* A small warning! This chapter is much more... shall we say... adult than the first. Of course, I'm not an adult writing this, so read at your own discretion. Thank ya! *

Gazing at the stone ceiling, etched and worn by time and magic, Hermione believed this might just have been the longest night she'd ever endured in the enormous castle.

The day had rolled by so slowly that she felt as if she had been drowning in her own exhaustion. Her breath had a difficult time escaping from her throat, as she feared that if it left her, it would not return. She'd been so relaxed throughout Herbology and Divination (which she had reluctantly enrolled in out of guilt for Professor Trelawny) that Harry had asked her if Professor Malfoy had slipped her some sleeping draught. Luckily, he hadn't caught the wicked grin that flashed across her face at the mention of Lucius' name.

By now, though, her tension had returned as she'd settled back to earth. Hermione could still taste him on her lips, delicious and strong. He'd made her feel so alive when he'd touched her... she let out a small whimper at the thought of it. It had been so amazing.

But it was wrong. It was wrong for a million reasons. Professor and student, married man and single teenager, Slytherin and Gryffindor, pure- blood and muggle-born; these were just among the many reasons why it could never happen again.

Unfortunately, Hermione's fevered brain wasn't thinking much about the responsible course of action, it was reminiscing over thoughts of his soft, white-blond hair, his surprisingly strong arms, and those piercing eyes that reflected all the energy inside both of them. She was thinking about Lucius Malfoy and staring at the ceiling as if her reverberating emotions could escape through her brown eyes and give her the peace she needed to sleep. It wasn't working.

She reached under her pillow, pulled out the wand she always kept close by and pointed it to the water glass by her bed.

"Nocturnae Siestra," she whispered softly, and a blue cloud of sparkles slipped out the end of her wand and hovered over the water glass before silently raining itself into the goblet. She put her wand away and took a large gulp of the cool, clear, now sparkling liquid. After downing half the glass, she leaned her head back against the soft pillow. The last image that flickered in front of her eyes before she fell to sleep was that of Lucius, grinning evilly. She couldn't help but smile as she drifted off.


The next morning dragged on as Hermione waited for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Harry tried to pry her out of her daze, but was then distracted by a group of passing Ravenclaw girls giggling and batting their eyes girlishly at him. She didn't understand the fan club that had formed around him since the start of term. They'd just popped up out of nowhere, fainting in his footsteps and swooning over his garbage. Hermione found it surreal. They were so fake; they only liked him for his popularity and growing social status. None of them felt anything real towards the boy who lived.

Finally, the long-awaited class came and Hermione was there a good 10 minutes before the rest of the group, trying not to run through the door and begin screaming at Professor Malfoy. She wasn't angry at him, she was just confused, and Hermione hated to be confused. She had to understand things. It kept her sane, it kept her normal, and this - this was far from normal.

When she walked in, the classroom was barren. Not a student, a teacher, or even an animal of some kind was to be found. She was, as an understatement, early to class. Dropping her books haphazardly on her desk, Hermione walked slowly up to the front of the room, trying to see if Lucius was there. She wasn't entirely sure she wanted to find him, but an eager yearning she couldn't suppress told her she needed to. Not surprisingly, though, he wasn't behind his desk or a bookcase. She turned around to walk back to her chair, disappointed, when she felt a finger run down her arm and she spun around to meet Lucius Malfoy's sharp green eyes.

"Miss Granger," he said arrogantly, as always, "you're early for class."

"Can't wait for another exciting hour of reading from textbooks," Hermione retorted, not realizing that he noticed her looking at his lips with hunger.

They looked into each other's eyes for a brief moment before hearing a noise in the distance; footsteps leading to the classroom, growing steadily louder, threatened their situation.

"Detention after class, Miss Granger," Lucius said loudly, so the people outside could clearly hear, but then softer and out of earshot, "and you can prove just how eager you are about the educational system."

He backed away a step, and Hermione could have sworn that a smile tickled across his face before vanishing, to be replaced with a more natural-looking sneer. She had to replace her own excited grin with a grimace as her two best friends entered the classroom, wearing completely honest scowls. She joined them, sat down, and endured the torturous hour of waiting in near silence.

"He gave you detention at lunch? Stupid git," Ron whispered to Hermione as they researched the mating habits of the Tasmanian Devil and how they were affected by lunar cycles, "I'll bet he's worse than Umbridge was for it."

"Yeah," Hermione replied absently, her eyes glazed over slightly. "Stupid git."

It felt like an eternity, but eventually the class ended. Ron and Harry flashed sympathetic looks at her, making her twinge with guilt for having been so ignorant towards them in recent weeks, and took her things back with them to the Gryffindor common room.

Hermione waited until the classroom had been drained of students before she stood up to approach the blond-haired teacher. He was sitting in the enormous black chair behind his desk, pretending to look over papers and parchment. His emerald eyes flashed over her before locking with her own deep brown ones. She could already feel the beginnings of anger bubbling in the pit of her stomach as he surveyed her like a possession, but there was something else there... something that felt frighteningly like lust.

"I have a detention then, Professor?" She asked innocently as Lucius stood up and walked around to her.

"You're a constant distraction from my teaching duties, Miss Granger," he replied with an inviting sneer, grabbing Hermione roughly by the hips and pulling her to him, "and ought to be taught a lesson."

