems that quibbling couples are a main element to secure a real feeling beneath these guys.

"Stealing again, tummy-boy?" A deep, drawling masculine voice sneered.

"I WASN'T going to steal!" Horohoro protested against the ever nice-guy, Tao Ren.

"Going to?" His slender eyebrow rose on those actual words. Both slender arms--in a long sleeved, ebony-silk, elegant Chinese wear-- were crossed on his chest.

"And how did you know that I was thrown out of the kitchen?" He stomped emphatically, as the aloof face merely raise an elegant eyebrow. Kuso...Horohoro grumbled stingily. They called his refuge to the kitchen as "invasion and sneaking without permission of the Authority (a.k.a. Anna Kyouyama) ". It was irrational to accept that there were no other things to refresh his stomach but three cups of chocolate ("No more than that, Oniichan! Others need those too!") . The mere temptation of the that scrumptious scent was enough to lure him out of sanity.

However, fate was so cruel when the instant he stepped inside the premises, he was met with crumpled fist and a boiling hot skewer to toast the magnificent contours of his face. The worst was, his ladylike sister had offered to have an absolute torturous training program that she had gotten from that annoying spoiled brat. Of course, that means a possibility to severe his head off with one moment or another...sigh.

He fumed.

He does not know if by some evil bewitchment or pure sinister power that this--This Tao Ren-- had his beloved sister smitten for over three years. He was still trying to get used it, even for it was over for a long time. He was considerate enough to take into consideration the total sincerity of their affections. However, that never meant that his brotherly instincts had disappeared to this homicidal freak.

"I'm not as air-headed as you." Ren managed to break the flow of thoughts. "Besides, your sister had requested me to do some baby-sitting." With the scowl that the Chinese shaman was radiating, it was not hard to tell that it was something that against his better judgement.

"Who needs BABY-SITTING? I'm not the one who's SMALL here."

"Watch your BIG mouth." The Chinese one growled.

"Why don't you shut yours? It's BIGGER." The Ainu one retorted.

"I can't swallow a whole feast, PIG!"

"You have one GREAT mouth. NEEDLE-HEAD!"

"OH YEAH?! Who has MORE needles in the head, BIRD BRAIN?!"

Manta could never pacify this arguments. Never, as in for centuries. The squabble had now begun to emit hot sparks, icy spikes and anything that you can throw to make sure the other could not make it to the ceremony later that afternoon. Wasting such good garments...He sighed exasperatedly.

"Oi! Manta!"

It was Yoh, running to them from the front, wooden gates with his hand outstretched to wave at them. The squabble began to lessen in noise, until miraculously, the silly little quarrel was put into an abrupt stop.

"Yoh-dono." The age old spirit, Amidamaru, materialized out of nowhere in a small puff of smoke. There was relief written all over his face. It suddenly creased with worry when he noticed the reddening swollen jaw. Apparently, three of his companions had also taken account of it.

"What's that?" Ren pointed to the distracting injury.

"You're in for it..." Horo-horo quipped.

" the time SHE sees that." Manta agreed.

"Yeah." Yoh scratched the back of his head nervously. His whole body was clanged with dirt, withered leaves and muddy substances. It made him filthy as an Asakura can be. "Uh... had a nasty fall last night."

Unbelieving gazes.

Yoh merely shook his head, lowering his hand from his scalp. He shrugged off the confused glances that they were giving him.

"Guys, Have you seen Anna?"

They should be asking why DID he RECEIVED that fall last night. However, since Yoh initiated to avoid whatever topic behind that bump, they will agree to it anyway.

Horo-horo glared. "You are not supposed to see the bride."

"But..." Yoh grinned uncomfortably. "I have to talk to her...uh...some things..."

Manta heaved a sigh.

Ren closed his eyes in resignation. "Rooms. She was not yet around for the whole morning."

"Arigatou!" Yoh chirped, as he passed thought the well polished wooden floors with ease. He stride towards the itako's quarters with his main spirit hovering at his rear. The others were out of his range as he turned around the corner. As soon as he reached her shoji, he suddenly halted with surprise.

"Yoh-dono?" His ancient-old spirit inquired as there was a quizzical look upon his master's face.

Not here?

"Anna?" he shoved the rice panel open.

