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Crystal: Anyway, I would like to dedicate this whole story to the other Siora. I used only three ideas from her story, which you fill find under my favorites list. I used the fact that the team was going to 'protect' someone at Hogwarts, and then something that has to do with demons, but I can not say without giving away the whole plot line. And, I used the idea for them to stay at Grimauld  So, here is the prologue.



In a land called Mana, there is a Bejeweled City. This city is home to a magical race called the Jumi.

The Jumi are born from a single grain of magic, left by an elemental spirit. Around this grain grows the Jumi's core, which then forms the body. After 50 years, a Jumi is born (Looks to be the age of 1 in human years.)

The newborn Jumi is then taken in by one who is older, and they grow up learning the ways of this particular Jumi, and the ways of the other Jumi.

At the age of 200 (Looks to be the age of 8 in human years), a Jumi must pick if it is to be a guardian or a knight.

Guardians are those who prefer not to fight, and just bring piece between the Jumi and other races.

Knights are those who protect the guardians, making sure their cores are not stolen or that they are not kidnapped. This reason is because the core of a Jumi holds the most power in any universe, in any galaxy. If their core is stolen, they will die, and the only way to revive them is for their core to be retrieved and healed by Florina, whose tears can heal anyone at any time, if she is willing to offer them trust.

At the age of 350 (Looks to be the age of 14 in human years), a Jumi must begin on their quest after 150 years of training for whatever they pursue in life. Guardians must find knights, and knights must find guardians. It may sound simple, yet it is a very difficult task. Especially if there are more knights then guardians, or vise-versa.

Jumi's have been said to be cursed creatures, ones that bring death to those who see them. This is true, and yet false. To steal a Jumi core for power is what curses you. In fact, it will suck out your life power if you keep it anywhere close to your body, and cause you to lose all nutrition and die out. But, to see a Jumi, and to treat it nicely, will only be a reward when they say that you can touch their core.

Touching one with permission will give the person a new ability, or improve an old one, or heal a wound. Jumi's are said to be kind creatures when thought of and talked to nicely, but nasty when they are tricked or talked badly about.

But, the danger dose not end there. A Jumi, no matter what element, must never love that of a different race. The only people to care and love the Jumi are other Jumi. For if s creature of another race cries for a Jumi, they shall turn to stone.

It has been said, once, that a young girl, whom people called the goddess of Mana, befriended the Jumi. She helped them, protected them, and they all warned her to stay away from their kind. Until that one fateful day, when the last of the Jumi's cores was taken, and swallowed by a Jewel Lord. The goddess of Mana fought for her friends, destroying the beast. She looked at the fading figures of her two friends, who stared back at her, before she began to cry.

The two Jumi's yelled at her to stop, but it was too late. The tear fell from her eye, and she turned to stone instantly. The tear hit the floor like a rock would, and then, Florina, one of the two remaining Jumi, saw that it was a crystal tear. She felt herself turn solid, and saw other Jumi turn up around her. In fact, all the Jumi were there in that room.

They all saw the stoned goddess, and Florina said that for all of her deeds, they would shed tears for her. And so they did. The goddess of Mana lived on, protecting the Jumi still, and the only one of different race allowed in the Bejeweled City


(A/N Above is just some history that might make the story easier to follow. And if you could tell, a Jumi ages one human year every 25 years, just a little fact maybe you'd like to know. Oh, and a lot of the history is from the game, a lot of it is made up by me. So, on with it.)

"Why are we here again?" Yusuke groaned with his hands placed behind his head. He was walking in circles around the furniture in Koenma's office.

"We're here for an assignment" Kurama reminded him. He was leaning against a wall in the corner, almost completely hidden by the shadows.

"Yes, detective, you should put your brain into use" Hiei remarked, sitting in his usual place. The window sill.

"Then where is pacifier-breath?" Yusuke questioned, leaning on said persons desk.

"I would prefer it if you didn't call me that" squeaked a voice, causing Yusuke to jump and turn. The other two sat unfazed.

"Don't do that" Yusuke complained, and Koenma just looked at him, before opening his mouth.

"Where is Botan?" He asked. Nobody answered. "Then she must still be getting her" Koenma muttered. But, the three in the room picked up the noise.

"Who else is coming with us?" Kurama asked coolly. (A/N *sighs with hearts in eyes*)   

"You'll see when she arrives" Koenma answered.

"By the way Koenma" Yusuke began, trying hard to not make the prince yell at him again, "Where's Kuwabara?" He asked.

"I was beginning to wonder that myself" Kurama spoke up.

"Well, I asked him if he wanted to come on this assignment, since really he would just be a bother. I told him about it, and he said he got enough studying at his regular school" Koenma said.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Yusuke asked.

"It means the Kuwabara isn't smart enough for the job" Botan said, walking into the room.

"I agree with that" Hiei said. "But, he isn't smart for any job."

"Boton, where is the one you were to acquire" Koenma asked.

"She'll be in in a moment" Botan answered, smiling at Hiei. He looked at her strangely.

"Then we'll wait till she arrives" Koenma said. Botan sat herself down, and they waited in a few moments of silence.

"Botan…?" Questioned a voice. Hiei's face went suddenly pale.

"I'm in here" Botan said. The door opened and in stepped Yukina. Hiei froze, and tried not to look at his twin sister.

"Now that everyone is here, I'll get to the assignment" Koenma stated. "You are going to go to a school called Hogwarts, a school for witches and wizards" Koenma stated.

"Are you joking?" Yusuke asked.

"No, it's called Hogwarts. Here, I have your letters" Koenma said, holding up five envelopes addressed in emerald green ink. "You can read them later. They have acceptance letters and supply lists inside" Koenma said, throwing the letters to each said person, who opened them despite the fact Koenma told them not to.

"And where are we supposed to get these things?" Yusuke asked.

"You don't have to worry about that. Until the start of term, you will be staying at Number 12, Grimmauld place, the headquarters to the Order of the Phoenix. This is a defense group against the evil that is after the world and a boy by the name of Harry Potter" Koenma informed them.

"So, our assignment is to go to school?" Yusuke asked.

"Not exactly. Your assignment is to protect Harry Potter, and to stop the dark wizard. I've been hearing things, and according to demons, this dark wizard is trying to become one himself" Koenma said. "You have to stop him" Koenma said.

"Is that all, or do we get fancy cars that turn into robots?" Yusuke asked. Koenma glared at him in a way.

"No, in fact, it's not all" Koenma said. "You're also there on a rescue mission for a girl named Jumi. She was kidnapped a while back, and she harnesses great power. We have a feeling that this dark wizard is after her as well. Do you accept?" Koenma asked.

"Wait a second. Where is this school, and what exactly do we tell our parents?" Yusuke asked.

"Well, your parents have been informed that it's a free transfer program, though, no students will be coming to take your place. This school is in England" Koenma informed.

"ENGLAND?" Yusuke asked.

"Yes, and you should better hurry home and pack. Your flight leaves in two hours."


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