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I sat up abruptly and glanced around. "What the? Where am I?"


I spun to my right. "Krista? You're here too?"

"Yeah. Wherever `here` is."

I carefully inspected the surroundings. "We seem to be in a swamp."

My sister looked around as well, tossing short black hair from side to side. "Looks like it. You still armed?"

"Of course I'm armed." Our parents had insisted that we sleep with our swords.

Krista nodded, looking relieved. "Good, `cause I think we've got company." She gestured to her left.

I followed her glance and stopped short. "Uh-oh." A group of men on horseback were headed our way. "They don't look friendly."

The leader stopped and leveled a spear at me. "Are you a dog of Basil!?"

I blinked. "What are you talking about?" I drew my katana. Krista followed suit.

The man was livid. "Are you drawing swords against Sandora!?"

What an idiot. We swiftly cut down both the soldier and his men. They were good, but no match for trained ninja. We were too fast.

When it was finished, I looked at Krista. "Basil? Sandora? What on Earth is going on?"

"Perhaps we can explain that."

We spun around and saw four warriors standing nearby. The one who had spoken was dressed in red armor and carried a large broadsword. Beside him was a slightly older man in silver and green. He bore a long spear. A girl in white stood behind the red man. She held a bow and arrow just below firing position. The last figure made me nervous. Although quite attractive, the woman had an aura of danger about her. In her hand was a sword that looked vaguely like a German rapier.

My eyes narrowed. "Who are you, anyway?"

The red-clad man smiled. "My name is Dart." He waved his hand at the blond knight. "This is Lavitz, head of Basil's First Knighthood." A nod to the brown haired archer. "My childhood friend, Shana, from the village of Seles." Dart gestured at the mysterious woman. "And this is Rose."

I exchanged a glance with Krista. This is seriously weird. "I'm Kyle Hunter, and this is my sister Krista. Pleased to meet you."

We shook hands all around, then Rose spoke to me. "How did a pair of teenagers learn to fight like that?"

I shrugged. "It's a very old style of combat. Given what just happened, I'm glad I can use it. It takes a great deal of training."

"How long have you been training in this style?" she asked.

"Since we were little," I answered. "It's a family tradition, so we were literally born into it."

Rose nodded with just a hint of approval. "May I see your sword?"

"Certainly." I passed it over.

While she examined it, I turned to Dart. "So we've just stumbled into a civil war?"

He nodded. "We're on our way to the Seventh Fort. It's just to the southwest."

I stood up. "We'll come, too." Krista nodded in firm agreement.

He frowned. "Are you sure?"

"Absolutely. We can't sit on our duffs while the locals are suffering. Right, Krista?"

"Right!" She brandished her katana for emphasis.

Dart looked at his friends. "How about it, guys?"

Shana smiled. "The more, the merrier."

Lavitz nodded firmly. "We need all the help we can get."

"Definitely." Rose sounded so adamant that we all turned to her in surprise. "They may not be Dragoons, but they will make short work of anyone else," she continued.

Dart grinned. "Then it's settled. Welcome, Kyle, Krista."

"Thanks," we said in unison.

Dart nodded. "Alright, let's go."

As we resumed the trip to the fort, Rose returned my blade. "It is well made. Keep it close."

I smiled. "Don't worry. You sound just like my dad."

When we got to the Seventh Fort it was total chaos.

Dart yelled out, "Let's take them down!"

Krista and I drew our weapons and entered the fray, with decidedly unpleasant consequences for the Sandorans.

Krista parried one man's blade, then stabbed him in the gut. I took down a pair with my katana, then caught a third in the throat with a shuriken. "Don't these guys know when to give up!?"

By this time the Sandoran commander had appeared. Dart shouted, "I'll deal with him!" Then I got the biggest shock of my life.

Dart was suddenly covered in flames, and when they dissipated he was in crimson armor…and wings!?

He smiled coldly at the commander, then flew into the air and hit the ground with his sword. "Explosion!" The ground erupted in flames, and when they died down, the commander had been reduced to ash.

"Wha…What was that!?"

Rose spoke from behind me. "That was the Dragoon of the Red-Eye Dragon, the Dragoon of Fire."


"Humans who rule Dragons. I am the Dragoon of Darkness."

Krista sounded equally shocked. "So you two have to come along in order to defeat the Dragon?"

Rose nodded. "Exactly. I think, however, that there is more going on than any of us realize."

I shook my head in amazement. "My life is getting weirder by the minute."

At that moment, Dart, Shana, and Lavitz came out of the fort.

Lavitz was angry. "No survivers."

"I'm not surprised," I responded. "Where to now, Dart?"

"Volcano Villude," he replied. "That's how we'll get to the Dragon."

We made it to Villude without incident, only to have things get much nastier. It was hot, for one thing, and there was the added problem of a creature Rose called the "Fire Bird".

About halfway through, Shana abruptly stopped. "What?"

"What is it, Shana?" Dart asked, concerned.

"Something's calling me." With that, she raced deeper into the volcano and stopped near what looked like a stone statue.

Rose recognized it instantly. "Virage."

"Virage?" I repeated.

"The Winglies' answer to Dragons during the Dragon Campaign. They are extremely dangerous."

Lavitz shrugged. "It looks like it's dead."

"Don't be so sure," Rose responded. "Virages aren't easy to kill."

Her words proved prophetic, for the Virage choose that moment to rise out of the lava. I looked up at it.

"It looks unfinished."

"It's a juvenile, but don't let that fool you," Rose shouted. "It still packs a wallop!"

Rose and Dart transformed while Krista and I stood side by side. Shana, apparently dazed, sat the battle out, so Lavitz watched over her.

Krista looked at me. "I think it's time we showed them our stuff, don't you?"

I nodded. "All right, freak, eat this! Twin Dragon Attack!!" We charged it, synchronizing our blows to the millisecond.

"Astral Drain!"


It went on for over an hour. Finally, Dart, having reverted to human form, lunged forward, knocking the Virage into the lava.

Dart and Lavitz helped Shana away while Rose watched the Virage sink.

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