Well, this is the last chapter. And I think I just found a song that would fit a lot better than 'Kiss the Starlight.' I only heard part of it though. It's 'I Hope You Dance' by LeAnn Rimes.

On second thought, 'Time After Time' from Detective Conan might be even better.

Oh well.

Epilogue: Home

Isis leaned against Kaiba's shoulder, as they sat in the back of the limousine. Going back to the Kaiba Mansion after that evening seemed a wonderful idea.

City lights, buildings, a few people flashed past the tinted windows.

And they were there.

She climbed in next to him on the bed. His strong arms wrapped around her shoulders.



A sigh. "I'm beginning to think this whole thing was a set-up."

"Took you long enough. I'm just wondering who did it."

Seto traced an outline on Isis' cheek. "We can wonder in the morning."

In the middle of the night, Seto Kaiba suddenly sat up.

"Hey, we never got to duel!"

He immediately fell asleep again, snoring.

The next morning dawned, bright and sunny. Seto Kaiba awoke to the sound of a chirping bird. He felt a weight on himself, and looked to see Isis on him, with her arms around his neck.

He kissed her. "Wake up."

As she stirred, the door to their room opened. It was Mokuba. Two words. "She's gone."

"Who's gone, Mokuba?"


Isis's eyes flew open. "What?"

"She disappeared."

The three of them stopped in front of what was Nefertiti's room. Mokuba opened the door. The room was empty, the windows were open. No bed, no desk, just a wide expanse of carpeting.

The closet too, was empty. None of Nefertiti's many clothes remained.

Without her, everything suddenly seemed cold and white.

"It's as if she never existed." Isis said, sitting down on the beige floor. Her voice seemed to echo around.

"Mokuba what time is it?" Kaiba asked.

Mokuba checked his watch. "Eight forty-two, Sunday, May the tenth, year two...!!!" He fainted dead away.

Seto grabbed Mokuba's watch and stared at it, as everything began to sink in. It made sense now. Sort of.

"So we've gone back in time again." He said.

A wind breezed in, warming them. It brought something along.

A card landed in the lap of Isis, and one in the outstretched hand of Kaiba.

She picked it up. "Helldragon of Set?"

He looked at it. "Isis the Heavenly White Dragon"

"You know what?" Isis asked after a moment of silence. "I think she'll be back."


A few years later, Seto Kaiba married Isis Ishtar.
And truth be told, they had a little girl.

They named her


*** *** *** ***