"Hey Rob!" Kon El called out to his friend at their headquarters, "I need to know something, and I'm hoping you will tell me."

Robin looked at his friend, the usual closed expression on his face, and, as always, serious. "About."

Kon sighed. It was going to be one of those days. He was one of the few people who ever saw Robin smile, or get excited at anything. With Superman, Kon was one of the few that managed to get beneath the shell that had formed around every member of the Bat Clan. He was also one of the few privileged people who knew what had formed the Batman, and each member of what could be called his family. Their dour attitude came, not from being mean or inhuman, but from tragedy they would do anything to prevent happening to anyone else.

"Time out Rob. What say the two of us go out somewhere, relax a bit."

Robin looked down at the report chips that he had in his hand. True, he would like to put it off for a while, but the after action reports always came first. Not going through them could mean the life of one of his team. Something that he had been trained not to risk. "After the reports."

Kon grabbed the reports out of Robin's hand. "Now Rob. You've been overworking yourself, and I can see you need a break. Look, I know these things are important to you, but two hours will not make much of a difference with the way things are now."

"Kon," Robin began, "Those reports could mean the difference between life and death. They must come first."

"Robin," Kon countered, "Stress will kill you faster than you can imagine. You need to take at least a day to relax."

Robin looked at Kon's face, then to the reports. Although he had been practising, he was still no match for Kon's speed and, he had to admit, he was feeling a bit stressed. Pretending to be annoyed, he growled, "OK. We'll go to...somewhere. Only for an hour though."

Kon rolled his eyes. It was definitely going to be one of those days.

"Look Rob." Kon said as they sat in probably one of the few restaurants that their uniforms would not stand out. "Normally you're brooding about something or another, but in the past three weeks, you've been worse than ever. What's up?"

Sighing and rubbing his forehead, Robin said, "Did you hear about what happens occasionally in Gotham these days?"

Kon blinked. "Well, it's the usual chaos. Crooks making big demands, the crazies at Arkham, etc. That's never gotten you down before."

"Kon, you don't know how wrong you are."

Kon blinked. "Wrong? Something even worse is happening?"

"Worse, and yet there is nothing we can legally do about it. Especially as they are all 'private' matters." Robin groaned, letting his head hit the table. "The land and areas that are owned are private property, no damage occurs outside of that, and the people involved are probably...no...make that worse than the Joker."

"Whoa! That doesn't make sense. Can't Batman like, you know, growl at them or something?"

A wry grimace answered Superboy. "They told Batman off. Numerous times."

Kon sprayed soda across the table and started to hack. "They told BATMAN off?!?!?"


"Who the hell are they?"


Superboy's eyes widened at that. Batman, MR. Grumpy himself, had fiancées? As in plural? One's that could tell him off? This was going to be some good gossip! "So, they pushing to get married or something?"

"You could say that. At last count there were twelve women that are fighting to get just that, and dozens of others who are causing problems. Diplomatic considerations are also tossed into it, and because of how it's being done, there is nothing technically being done that's illegal. Somehow they had several laws passed that allows for their behaviour, don't ask me how they did it."

"Batman knows powerful women then. Let me guess, Catwoman and Wonder Woman are involved in getting these laws made."

Robin grinned, then laughed out loud. "You think these are Batman's fiancées?"

Kon frowned, "Well yeah, who else?"

Robin kept laughing hard. "Kon, each of these women could easily make mincemeat out of the clan. Let's put it this way. Do you know why Chaos and Heaven's Earth are so willing to train superhero's non-stop?"

"No way!"

"Yep! And each of these women have been known, at one time or another, to have knocked out one or the other."

Kon signalled for the waitress. "Rob, forget Planet Krypton. We're going somewhere to REALLY relax."

Robin kept quiet as Kon paid the waitress. As they left, he asked, "Where."

Grabing his friend, Kon replied. "Kansas. We're semi-legal there, and I'll call the Bat to tell him not to expect you for at least two days. You need a good old 'farmer's remedy' if you have to face that shit!"

Robin grunted as the two of them flew off to Smallville.

A short fan fiction based on Takahashi Rumiko's Manga and Video series, Ranma ½ Saotome Ranma is copyright 1987, 2004 by Takahashi Rumiko.

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By Ichinohei Hitomi