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WARNING: SLASH! Dun like get out! (ONLY H/D) Total AU,


Title: The brother of mine

Harry and Draco are brothers... Sum thing happens....(I can't tell you coz' it ruins the plot) Ten yrs later Draco returns.

Chapter 1.

~Harry's POV~

I walk into my big brothers bed room, He always topk care of me... Draco always was there when I needed him. Right now I'm only 9, Draco is 13. People say we don't look alike... And I think it's true... I'm the ugly person in the family. Everybody in my family has blonde hair, how come I have black? Every body has gray eyes, how come I have green.

I'm riding on my bike when, Ronnie (Harry's Bully) push me. I fell, I never was good at riding my bike. Ronnie runs, and I get on my bike again. Draco's eyes show anger, Draco rode his bike, to Ronnie. I try to follow but I don't know how to ride my bike properly, a truck beeps but I didn't know it was there. And it hit me, Blood slowly seeps from my forehead. Draco ran to me, and Ronnie smirks.


~ Regular POV ~

Draco, sat in the doctor's office with his parents. When a man of the age of 40 walked in.

"Malfoy's I presume?" The Doctor said

"Yes, Dr. Moony" Lucius said

"Well, Harry has lost a lot of blood, and for the looks of it" Dr.Moony said looking grimly

"Well, do you think, our blood can be given. We are family" Said Narsscia (Any body have the real sp? Review and tell me)

"Well, that's the thing. I found that your blood doesn't matches Harry's what so ever" Mr. Moony said

"But how can that be?" Draco whispered

"It seems that Harry Isn't your child" Dr.Moony said, glancing at them

"That's impossible! He's my son! I won't let any one take him! Even if he isn't he-" Lucius stop talking



"Draco stay here" Said Lucius to the 4 year old Draco

Lucius left into Narsscia room, Draco stared at the Nursery, were his little brother was staying. When a nurse came out and the door was still open. Draco wondered into the room. He saw the tags on the cribs and knock them off. Then the nurse came in and out the tags on, On THE WRONG CHILDREN. She brought Draco out. Lucius came out at that same moment.

//End Flashback//

"Was there any other baby's born that exact date?" Lucius said quietly

"Yes, there was his name...."


CLIFFIE!!! Leave you there... You'll find out Draco's real baby brother.. But Lucius doesn't want another son, He wants Harry... but Narsscia wants to see her new son. Read and Review