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Inuyasha and Kagome Chapter 1

The next morning Inuyasha woke up in Kagome's bed. When he rolled over he saw that Kagome was not in sight at all, but what he did see was a note on the pillow that was beside him. He picked the note up and started to read it;

Dear Inuyahsa,
Well hello sleepy head, about time you wake up! Well if your wondering why I'm not here I'm in school. I will be back later, so if you could go back to your side of the well, and when I return home I will get you. Ok, well I have to go now.

Well at first Inuyasha pondered and thought; "Why would she want to go to school?" After thinking he heard the doorknob turn, he went into Kagome's closet. When he got inside he realized that he'd forgot Kagome's note! It was still on the pillow. When Kagome's mother saw the note she hesitated for a moment then put it on Kagome's night stand. Inuyasha's eyes grew large when she picked the note up. In his mind he was thinking "Ok hag, put down the note.......don't read it!" Kagome's mother was in her daughter's room for about ten minutes but to Inuyasha it felt as if she was there for and hour or two. Right after she left Inuyasha didn't leave the closet area right away. He wanted to make sure that his footsteps wouldn't have been heard by Kagome's mother. About five minutes later he came out of the closet but ran back inside it because he heard Kagome's mother walking down the hall again. "What doesn't this woman ever stay down stairs.....doesn't she have shopping to do or something, jeez all I want to do is get the hell out of here before Kagome gets home!" "And if she finds me here boy and I really in for it!" he added as an after thought.
When Inuyasha heard Kagome's mother go down stairs he though the coast was clear. So he got out of closet and went right for her window. Right when Inuyasha was half way to the window the bedroom door swung open. Kagome's little brother Sota wanted to make sure that Kagome took all of her books to school. But it was too late for Inuyasha to hide this time; Sota caught him red handed. When he saw Inuyasha he wanted to scream for his mother but he didn't. So he quickly shut the bedroom door. "Hey you're that Inuyasha guy that ran into our house that night we had dinner?" "Yeah, so twerp I'm him, what's your point and say it fast." "Oh nothing I just was wondering." "Was that all you wanted to say to me?" "Yeah that's all." "Hey don't you even tell that old fart or your mother about me being here!" "Now go and get outta here." Right before Sota left the next thing he saw was Miroku right at his sister's window. "Hey who's that guy he looks funny!?" When Miroku heard that he gave a squinted look right at Inuyahsa and said in a whisper. "Who the hell is this kid?" "Kagome's little brother Sota." "He's lucky that he's Kagome's little brother or I would....." "Or you would what; you know I can hear you!" "Uh-oh nothing just; nothing!" Miroku said with a confused look on his face as if he were trying to say "God what's this kid gonna do to me!?" The next thing the three of them knew was that they heard Kagome's mother's voice. "Hey what's taking so long Sota?" "I'll be right down mom!" Then Sota shut the door and told Inuyasha, "Alright I will not tell them, now can I go?" "Go!" Said Inuyasha and Miroku at the same time. After both Inuyasha and Miroku heard the front door shut they both left. When both of them returned to their side of the well they saw Shippo running toward them. "Inuyasha where did you go?" Shippo asked Inuyasha. "I was with Kagome talking with her about the jewel shards." "Oh." Said Shippo. "We were worried so we sent Miroku to see were you went." "It's ok, Shippo I'm here now and that's all that matters now." Inuyasha told Shippo. After they all found out were Inuyasha was they set out to look for more jewel shards. "Why were you in Kagome's closet?" Asked Miroku. "Her mother walked in so I had no choice but to hide!" "Did you go through her stuff while you were in there?" The next thing Miroku knew he was hit on the head by Inuyasha. "What the hell was that for man?" "You think I would do that!? Well your dead wrong!" Inuyasha yelled. When both of the guys caught up with Sango and Shippo, Shippo asked, "Hey Miroku why are you rubbing your head for?" "Inuyasha hit me on the head." "Inuyasha!" Said Shippo. "What he asked me a question that I didn't like!" Sango muttered "Perv Monk Strikes Again !" "What was that Sango!?" Asked Miroku with a glare in his eyes. "Oh nothing!" Sango and Shippo both looked at each other and laughed. "What are you two laughing about?" "Oh nothing !" Said the both of them. It was almost time for Kagome to come home from school so Inuyasha went off on his own without anyone knowing he left the group. But what Inuyasha didn't know about was that Miroku followed him. When Inuyasha got to the well Kagome was already waiting for him there. Miroku was hiding in the bushes. "So how was your day Inuyasha?" Asked Kagome while looking into his eyes. "I had to hide in your closet this morning." "Why?" "Your mother walked in. Said Inuyasha while holding Kagome in his arms. "But your brother Sota saw me when I went to leave ." "Did he tell mother or Gramps?" "No, I told him not to tell them." Inuyahsa said to Kagome. "Good because then Gramps would start with telling me stories and he will know something is going on with me." Kagome told Inuyasha. Then out of the blue Inuyasha gave Kagome a kiss! Holy shit he just kissed her!" Said Miroku in his mind. Then Miroku stepped on a stick and that made the lip lock break. "Inuyasha what was that sound?" Asked Kagome who now was shaking. "Stay right here Kagome I'll go see what that sound was." "Ok." Said Kagome. Inuyasha slowly walked over to where the sound came from. When he got over to the spot he looked down and saw Miroku.

