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Althea Harper stopped and stared at the train before her in surprise. This thing belonged in a museum. It wasn't even a hover train, nor did it seem to be electric. Paul had mentioned that life at Hogwarts was quite old fashioned, but Althea had never expected anything like this.

"Come on girl, I don't want to miss the train because of you." Paul called from further down the platform.

That wasn't quite fair since there was still a quarter of an hour left until the departure, but Althea took a hold of her hovering trunk again anyway and guided it down the platform. It had been extremely nice of the Lestranges to take her into their home, after all. They hadn't had to do that.

Paul Lestrange was a prefect at Hogwarts, therefore the school had asked him to help Althea out. Althea and her family lived in the moon colony and because it had no school for witches and wizards, she'd been invited to return to Earth and attend Hogwarts. A place on a space shuttle was very expensive, though and her parents hadn't been able to afford two. Thus the school had arranged for the Lestranges to get Althea from the space port, take her shopping for her school supplies and give her a place to stay until the start of term.

Paul had been an ideal candidate, because his mother was what the wizards apparently called a Muggle and thus the Lestranges' home wasn't that different from what Althea was used to. Well, if one ignored the fact that one could go outside without wearing a space suit and that there were actual plants growing under the open sky.

The last week had been an amazing experience for Althea. Even though she'd been born on Earth, she could barely remember what it had been like to live on the planet and everything had seemed terribly new. And now things were about to get even newer!

Paul helped her onto the train and found her a compartment and then left to meet with the other prefects. His job was done, Althea realised. She was safely on the way to Hogwarts where the teachers would take care of her.

A few minutes passed as Althea looked out of the window watching the many people milling about. Some were wearing Muggle clothes, others arrived already in their robes. Those, Althea concluded, were probably from the purely wizarding families, Mr. Lestrange had told her about. They were completely unfamiliar with modern technology, he had said, and used magic instead.

Mr. Lestrange had even showed her that Paul's trunk didn't include a hover generator, but when Mr. Lestrange had cast a levitation charm on it and Althea had switched on the hover function on hers they had reacted exactly the same.

"See," Mr. Lestrange had beamed at her. "That's the difference between wizards and Muggles. Different methods, same result."

Unfortunately, if you had magical talent, you couldn't just decide not to become a witch, though. If you didn't learn how to use your magic, it kept doing all sorts of dangerous things. Althea shuddered as she remembered the scolding she'd gotten when her magic had teleported her primary school teacher through the classroom wall. Mrs Gonzales had only ended up inside an air dock, but Althea hadn't known what was behind that wall. The stern old lady could just as well have ended up outside in the thin moon atmosphere where she would no doubt have died without her space suit.

Behind her the compartment door opened and she turned around hastily. Two red haired children, both taller than Althea stood in the door.

"Ein Schlammblut." the younger, a boy, frowned.

"Konstantin, benimm dich!" the girl hissed at him, then turned towards Althea. "Hi, please forgive my brother's behaviour. He's just nervous. It's his first time in another country. I'm Sabine, Sabine Wiesler. His name's Konstantin Wiesler."

Althea smiled nervously. "I'm Althea Harper. And I'm nervous, too." she told Konstantin. "We moved to the moon when I was four and this is my first time back. Where are you from?"

The other Hogwarts students from the moon had arrived on the same shuttle she had, though they'd each gone to a different guest family afterwards. Althea would have recognised the two, if they'd been part of the group.

"Hamburg." the boy said. "That's in Germany."

"Our family is originally from England, though." Sabine added. "You may hear of the Weasleys someday. They are a very big and old family. One of the greatest wizarding families in fact."

"But didn't you say your name was ..."

"Wiesler, yes." Konstantin confirmed. "Two Weasleys were sent on a mission to Germany during the great war and when everything fell apart in Britain they were stranded there for a while and had to make their homes there. They changed their family name to Wiesler, which is the closest German name to Weasley."

"Why didn't they just keep their name, though?" Althea asked fascinated.

"Because the Germans had problems with the pronunciation. They just wanted to make it easier for them." Sabine said.

"Don't you believe one word those two tell you." a voice came from the still open door. "It's all lies."

The speaker was another red haired boy.

"They fled to Germany and changed their names, because they were traitors and the aurors were looking for them." he explained. "Never trust a Wiesler. They're a bunch of dark wizards and murderers."

Sabine glared at him furiously. "They were heroes!"

"They tried to kill an orphaned young wizard who'd believed the younger of them to be his friend. A kind, innocent young boy." the newcomer stated. "Are you a first year?"

Althea nodded.

"Don't make friends with that Wiesler boy. He'll probably be just as untrustworthy as his ancestor." he advised. "Is that your trunk?"

Althea nodded again and the stranger grabbed the trunk and headed for the door. "Come on then, we'll find you some more promising people to make friends with."

Althea had no choice but to follow. She gave the Wieslers an apologetic shrug. "Sorry, but he has all my things."

"Hey, wait up. That's my trunk!" she called after the boy as they ran down the corridor outside.

He finally stopped at the end of the wagon. "Sorry," he said. "But you really shouldn't trust the Wieslers and if you're seen with them too much, other people won't trust you either and you look like you don't know anybody, yet. What's your name?"

