Author's Note, Disclaimer, and Whatnot: I hope you enjoy my poetry, it's not supposed to be "good" per se, but I hope that it is at least somewhat true to the characters and/or funny. Everyone and their mom knows that the characters are J.K. Rowling's creations, so I won't even pretend to say they're mine. For those who may wonder, the poems are written according to number of syllables, sort of like haiku only not. Anyway, thanks for reading, please enjoy, and I appreciate reviews.

I. Filch
I have me a cat.
'er name is Mrs. Norris.
Together we roam the halls.

If students are out of bed,
We will find them and
Punish them as we see fit.

II. Snape
Potions professor;
I despise all Gryffindors.
I am missing my sloth brain.

I'm really not that evil-
It's all just an act.
I'm just a drama queen.

III. Fred/George
Red hair and freckles;
The greatest Weasleys of all.
Percy is a Big Head Boy.

Please give Ron lots of spiders.
He likes them. Trust us.
Troublemakers? Us? No way.

IV. McGonagall
I may be stern, but
I also turn into a cat.
Transfigurations galore.

Head of the Gryffindor House.
What else can I say?
Perhaps I should add: Meow.

V. Oliver Wood
Quidditch quidditch quid-
-ditch quidditch quidditch quidditch;
My name is Oliver Wood.

I like quidditch immensely.
Gryffindor Keeper;
Have I mentioned quidditch yet?

VI. Draco Malfoy
Nobody likes me.
I'm a nasty Slytherin.
Greasy hair; I like to whine.

I need a good kick in the -
Are you listening?
I probably smell bad too.

Author's Postscript: For those who were planning to ask, I have no idea what I was on when I wrote these, and no, you can't have any. Thanks for reading, there will be more to come!