Batman grimaced.

It wasn't that he was against having partners. He had several in the past few years. Indeed, he had more than his share, a number of them unwanted.

It wasn't that he was against his charges having a life.

It wasn't even the fact that he took on his latest charges as a favour to an old friend.

Nor the fact that one of his charges was engaged to another of his charges.

He looked down at his city from the perch on Wayne towers.

A city that had been devestated, perhaps worse than when No Man's Land occured.

It was worse than a Joker rampage, although without civilian casualties.

All because of a simple walk in the park.

Sighing, as another explosion took place, he turned on his link to Oracle.

He used the voice as he spoke. "FIND THEM. NOW!"

Barbara sighed as Batman cut the connection abruptly, and looked at the two boys sitting peacefully in her tower.

Who knew that inviting Tenchi and Ranma to visit would cause THIS much distruction in the city from the various fiancee's as they battled it out?

A short fan fiction based on Takahashi Rumiko's Manga and Video series, Ranma 1/2

Saotome Ranma is copyright 1987, 2003 by Takahashi Rumiko.

Publishing rights:

Japan: Shogakukan Inc. Tokyo

Hong Kong: Jademan (Holdings) Ltd.

North America: Viz Inc.

Also based upon the Tenchi Muyu and related series of Manga, books, movies, OVA's and television series created by Hayashi Hiroki and Masaki Kajishima

Masaki Tenchi is copyright by Pioneer LDC

Publishing rights:

Japan: Pioneer LDC

North America: Pioneer LDC, AIC, and Viz Inc.

Also based upon the Batman series created by Gil Kane

Bruce Wayne, Batman, Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, Richard Grayson, Alfred Pennyworth, Commissioner James Gordon, Barbara Gordon, Oracle, Catwoman, Selina Kyle, Joker, Two-face, and Timothy Drake are copyright 1936, 2003 by DC Comics, and Time-Warner Entertainment.

Publishing rights:

North America: Direct Current Comics

By Ichinohei Hitomi