"Althea. And you are?"

"Simon Weasley, fifth year prefect of Gryffindor house."

"Then you know Paul? Paul Lestrange. He's a prefect, too." she asked in an attempt to distract him from the topic of the Wieslers.

She could understand that the Weasleys felt rather strongly about being betrayed by members of their own family, but it didn't sit too well with her that they transferred that to those people's descendants. What had Sabine and Konstantin done to deserve such treatment?

"Ravenclaw sixth year." Simon nodded.

"He picked that compartment for me. He'll be worried, if he doesn't find me there later."

"Then I'll tell him where I took you." Simon decided. "Come on."

They walked through several wagons of the now already moving train until finally Simon stopped outside a compartment with several small girls inside.

"Hi Jessie." Simon stuck his head into the compartment. "Are those first years?"

"What if they are?" another read head answered.

Since Simon seemed to like her, Althea supposed she was another Weasley rather than a Wiesler.

"Got room for one more? She was stuck with the Wieslers."

"Oh, you poor thing!" Jessie exclaimed. "Come on in. We'll make room."

There was some sliding and pushing about and soon Althea found herself squished in between Jessie and a tiny black haired girl.

"Um ... I'm Althea Harper, by the way." she introduced herself. "Muggle born."

"Jessie Weasley, second year Gryffindor. Simon is my cousin."

"I'm Haley Malfoy." said the silver blond girl that was squished between the wall and the black haired one. "One hundred percent pure witch. The Malfoy line is one of the oldest in existence."

"Oh, shut up." the black haired girl playfully swiped at her head. "Ignore the posh talk, Althea. Haley just likes to flaunt her family name. I'm Arria."

She didn't state her last name and Haley giggled at the disappointed faces of the other girls. Apparently Arria had been teasing them with that before.

The girl right opposite from Haley introduced herself as Jenny LaCroix and her best friend was the slightly round Marlene Longbottom.

"My uncle is the head of Slytherin house. " Marlene confided in them. "I so hope I get into his house."

"Of course." Arria stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "Slytherin is the best."

"Nonsense Gryffindor is much cooler." insisted Jessie Weasley.

"No way." laughed Haley. "We're all Slytherins here, right?" she asked the last girl.

"Right." she answered. "I'm Andy Tyler, by the way."

The girls were fun. They shared such wondrous things as chocolate frogs and everyflavour beans and even a canary cream with Althea. All the feathers that that last one left in the compartment were rather uncomfortable, though and they decided not to eat any more of those while still on the train.

The others were all from wizarding families and seemed to know everything about magic. They told Althea about the sorting and the houses, about ghosts and brooms and wizarding pets.

Althea began to feel a little shabby for not having anything to share with them in return, so she finally pulled out the package of gummy bears her mother had given her as a going away present. She'd been unwilling to eat that last gift from home up until now, but sooner or later she'd have to, anyway.

The girls stared at the offered sweets wide eyed. At first Althea thought they had never seen such Muggle sweets before.

"Are those really gummy bears?" Andy breathed in awe.

"Of course." Althea shrugged. "What's so special about that?"

"Gummy bears are really powerful." Jenny explained. "Only aurors are allowed to eat them while doing magic."

"They're forbidden." Haley nodded.

"But we're not doing magic, yet." grinned Marlene. "I've always wanted to eat a gummy bear."

Reverently each girl took a gummy bear and placed it in her mouth.

"An ancestor of mine discovered the magical power of gummy bears." Arria explained her eyes half closed as she savored the taste of the forbidden treat. "He studied them as a Potions project at first, but then discovered that they enhance charms and other wand magic as well."

"You ... you're a Snape!" Jenny gasped and the other girls squealed in excitement while Haley and Arria clung to each other giggling.

"Is that something special?" Althea asked.

"At least as special as being a Malfoy." Haley declared.

"I have a gummy bear wand." Marlene confided. "If Severus Snape hadn't discovered gummy bears. I'd probably have to make due with unicorn hair or phoenix feather and wouldn't be nearly as powerful. The development of gummy bear wand cores saved many witches and wizards who'd up to then been considered almost Squibs."

"What's a Squib?" Althea asked confused.



Three hours later they were standing in the great hall nervously awaiting their sorting.

"Slytherin, I have to be a Slytherin." Althea heard Haley murmur to herself like a mantra.

It was beginning to get on her nerves. Why did everybody except her have a house preference? She still didn't understand the differences. What if she was sorted into the wrong house?

"Harper, Althea!" Marlene's uncle read out.

Would it have helped if Marlene had told him that she was her friend?

Too late now. On wobbly knees Althea walked up to the stool and placed the hat on her head.

"Well, well, well, from the moon colony, are you?" a voice rang inside her head. "That's quite far away. And you came here all alone? That takes a lot of courage. You miss your family, though and you want to make good friends. Hm ... either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor, I think."

Hufflepuff? But she didn't even know anyone from Hufflepuff! She'd only met Ravenclaws and Gryffindors so far, and a lot of people who wanted to be Slytherins.

"I see." said the hat. "Gryffindor!"

