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I heard a sniffling nearby. I turned and saw Damia, tears streaming down her cheeks. Sheathing my sword, I gently embraced the young Dragoon. "It's over," I whispered.

Haschel pointed to the north. "Look!"

I followed his gaze and saw two streaks of light, one dark blue and one crimson, heading our way. They quickly resolved into two familiar Dragoons. "Rose! Zieg!"

Dart flew over and hugged his father. "Dad! You're alive!"

Zieg chuckled. "We weren't ready to die yet."

Dart laughed happily and turned to the rest of us. "It's over, everyone. What do we do now?" He paused. "Albert and Lavitz will be returning to Serdio, and Miranda to Mille Seseau. Shana and I intend to rebuild Seles. What about the rest of you?"

Kanzas glowered. "I'm going to Lohan. I don't think I'll find a challenge anywhere else."

Dart shrugged. "I see. Lloyd?"

My half-brother smiled. "I will be resuming my role as Albert's advisor. This time, I won't be hatching any plots."

Dart chuckled. "Kyle?"

"Krista and I are going back to Bale. That's where our family is now."

"I'm with Kyle!" Damia, naturally.

The young Fire Dragoon shook his head. "Haschel?"

Haschel grinned. "Kongol and I will go to Rouge, for now."


The oldest Light Dragoon hovered next to Belzac. "Belzac and I will travel over Serdio to help those hurt by the war."


The bespectacled Dragoon shrugged. "Deningrad, at first. I want to see the library."


She smiled. "Your father and I will help to rebuild Seles. We have a lot to talk about."

Albert raised his spear. "Before all that, let's go to Bale for the celebration."

We all took to the sky and flew for Serdio. Little did I realize that my world-hopping days were far from over…

Author's note: The sequel will be a crossover with Final Fantasy 8. I like Legend of Dragoon crossovers; I have four of them in progress: the aforementioned sequel, one with Final Fantasy 7, one with Final Fantasy 9, and one with Suikoden 2. Please read and review. D.S.