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Midnight Sparrow

"The Demon's Sheath"

By the time that they finally left for the foreign shores of Japan, it was nearly five. It seemed barely hard enough to breathe with all of the storage boxes that were on board. Clearly the trip only had enough room for the captain and a few crew mates before Kagome and Inu-Yasha came on board. But oddly enough both the captain and the crew mates were very friendly towards them. One even told them about a recent attack by a great white shark that almost claimed his leg from the knee down, sadly the result was that he kept his leg, but now it was useless. Kagome had nicknamed him "Gimp", which oddly enough would stick to him the rest of the trip.

The captain was nice enough to give both Inu-Yasha and Kagome his cabin. At first they objected, but the captain would not hear of it. He simply said that rooming with the other crew mates wouldn't be that bad. So, after that, they were all off on a six day journey to Japan across the vast ocean.

As the small vessel started its much worn engine, Kagome leaned on the railing of the back of the boat, watching the last traces of her home drift away from her. It was the same feeling that she felt as they were heading to Manhattan, but this seemed to be a little different. When she and Inu-Yasha were on the little isle, she knew that in the back of her mind that New York was only a few minutes away. But now it felt final. She was really leaving her home to a place that she had never been to.

But then a wandering thought drifted into her mind. She then looked behind her towards the ocean. She gazed at the sunset and began to contemplate a life on the run. For what kind of a life did she leave behind anyway? A high school dropout, thousands of dollars of debt, making a living in a bar with nothing to come home to but a run down apartment? She then thought of a wild adventure, one not to mention with a very handsome and mysterious man with flowing back hair and golden yellow eyes. She sighed heavily; maybe this wasn't going to be too bad after all.

"Kagome?" Inu-Yasha called out to her. She snapped out of her mood fairly quickly and answered to Inu-Yasha.


"It's time for dinner."

"Oh right." She lead and he followed. And as he followed her, he noticed to himself that Kagome was daydreaming more and more the past few days. He just wondered sometimes what she was thinking about.

After a wholesome meal of half a sandwich and a whole orange, Kagome decided to retire to her cabin. She had lost sight of Inu-Yasha a while ago, she had remembered him saying something about trying to find a place to "freshen up," but she wasn't paying attention. Instead she was too worried about her own self. She had currently been wearing the same clothes for two days, and her odor was anything but appealing. If she could just wash down both her clothes and her body for a minute, then she would be grateful.

Before she knew it she was at the door to the captain's cabin. Slowly, she turned the doorknob and found that it was unlocked. She then opened the door to find a rather erotic sight ahead of her. There was Inu-Yasha, in the process of removing his shirt, revealing his firm, muscular chest. His back was to her, and she just stared dumbfounded and silent, watching Inu-Yasha undress in front of her. With his shirt off, he softly tossed it to the floor then began to move towards his pants. But before he could, he sensed that someone was behind him and slowly turned towards Kagome. Their eyes locked, and it was followed by a long and awkward silence.

As Kagome stared into Inu-Yasha's eyes, her heart became unnoticeably tight and began to beat faster. Then, in a panicking motion, she managed to stumble and couple of words before rushing out the door.

"I- I'm sorry!!" She said while rushing out.

"Kagome wait!" Inu-Yasha said in a feeble attempt to stop her. But Kagome was too fast for him as she slammed the door behind her.

"What the hell?" He said while putting his shirt back on.

Kagome ran throughout the passageways of the ship. She had absolutely no idea where she was going and she found herself stumbling into dead ends on a regular basis. As she ran jumbled thoughts ran through her mind.

'I can't believe that I just did that!! Why did I have to just stand there like an idiot?! I usually just yell at him for things like this but why not now?? Argh!!!!!' But as her mind wondered over her own stupidity, she also noticed something else in their previous encounter.

'Inu-Yasha, I did see something else. I saw it.'

'I saw the scars.'

After a while, she just decided to give up and try to find her way back to the little cabin. Maybe she could explain to Inu-Yasha that this was just all a misunderstanding. Then maybe she could yell at him for not locking the door.

As she started to make her way back towards the cabin, she found herself lost again. She thought that maybe if she could find one of the crew mates, they could point her in the right direction again. But as she neared the edge of a corner, she heard voices in the distance. Instead of barging into their conversation, she decided to listen in and see what they were talking about.