Hermione didn't waste a moment. Her lips moved to his and he kissed her back deeply, running his long fingers down her hips and on to her lower back. She moaned into his mouth as he pressed against her and her tongue wrapped around his. They kissed like this for an incredible moment before Hermione remembered all the pounding questions she had and pulled away. His eyes opened and he stared at her, almost angry that the kiss had ended.

"Why are we doing this?" She asked him, her eyes strong but questioning.

"It's therapeutic," Lucius offered with a smirk, and something clicked in Hermione's head. He was right. It made her feel better. It made her feel incredible. There was no logical reason to fight it, and Hermione Granger was nothing if not a woman of logic.

She pulled her wand out of her pocket and pointed it to the open door.

"Fermetrus," she said clearly, and the door shut with a snap.

"Works for me," she continued, shoving the wand back into her pocket and pulling him into a kiss once again.

Lucius tried not to smile. It was so unbelievably strange, their situation; the two hated each other fiercely, but found the answers to their own problems in each other's passion. It was really quite selfish of both of them, but neither were inclined to end the relationship, if you could call it that, when it had only just begun. Plus, she was gorgeous, and a surprisingly good kisser. It simply worked.

Hermione found herself being pushed backwards in his passionate kiss until she was pressed against his huge wooden desk, her hands tracing his body, grabbing at any exposed skin. Their lips parted for a moment and they tasted each other's breath as Lucius' hands found the clasp on the front of her robes and they fell off her shoulders, pooling behind her on the enormous table. Beneath them she wore a white t-shirt and black pleated skirt with knee socks and mary-jane buckled shoes. It was almost too delicious for her professor. She kissed him again and undid his own robes, beneath which he was dressed in a black shirt and black pants, not surprising in the least.

Hermione grinned wickedly. So did he.

"Are you sure about this, Miss Granger?" He asked, though in truth not really giving a damn if she was or not.

"Hell yes," she shot back, fire blazing in her eyes.

They radiated heat at each other for a nanosecond before Lucius grabbed Hermione and kissed her deeply, pressing down on her and making her feel sinfully small and feminine. Not to be patronized, though, she pushed up with equal strength. After a luscious minute of this they parted once more, just long enough for Hermione's shirt and bra to be hastily removed, as well as his own shirt. They both stared hungrily at each other's chests for a moment before Hermione moved to his and licked a trail up towards his neck, nibbling him gently when she arrived.

"Ah," Lucius gasped when she bit the flesh on his collarbone, kneading her back with his hands. Her skin was so incredibly hot it burnt his fingers, but he couldn't stop touching her.

"You're a bad influence on our student body," Hermione cackled wickedly beneath him, running her hands over his hard, muscular chest.

"You have no idea what I can do the student body," he replied haughtily as she unfastened his pants and they fell to the floor. His dark green boxers were soft and cottony, which surprised her. They felt smooth against her legs, as she was sitting on the desk now, him standing between her thighs.

"Teach me," she smiled, as her skirt was hastily removed and strewn across his gigantic chair. His tongue flicked across her lips for an instant before he grabbed his wand from beside her on the desk and pointed it at her, performing a levitating spell and removing her panties expertly. She floated back down and landed on the desk.

She was now completely naked and exposed beneath Lucius Malfoy's solid figure, staring down at her cruelly. She felt that hatred boiling inside her again and grabbed her wand, pointing to the drawstring on his boxers.

"Alohamora," she chanted, and the strings came apart instantly, the shorts falling to the floor with a soft thud.

She grabbed him with her hand and stroked him gently, making him moan loudly. He winced at his action. This was a war. The one to come first lost. It was twisted logic, but he figured logic had been locked outside his classroom about five minutes earlier, so he didn't give it a second thought.

He entered her delicately the first time, and she was angered to find a gasp escape her own mouth. She'd touched herself before, but she'd never felt anything like this. It was amazing, hot and sinful and wonderfully different.

The second time he pressed into her was harder, with more urgency. She wrapped her arms around his back and scratched at him with her nails. Their mouths lingered inches from each other as their breath quickened.

"All your lessons should be this interesting," Hermione managed to spit out between breaths as Lucius pushed her into himself and the desk, sandwiching her delightfully. She could not believe how hot this was, how fiery they were. All her hate came out in this. She kissed him with anger. She touched him with fury. She made love to him now with pure rage.

Somewhere during the battle, their wands clattered to the floor, hers emitting a puff of red smoke and his setting off tiny green fireworks. They lost sense of where they were and who they were supposed to be. All they felt was each other, burning with lust and power. When the moment came, Hermione was first, exploding with fire, and Lucius not soon after, pulling her into an impossible closeness that defied physics and magic alike. For a moment afterwards, the brown-haired girl didn't even feel angry or stressed, didn't feel hateful. She just felt complete.

And she knew did as well.


"So," Ron asked twenty minutes later as he walked with Harry and Hermione to Care of Magical Creatures, "How painful was detention with Malfoy?"

"Indescribably," Hermione said with a private smirk.

"I don't know how he got to be a teacher," Harry said angrily, "I mean, it's not like he has any skills."

"Well now, I wouldn't say that," she responded quietly, but Harry's confused response was cut off by the arrival of Hagrid at the field they were standing in, booming loudly about the benefits of dragon scales as tea cozies.

She kept to herself that she'd been given detention every day for the next week, and finished the afternoon with a smile.


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