Chapter 4: Ten yrs later

A Brother of Mine


^Ten Yrs. Later ^

Harry made his way to a table full of guys. He pulled out a notepad and a pen. Harry now was 5'9, his hair was spiky with a hint of blonde.

"What will you have today sir?" Harry said politely

"We'll have you" A black haired man said

"I second that" Said a brown haired man

"I'm sorry, I'm not on the menu." Harry winked

"Oh, Well then... I think we'll have the 2 sloppy Joe's, a Cheese burger, and a Ham burger," The black haired man said.

"I'll be right out" Harry said writing down the order. 'You bloody perverted gits' Harry thought as he walked to the kitchen. He took off the apron he was wearing and put it on the coat hook. He walked out of the restaurant. He walked to his flat, and pulled out 20 pounds (Bear with me, I don't know about British currency) and he walked into a cafe.

"Hey Bryan" Harry said

"Hey hun, What would like today?" The boy named Bryan said

Bryan had blackish and silver hair, he stood 5'8" and had silver eyes.

"You know what I want" Harry's eyes gleamed

"Ah, hehe, He pulled out a cheese Danish, and a cup of coffee, sugar and cream" Bryan handed it to Harry and winked.

"I'll see you tonight okay?"


Harry found a table, and sat down. He took out a sip, of his coffee. Harry sighed.

He took a glance at Bryan, and his eye's got dreamy. But instead of a blackish-silver haired boy, a platinum blonde flash inside his head. He finished his coffee and Danish. He rushed out of the cafe and made his way home. Mrs. Potter stood in front of the house. Harry waved, and rushed home. He brought Lily into a hug.

"Mom!" Harry said. Lily giggled and he turned and her face got serious

"Harry, go away! Please! Your Big Brother Matt is going to take you to Mr. Riddle! I want you to go!" Lily said, her face rimmed with tears

During the ten years, Lily and Harry got to know each other... They lived like 9 years that was wasted was never wasted.

"Harry go..." Lily shooed him away. He ran backwards, He looked back at Lily and waved good bye. When he collided to a human figure. In front stood a 6'2", jet-black haired boy.

"Harry, where do you think, you're going?"

"Uh, Matt... I was... I was..."

"You were trying to run away weren't you?" Matt's red eyes gleamed

"Matt, please!" Harry pleaded

"NO! We owe Mr. Riddle. You remember he got me out of jail. The only thing he wants is you!" Matt said, His face contorted with anger

"But you were the one who got your self in-" Harry's voice was cut off short when Matt's fist collided to Harry's face.

Harry held his cheek, Soon Matt ran into the house brought out a stick. Matt soon started to chase Harry across the yard. Lily chasing after Matt. Bryan came that exact moment. Harry was beaten, His face was bruised, blood dripping down his chin, his forehead, and worst off his eye.

"Harry?" Bryan said, his voice full of concern

"Yea, I'll be alright... I need to get outta here... My mom knows so let me go!" Harry said, mumbling about 'stupid big brother'

Harry fell asleep in Bryan's arms, Bryan bought two tickets to get over the river. (There is a River to get to the other side of the town).




Draco got off the plane. He rushed to his luggage carrier. He took it and rushed. He soon made his way across town. He got to the riverboat and was happy that they didn't leave yet. He made his way on one. The Riverboat started to move. When he was staring across the river, the other riverboat crossed the other's path. Draco saw a figure that he guessed was Harry's. He rushed to the other side of the riverboat. Who was carrying him? Was what gone threw Draco's head. But he knew one thing... Envy flowed in his vein.

~ TBC ~

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