"Damn it, why is it that WE have to be all cramped up in this cabin while that boy and his woman get to have their own?!" One of them exclaimed in aggravation. This made Kagome cringe in irritation; she knew that the kindness from these men was a little far fetched. What she did not expect though, was that her good friend Gimp would stand up against his other crewmates.

"Shh! Don't talk so loud you idiot! He might hear you!" They all grumbled at his remark, but did as they were told, until one of them spoke again.

"Why the hell are we listening to you anyway old man? What do you even know about him anyway?" Gimp was silent for a while. He really had no defense against him, but to his surprise it was the captain that spoke up for him.

"First and foremost, he is one of the boss's sons. If word got out that you were treating the boss's son badly, I guarantee that you'll wish that you were dead." Once he said this they were silent. Who were they to oppose their captain? They knew fully well that he knew more about this mission than they did. Most of them were just making this trip for the money, and then never laying eyes upon the boat again. They all had one thing in common. They had a boss, an alias, and a job. They could never stray from what they had dug up for themselves. It was the equivalence to the gilded cage.

The captain laid himself against a nearby wall and gently closed his eyes.

"Get some sleep all of you. Tomorrow will be a tiring day." There was a period of rustling of the crew on their cots, but after a while they fell silent in slumber.

Kagome leaned her back against the wall as if to steady herself. She tried to soak in what was said in the room, but most of it she just couldn't understand.

'What was all that about? What did they mean by the boss's son? What the hell is going on? WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT?!!!' Kagome clutched her head to hold everything in. She couldn't take it anymore. She was tired of being out of the loop of everything. The only way to resolve all this was to go directly to the source. She took a couple of deep breaths before making her decision. She started to make her way back to the captain's cabin to confront Inu-Yasha. It took her a little while before she finally found it, and she stormed into the small room with incredible force.

"Inu-Yasha!" But she soon stopped when she found the room completely bare. She stomped her foot on the floor in aggravation.

'Fine! I'll just wait till he gets back. Then he'll get a piece of my mind!'

It didn't take long for him to reach the cabin. As the door of the cabin started to open, Kagome sharpened her senses to their fullest capacity. She would restrain herself from succumbing to anything that Inu-Yasha said to her.

Once the door was fully open, Inu-Yasha stepped inside, and was taken aback by the sight of Kagome.

"Kagome? Where have you been I've been looking all over for you!" He said with a smile. But he didn't receive any answer from Kagome, just a glare that could pierce through any glass.

"Kagome?" He walked a little closer to Kagome, wanting to know what the problem was. His answer was a pillow strait in his face.

"Argh! Kagome what the hell?" Inu-Yasha exclaimed, but Kagome never wavered from her position. It was then that she decided to speak.

"Hey Inu-Yasha I have an idea. Let's play 20 questions. If I win then you have to tell me the truth about everything." She said.

Inu-Yasha had no idea what she was getting at, but decided to go along with it. He thought that maybe it had something to do with what happened earlier.

"Okay then." He said.

"Fine, let's start with the beginning shall we?" Kagome said while narrowing her eyes.

"What was the real reason for running away from the hospital?" Inu-Yasha stood agape. This was definitely something that he wasn't expecting.


"Tell me Inu-Yasha how come you know how to ride motorcycles so well?"

"Hold on."

"And another thing! How is it that you know exactly what to do when running from the cops?"

"Wait a minute!"

"And what is it with John? And the crewmates on the ship? Could you tell me huh? Because I sure as hell don't know!!!!" The last part came out in more or less a scream. She took heavy breaths to calm herself down, and then glared at the now silent Inu-Yasha, who at the moment was trying to soak everything in.

"Kagome, what are you talking about? What about the crew mates?"

"Don't act dumb! I overheard them saying that you were the 'boss's' son, and that if you were mistreated, then they would wish that they were dead."

"Kagome I swear, I have no idea what you're talking about." Kagome sighed in defeat. She turned her back to Inu-Yasha and lowered her head.

"Inu-Yasha. Why can't you trust me? I've seen everything that you've seen, and I've been through everything that you have been through. I don't understand." There was a silence for a while. Kagome was just about to give up on him when she felt a slight bounce of the mattress. His weight caused her to lean backwards a little but was halted by a certain action that she did not suspect.

He leaned his head on the crown of Kagome's back, and with his muscular hands he placed them atop Kagome's shoulders.

"Kagome. The reason that I cannot tell you these things isn't because I don't trust you. It's because I don't even know the answers."

"Yeah right."