Althea quickly took off the hat. Where was the Gryffindor table again? Oh there, it had to be the one that was clapping so loudly. Simon was sitting there, too and he'd said that he was a Gryffindor prefect and there was Jessie at the far end.

Simon gave her a thumbs up sign as she sat down next to Jessie and Althea smiled at him in return, but her eyes remained glued to the front of the hall. She had to know where her friends went. They all thought they'd be Slytherins, but she really hoped that at least one would be a Gryffindor.

It took a while until Professor Longbottom finally reached "LaCroix, Jennifer! "

Jenny almost ran to the stool and was promptly sorted into Slytherin as she'd wished and so was "Longbottom, Marlene!" right after her.

"Well, no surprise there." a boy commented to Jessie. "Two typical Slytherin families. Have been for ages."

"Malfoy, Haley!" took longer to sort.

"Gryffindor." the boy commented. "When it takes this long to sort a Malfoy, they always go into Gryffindor."

"Really?" Althea asked her hopefully.

The boy looked at her oddly. Was it improper for a first year to address older students?

"Gryffindor!" the hat announced and Althea jumped up and welcomed Haley with a hug. The poor girl looked like she needed it too. She was devastated about not being in Slytherin.

"Don't worry, we'll stick together." Althea tried to console her. "We're going to have a great time."

"But Arria has been my best friend all my life. " sniffed Haley. "We always thought we'd be together."

"Maybe she'll be a Gryffindor too." Althea suggested. "She hasn't been sorted, yet."

"Snapes never become Gryffindors." Haley shook her head. "They're Slytherins or Ravenclaws."

Arria took very long on the stool. Althea was beginning to get worried when she suddenly sat up very straight.

"Gryffindor." the hat said sounding a little pouty.

Arria trotted over to them looking about as happy as the hat had sounded.

"Stupid hat." she grumbled, but Haley beamed at her.

"Never mind." the blonde girl consoled her. "We'll just be the best Slytherins a bunch of Gryffindors can be."

In the meantime the sorting moved on: "Tyler, Andrea."

Andy frowned at Professor Longbottom for calling her by her full name and placed the hat on her head.

"Slytherin!" it decided at once.

Andy forgave the Professor right away and proudly marched off to her house table.

The last person to be sorted was "W-I-Ser ... no, sorry, W ... W-EE-S-Leer, Con-Stan-Tine."

"Konstantin." Konstantin corrected. "It's Konstantin Wiesler. Nothing to do with con, or leer."

"Yeah, sure." Jessie commented to the girls at the Gryffindor table. "Nothing at all."

The hat took its time with Konstantin. All around Althea people started commenting about being hungry and that the hat should better hurry up. She felt sorry for poor Konstantin. Didn't anybody even want to give him a chance?

"Gryffindor." the hat finally sighed.

Konstantin jumped up, swiped it off his head and threw it to the floor.

"Was? Verdammter Scheißhut!"

He was very lucky that none of the teachers understood German and they only deducted five points from Gryffindor for the abuse of the sorting hat.

Konstantin made his way to the Gryffindor table in complete silence. Nobody wanted to applaud his sorting, least of all the Gryffindors.

"You mean we have to put up with him in all our classes for seven years?" Arria groaned.

"At least you don't have to share your dorm with him." another new Gryffindor, who, if Althea remembered correctly, had been announced as 'Creevey, Nicholas', commented. "I want a transfer."











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Iremione – Like most Slytherins, Susan doesn't find Professor Snape dreadful at all. He is the very image of strong and protective! What a hero! A girl can really feel safe with him around. ... Hermione was on Harry's team, not Sevi's and he just assumed that she was just to moral to pick locks, especially those of her own house mates' private trunks. He didn't think she'd be comfortable with the idea. ... Why not post it? I've got nothing against it, you know. I'm really looking forward to it and maybe some others are too. ... What did Juliana do? My poor girl! ... Huh, me? I'm absolutely sweet and harmless. I'm just a Slytherin. ... Sure, if the teacher's name just happens to be Jose ... Well, I'm pretty sure Drago isn't Latin. I didn't see Gladiator, I'm afraid, but maybe it was just the Spanish translation? Noble Romans had three names, a first name, family name, and a line nickname, that could well have been 'the dragon' Draco. (Tacitus was such a third name. It means 'the silent one' and most people refer to the man as Tacitus. Ceasar, too was the third name of Caius from the family Julius. Someone told me that one means elephant. Cocles = one- eye, Cunctator = the hesitant, Maximus = the great, Sceavola = the left handed ... Is this running away with me? Greenie, stop it!) By the way Comodus and Calligula are third names, too. (I said stop it Greenie!) ... Hermione would not have remained silent, if she'd even suspected who the traitor was. Harry is too dear to her for that. ... Now you know why Slytherins are often so grumpy. ... How many said the right name? Too many! That's why I had to make Seamus this suspect. Sevi overlooked that one can be good at severing charms without being best in class, especially if that class includes one Hermione Granger. ... Intrigued by the muddle? So am I. No, I don't have the slightest idea what it might be either. ... Well, the traitor can always give away Luci's involvement in the whole mess.



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