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"When two eyes Meet"

He wandered through the cold streets of New York for the hundredth time.  But this time, he took a different path.  Normally, he would come home from a hard day's work at the construction site, dirty and sore.  But today was the day that his boss decided to fire him.  He could still remember his boss's face as he handed him his pink slip, telling him to never come back again.  It wasn't entirely his fault that he fell asleep on the job.  The guy was literally making him work more than 10 hours a day, or that's what it felt like anyway.  But what did he know, the guy was a jackass.  He now wandered aimlessly through the streets, turning corners without reason.

His hand drifted towards the locket on his chest.  He scratched at the surface with his extended nails while thinking of the person's picture inside of it.  He could remember her yelling at him for no reason.  She simply packed her things and kept saying something about a lawsuit.  It was a damn shame too; he actually started to believe that he actually loved her.  Repressing the memory, he violently tore the locket off and threw it to the side.  The locket opened to reveal a once happy couple standing side by side.

As he passed over a ravine, his golden eyes gazed at the water below.  While leaning over the side, he went over the suicide attempt many times.  It would be so easy to end it all now; I mean, it was not like he had anything to live for anyway.  He tried to make himself jump, but for some reason, he couldn't.  It was the same as his suicide attempts before, he was too afraid to die.  Or rather, it was just too easy.

It was unusually hot at night for this time of the year.  He combed his fingers through his white hair and picked up lingering sweat drops as they passed through.  In the distance his eyes met up with a bar called the Midnight Sparrow.  Caught by the strange name of the bar and feeling an extreme desire for liquor, he entered the small bar.

It felt like a furnace as he walked through to the counter.  The place was full of smoke from cigarettes, cigars, and various types of drugs in the air.  The bar was just another place for illegal possessions such as these to be passed around, but there was nothing that he could do about it, nor did he really care.  As he made his way to the counter of the bar, a group of men were gathered at one end as they gazed at something beyond his view.  He took a seat at the opposite end, but their conversations could not be overheard to his ears.

"Boy would I really love to fuck her."  One of them whispered.

"Yeah, good quality meat like hers doesn't come around that often."  Another one agreed with the first, and both gave evil snickers as vile thoughts ran through their heads.  The man snorted at their behavior.  Sometimes he could not believe how evil the male sex could be.

The crowd moved back and forth to try and get a better view of the maiden.  A small break opened up just enough to let him see the action.  There she stood, throwing bottles of alcohol in the air as if they were nothing.  Her attire wasn't anything to be trifled with either.  She wore a tight, black, leather halter top.  Under the shirt, she wore similar black leather pants that showed every curve on her body.  It was no wonder that she had such a large crowd.  She wore her hair in a pony tail, which let him see her long neck and slender shoulders.  But as her routine continued, the man noticed something about her that bothered him.  Behind her smile, she bore a false fulfillment of her life, as if she was trapped.  This troubled him more than anything at the moment, but it wasn't his problem, and he tried to convince himself not to care and took another sip of his drink.


The men gathered around her cheered and shouted sexual comments to her, but she didn't care, to her, it was another night at the bar.  With simple ease, she tossed a bottle over her shoulder and caught it in midair.  For her grand finale, she drank a type of liquid and positioned a blowtorch in front of her lips.  Exhaling the liquid, it combined with the flame and produced a large fire ball that reached to the opposite end of the bar.  When she was finished, a loud applause erupted from all over the room.  She quickly bowed in appreciation and went back to serving drinks to eager customers.  Thus was the routine that she went through every night.  Every night she endured the harsh shouts and comments from drunken men.  Although throughout her ordeal, she was only 19, still young and prime for the world to see.  But this was where she had to stay, and it almost scared her that she might be here for the rest of her life.


As the crowd died down, he quietly sat, drinking his hard liquor to drown his sorrows.  He felt the alcohol slowly seep down his throat, leaving a burning sensation that left him asking for more.  After he finished his fourth glass, he motioned for the nearest bartender to give him another shot.  The other bartender, who looked to about 45, with a beer belly and grungy looking clothes looked over the man with a frown.

"I think I'll have to cut you off."  He said while starting to walk away with the man's glass.  But before he could get anywhere, the man grabbed the grungy bartender by the collar of his shirt.  His breath smelled of the vile drink, and it was obvious to say that he was drunk.

"Look pal, I've had a hell of a day!  I don't need some snot nose bartender to tell me that I've had one to many drinks.  Now let me have another or I swear that this cup will go straight up your ass!" His words slurred and skipped from time to time as he spoke.  As the man held on tightly to the bartender, the grungy man slightly opened his jacket to reveal a silver pistol.

"Look, I know that you've had a bad day.  Everyone in this fuckin city has one.  Now, don't make me kick you out or make me have to use this."  Having enough sense to know his limits, the man let go.  The bartender turned to attend to other duties, and it was while his back was turned that the man decided to flick the guy off.  But now without any poison to cleanse his body, he figured that there was no purpose to be here.  He was just about to leave when a glass of alcohol was placed in front of him.  He looked up to the generous person to see the maiden that was performing earlier.

"It's on me."  She said with a small smile.

The man didn't question her intentions and started to sip the drink without hesitation.  When he was finished he placed the cup back in front of her.

"You saw what happened earlier, aren't you going to get in trouble for serving a man like me?"  It seemed more like an allegation than a question when it came out, but the woman just smirked and glanced at the other bartender.

"You mean my uncle?  I'm sure that he will get over it."  The man was a little surprised that the bartender was this woman's uncle, but he could care less if the two were involved in a sick relationship in reality.  Before he knew it, the girl decided to speak again.