"Listen to me. These accusations against me; I can't explain it I just acted. I've forgotten my past Kagome."

"I'm sorry Inu-Yasha, I just can't believe you." She said with a solemn expression. Inu-Yasha's hands tightened a little around her shoulders.

"What do I have to say to make you believe me Kagome?"

"Nothing! There is absolutely no way that you can feel any emotion towards anyone with all your lies." This time Kagome could feel Inu-Yasha's hands slip from her shoulders and interlock around her torso in a sweet embrace.

"If I had no emotion towards anyone, would my heart be beating so fast? Would I be trembling while I hold you in my arms?" He forcefully twisted Kagome's head so that she was facing him. He looked her strait in the eyes as if to pass right through her soul.

"If you really believe that, then you're a bigger fool than I thought." He slowly moved foreword, and ever so slightly, he touched lips with Kagome.

A surge of electricity flowed through Kagome like a thunderbolt. As this happened a million thoughts raced through her head as well, but she could not hear them. Everything seemed to happen so fast that she became numb to him, like a slave to its master. The only thing that she had any control over was closing her eyes as she became lost in his kisses.

He caressed his hands through her hair, across her cheeks, down her neck, anything that he could get his hands on. And even then it wasn't enough. He kissed her passionately and hard, and when Kagome didn't fight back he only pursued further. He gently slipped his tongue into her mouth and explored it. Kagome hesitated at first, but then began to answer back as they both danced to infinity.

But Inu-Yasha felt that it was only the beginning. He could feel his body react to her, and he felt the fire climb through him as his hair stood on end. He wanted so much more, but was afraid that Kagome wouldn't feel the same way. He slowly lowered her on the bed although still applying his limitations. His hands started to travel down Kagome's chest and to the end of her shirt. Timidly he slipped his fingers underneath the thin fabric, causing a tiny whimper from Kagome. She violently pulled away from him in a gasp and she seemed to retreat into a small fetal position under him while clutching her stomach.

"No…" It was so small that he could barely hear it, but it was just enough to crush a man's hopes. He stayed over her a couple more seconds just to make sure, and all the while she never made eye contact with him. He lowered his head in defeat before silently stepping out the door.

Kagome rolled over on her side halfway hoping that Inu-Yasha would come back inside the cabin. The million thoughts that once flooded her thoughts came back again and she cursed herself for how she reacted.

'I'm such an idiot.' She thought. There were probably thousands of other ways to handle the situation and she pushed him away! She sighed deeply while pulling the nearby pillow over her head.

Inu-Yasha walked down a small corridor of the boat in complete agony. His ego was now completely crushed, and he had only himself to blame for it. He knew that he shouldn't have pushed her to the limit, but his damn hormones placed themselves in the way. He knew the reason so why did it have to hurt so badly?

He stopped by a nearby door and seeing his opportunity, he started smashing the door with all his might.

'Stupid stupid stupid STUPID!!!!!' He thought over and over while punching the door. His mighty strength quickly made haste of the door, and the lock that was on it. Looking a little shocked as he stared at what he had done, he looked at his fists in apprehension.

'Oops.' His thought. He quickly looked around to see if anyone saw what just happened, but the boat was silent. He silently turned in another direction to go mope elsewhere, but was soon called back by an unseen force. He stared at the broken door, and then his eyes wondered to the pieces of the lock that once held it together. As if on cue, a hypothesis gathered into his head.

'Hmm, locks usually mean that there's something to hide.' He glanced inside the dark room and saw the outlines of many huge crates.

'It's worth a shot.'

He entered the large room with nothing out of the usual. Before they left Manhattan, John had mentioned that he was sending shipments on the boat. This could be them from what Inu-Yasha could tell. He turned to leave, but just as he was about to exit the door, a whiff of something very suspicious caught his sensitive nose. He walked back over to one of the crates and this time pulled off the top of the wooden crate with all of his might.

Inside the crate it was filled with packing straw, nothing out of the ordinary at first. But as Inu-Yasha pulled away at the straw, he uncovered something that was certainly not the ammunition that he was expecting.

"Marijuana?!" He said. He gaped wipe eyed at the stash. Judging by the size of the crate, there could be thousands, maybe even millions of dollars worth of it. Just by a hunch, he opened the top to another crate and found a similar source, only this time it was cocaine. It was then that a warning sign made itself visible to Inu-Yasha.

'Kagome was right; there is something definitely wrong here.'

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