With his shuffling steps, he entered her room. It was bewildering, for even though the sun's rays had already penetrated beneath the thin paper panes, there was still an aura of darkness that hovered in this area. A sudden prickling sensation was beneath his feet. Raising up one foot, he had stepped upon a tattered piece of parchment that seemingly that was scattered all over the floor.

Gingerly, he picked up the small piece of paper. With speculating eyes, he suddenly grasped recognition at the silly caricature grin that was torn into small bits.

But why...?

"Amidamaru" Yoh stood up from his posture, with a fading smile on his face. "I have to find Anna."

"But the ceremony, Yoh-dono.."

"It would not start without any of us present, ne?" He reassured the age-old spirit. "Besides, I can't go looking like this." He darted forward, towards the back of the grounds "Make sure that everything's fine until we got here."

He disappeared, sprinting towards the backyard of the household.

His spirit shook his opaque head and obeyed what he was instructed to do.

The rampaging flow of waters were--somehow--more freezing in mellow spring than in the icy winter.

She concluded as she felt the rush of the falls, pouring down swiftly upon her head. The sense of the sudden cool fluidity of the waters was making her numb. She had started the cleansing ritual this morning, which made it quite obvious that after some time it would make her really dull in her sensitivity of things. Nevertheless, the continuous plummeting of the waters produced an odd calming sound. It was an unearthly melody that balms the turmoil that stirs inside her. However, her mind was really getting drowsy, from lack of sleep and trying to ponder hardly as she can. Being in this same spot since the early rays of dawn is not as effortless as it seems.

It was truly frustrating that she was having some remorse about hurting that bastard.

That same man who had nearly taken all away her life, the one that she holds dear. And the same individual who claimed to have given this same accursed gift of being to see the deepest entities in one's heart.

And he claimed that he loved her...!

She was cruel. And she would laugh. And she would mock.

But, last was...

--How would she put it?--


She would never regret of denying him the forgiveness that he seek from her, from doing all those unforgivable sins that he caused.

But why does she felt the pangs of guilt?

She would never lower herself to feel the pity that welled deep inside of him. She knew no repentance, and he is an incurable case. No matter how reformed does she sees in him, the fact that he did unbearable evils cannot change the past that went between them.

And she would never tell him how grateful she was for relieving the doubts in her heart. Of the haunting question of why in all people that someone like Yoh, had accepted her fully. Had cared for her. Had cherished her.

You're not hard to love, Anna-san.

The subtle voice resounded in her thoughts, annoying her to the limit at why that had been echoing ever since she arrived here. With a creased brow, she broke off her clasped hands and swiped off the locks that stuck upon her face, obstructing her now opened lids.

She opened her eyes to see him leaning over the nearby boulder, catching his breath. He was extremely exhausted, not noting the faint blackening jaw and the dark shadows beneath his eyes. The headphones were hanging helplessly on his neck, and his spiky tresses as unruly as ever. There was something about him that makes you worry, which she would never, ever want to feel.

But she could not help it anyway.

How long it has been like this? The growing, uncomfortable feeling inside her chest whenever something had afflicted him. It drew her heart colder and felt that it made the world more unwelcome as if he was the very reason of the sunshine, smiles and what makes the


He did not seem to notice that she was already observing her. So he jumped a bit when he was already a foot away from her, he was slightly leaning to her and found a deadly gaze that stared back at him. With half-terrified eyes, he inquired, "Uh..." Anxious. "Are you finished, Anna?"

Her eyes narrowed a bit more dangerously.

He blinked and realized what he was doing...

Her creamy yukata was already drenched and nearly transparent, the cloth enfolding easily to her body.

The abashed young man suddenly turned around with flushed cheeks.

Impossible. You are *really* impossible. "Handle me the towel."

"A...aa." He responded cautiously, as he picked it from the nearby boulder and gave it to her obediently. However, when she reached for it, she met his onyx, fathomless orbs. Its intensity was disturbing, for it seems, it was delving thorough her defenses, revealing to him what is all of her.

She was totally annoyed to no end at how both identical men can read her so easily.

He exhaled slowly, unsure if it was tired or something uncertain. The gentle weight of the pressure of his gaze was inquiring. It was making the scene a bit awkward, both unwary at who will make the move first.