"So, what is a man like you doing in this bar anyway?  People like you don't come in here just because they have a bad day."  After her thoughts, the man seemed a little confused by her statement.  But after he looked around the room and spotted many men who were being coaxed by various prostitutes, he understood why.  Fearing that the woman would get the wrong idea, the man decided to explain himself.

"It's as I said before.  I had a bad day.  Your bar was simply the closest in view so I decided to come in."  The woman seemed very intrigued by this man.  It was not everyday that she had the opportunity to just talk and not flaunt anything.  She offered the man another drink and tried to continue the previous conversation.

"You know, it helps to talk about it."  She said.  The man simply glanced at her and went back to drinking his liquor.

"I'd rather not."  As he glanced at her, the woman noticed something very unusual.  His eyes held a peculiar glow of yellow as he stared back.  She almost felt scared to gaze into them, almost as if she was looking straight into the eyes of a demon.  But at the same time, she felt a certain gentle touch coming from them, something that was almost hidden to see.  He looked away before she could notice them anymore.

"What is your name?"  She asked with a certain curiosity.  The man hesitated for a moment, and then decided to speak, although it was not the answer that she was searching for.

"What's yours?"  At first, the woman seemed a little taken aback by his answer.  She gave him a funny look before she answered back.

"K- Kagome."  The man simply gave a chuckle to her answer.  He placed his drink down and looked to her once more.

"Heh.  It's no wonder why so many people come to watch you with a name like that."  Kagome snorted to his request as a tiny vein started to twitch on her forehead.

"Well, at least I have the decency to tell someone my name instead of being a jerk about it."  She said while starting to walk away.  The man simply smirked at her reaction as he watched her walk away.


Hearing his voice, Kagome stopped and turned back to him.

"What did you say?"  The man held his smirk and noticed her skepticism as he spoke.

"My name.  It's Inu-Yasha."  It was her turn to smirk as he said his name.  She placed her hands on her hips and cocked her head to one side.

"Do you really think that Inu-Yasha is any better than Kagome?"

"I never said that Kagome wasn't a bad name."  Inu-Yasha said.  As he said this, Kagome was surprised to hear it coming from him.  She didn't know if it was the alcohol talking, but whatever it was it made her cheeks turn slightly red.  Feeling a little embarrassed, Kagome snorted at Inu-Yasha and started to stomp away.

"Oh… what do you know!?"  Inu-Yasha simply smiled, something that he hadn't done in quite some time.

Feeling that his time in the bar was up, Inu-Yasha decided to leave and continue his miserable life.  Just as he was about to exit through the door, a rather large man stood in front of him.  Glancing through his silver bangs, he could smell the liquor on his tongue.  The man was huge in the bad sort of way, actually, the kind that could kick somebody's ass huge.  His clothes were tattered and dirty, and he could be described as the standard "tough guy."  Inu-Yasha simply stepped aside to try and avoid a confrontation, but the man blocked his passage once again.

"Get out of my way."  Inu-Yasha said, but the man held his ground.

"You know, it's guys like you that really piss me off!  You come in here because you have a bad day and you take away all of the action for the hardworking guys!  I think it's high time someone showed you whose boss."  He said while cracking his knuckles.  Inu-Yasha simply snorted at the man.

"What is it with everybody and my fuckin day!?  Now get out of my way!  I don't want to fight you!"  He said while half way getting into a fighting stance.  That was the last straw for the tough guy.  He pulled back with all of his might and threw a punch at Inu-Yasha.  But what he did not expect was for him to catch his fist in mid-air.  Inu-Yasha then took a hold of his collar and literally thrust the guy over his head and to the back of the bar.  Stunned at Inu-Yasha's actions, the tough guy was ready to charge at his opponent again when a bottle was broken atop his head, knocking him out cold.  As Inu-Yasha looked to the person who did the beating, he found Kagome who was surprised herself at what she had actually done.  Inu-Yasha appreciated Kagome's actions and gave her a smile and a wink before finally exiting the midnight sparrow.

Kagome's cheeks turned a slight red again at his last motions, but she recovered and continued the trash pickup.  Almost accidentally, her eyes found the hands of the clock that read 1:00 am.  Panic struck her as she remembered the thing that she was late for.  Quickly gathering her coat, she yelled back to her uncle still at the counter.

"Uncle, I need you to close up for me!  I just remembered something that I need to do!  Thanks a lot!"  She said while making a hasty exit.  Her uncle just smiled at her retreating form.  She did the same thing every night, and every time it seemed to make him smile even wider.  Although, he did not know what the "thing" was that she went to do every night.


Inu-Yasha walked along the cold streets with his head a little higher from the time that he left the midnight sparrow.  His mind kept returning to Kagome's face.  He did not know why but there was something about her that interested him.  He had a good feeling that he would return to the midnight sparrow very soon; perhaps tomorrow.

As he turned a corner to make his way to his run down apartment, he noticed a figure just turn the corner in front of him.  Running to catch up, he stopped and peeked his head around to just see the figure without being noticed.  He was surprised to find that the figure he was chasing was none other than Kagome.  He could tell by her attractive figure and unforgettable bottom.  Continuing to follow her, she led him to an abandoned warehouse.

'Where in the hell is she going?'  Inu-Yasha thought.  He watched her pass through a tiny hole in the gate and enter a small doorway on the side.  Following the same route, he cautiously followed her to the same destination.  But as he peeked through the doorway, he was stunned to find what lied before his eyes.


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