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Summery: This could be a story about any of the characters of your choice. I'm a G/C shipper so that's what I was thinking when I wrote it, but it could be any 2 characters. It was for a 100-word story for English, I added some more words and then uploaded it. Enjoy!


She smiled through the tears streaking her face. The man before her was like an angel in her eyes. Her heart reached for him, though her arms did not.

'I thought you were gone. I thought I'd never see you again.'

'I'll never leave you. You'll never be alone.'

Her heart broke again at his words. Seeing the fresh tears pour down her pale cheeks he embraced her, letting her fall into him. The harsh ring of her phone filled the room. She left his comforting arms, heading for the phone. Turning back she found him gone. Failing to control the trembling of her voice she answered.

'He's gone. He's not with us anymore. He's gone.'

~ End ~