She shivered slightly, the wind drafting to her soaked body. This was getting a little bit uncomfortable...Thank goodness, he stopped staring at her like a gawking idiot. As she wrapped the slightly drenched towel around the crook of her shoulders, she paced ahead of him...hoping to stop something before it started. But all of her hopes of preventing it crumbled, when she turned back at him and met his eyes.

His tanned face was having its faint smile as he gazed at her.

Is she...nervous?

Raising a hand to slap him was the only option to stop this, yet as soon as her brain had relayed the message to her arm, a firm, callous hand held it to its place, entangling with his fingers.

"Yoh?" She inquired, demanding how the heck did he managed to hold her like this.

"What's troubling you?" came his swift response.

She was taken aback suddenly. Yet, she remained not to speak. Instead she gave a scrutinizing glare at his swelling jaw.

"What happened to your face?" She barked, as he rubbed his swelling jaw, which was growing horridly.

He merely continued with a slight tremor on his voice. "You know he's here earlier, ne?"

"Don't mention him to me." she answered monotonously. It was good enough that he had not possessed the audacity to mention that name.

"Yes. I know" He smiled ruefully, his eyes were not laughing in any sort merriment. "But..." The young shaman voice was lowered something akin to pain. "He never deserves to be like that, even he had always..."

"Hurt us?" He flinched at the snapping tone, a note he know so well. "How can you be so sure?" Her patience was threading the verge of cracking, shown by a pair of crumpled fist. "He deserves it. " It must be.

"I think he wants us to be happy" He simply replied.

Especially you. It was already enough penalty....

"That was already enough for me." Then he grinned. "To believe in him."

...for you not to return what he desired the most.

"What is it that you saw in me?" She asked involuntarily. Unwillingly, as if the words had came out naturally without her will. She asked this with tired eyes, hazy with the fear that she have been with holding all along.

"I should have asked you the same question." He replied eagerly. "But I don't want to find out."

She was dumbfounded for a response like that from him.

"Does that matter?" He questioned her, with eyes shining in expectation.

She looked at him as if she saw him for the first time, biting her lip to keep it from trembling.

"Baka." Her voice lowered.

A sudden splash was heard, and both heads turned at the cause of the sound.

"I hate to interrupt." came the slight husky voice, needing of sleep. "Just happened to pass by..."

Both of them turned to its direction. And they saw his form, nearly bent and trying to keep upon his feet. Beneath him was a pool of blood upon his steps, tracing from the granite.

"You!" The itako fiercely spoke.

She was nearly dumbfounded with the amount of loss of this crimson liquid...

"You WERE wounded last night." The younger one whispered with disbelief as the one being addressed was palpitating and sweating in agony. The water splattered and splashed as they went to the near collapsing shaman, his cream colored robes were tainted with carnage and using the blade as his only support.

"Humph..." Even in anguish, he will always be arrogant. "Still slow."

"Idiot!" She admonished as she gritted her teeth in anger, a stinging sensation suddenly burning beneath her lids. "Why didn't you told us? We could have..."

"Honestly...I would be glad too..." His feet wobbled slightly in weight, "But it's much better this way." He fell off balance to her arms, throwing them towards the ground. "Much...better." Hao was laying his head over her lap, his wounds soaking her cotton robe. His youthful identical brother looked with an indescribable pain as he kneeled before them.

"I'm sorr..."

"Shush." The injured man interrupted. He chuckled as he gazed at her with eyes filled with slowly devouring life, face creased in understanding. "I know. I'm more sorry than you."

"I hate you." her voice quivered in volumes, warm drops threatening to fall in any moment.

He laughed. A filling laugh that did not withheld any sarcasm and bitterness.

"Shut up, will you?" Anna bit out angrily, as she tried to regain the remnants of her mask.

"You can't make me." He coughed. He turned to that identical, who was helplessly trying to accept what was happening in front of him. His younger brother thought that everything would be fine for him, even though that many moments it really did not turned out the way it should have been. But it was too late for that now...

"I told you..." A hard grip on the slightly trembling hand. "...what to do."

"Wakatta." An assuring, returning clasp.

A fading smile.

Which was embedded for a long, long while.

A soft wind.

Which carried the silence within.

A rippling wave.

Which all of these, a little reflection of the image was made.

It all made him at peace, and he was glad when he went.

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