"Miroku what the hell are you doing there?" Shouted Inuyasha. "I wanted to see if you were taking a different way to look for the jewel shards." Said Miroku, who was telling a lie to Inuyasha. "Your lying you wanted to know where I was going and to find out why I was at Kagome's place!" Yelled Inuyasha. Then Miroku was hit on the head again! "Miroku did you see everything?" Asked Kagome. "Yes." Said Miroku while looking to the side so he would not look at Inuyasha. "Don't even tell anyone about this or I will kick your ass!" "Inuyasha!" Said Kagome with shock on her face. "Listen Miroku we don't want the others to know about this so if you could; don't tell anyone." Said Kagome with a calm voice. "I will not, Kagome and Inuyahsa." Miroku told both of them. Inuyasha, Kagome, and Miroku caught up with Shippo and Sango. "Hey guys, we need to find somewhere to stay it's getting dark and it smells like it's going to rain." Said Inuyasha. "Hey Sango could you and Shippo go and see if there is any place ahead of us?" "Sure, Shippo let's go." "Ok Sango." Said Shippo. After they left Inuyasha, Kagome, and Miroku stayed back to see if they could find jewel shards , while Sango and Shippo were looking for a place for all of them to stay at. About ten minutes later Sango and Shippo returned. "Hey there's a log cabin a few miles ahead of where we are right now !" Said Sango. So Inuyasha had Kagome jump on his back and Miroku went with Sango and Shippo. While Inuyasha was jumping from tree to tree he felt Kagome put her head on his back. When both Inuyasha and Kagome reached the cabin they went right to sleep. Inuyasha and Kagome in one room, Shippo and Sango in another, and Miroku was in the last bedroom. Kagome was having a hard time getting to sleep so once Inuyasha fell asleep Kagome went outside. Sango also couldn't sleep so she also went outside. "Kagome, is that you?" "Yeah, it's me Sango." Said Kagome. "Why are you up at this time of night and out here where Naraku could be out here." "I couldn't sleep." Said Kagome. "Same here Kagome." Said Sango. Both of the girls were talking with each other. All of a sudden Miroku and Inuyasha woke from their sleep by Kagome's and Sango's screams. "Hey what's wrong Sango?" Asked Miroku. "Hey you guys look up there!" Said Shippo. "Naraku you bastard let Kagome go!" Without thinking Inuyasha went after what he thought was the real Naraku. "Inuyasha it's a trap! Don't!" Yelled Kagome but Inuyasha didn't hear her. "Naraku when I get my hands on you, your dead!" "No one touches Kagome but me!" "We should follow Inuyasha." Said Sango. "No it could be a trap." Said Miroku. "But still they're our friends!" Said Shippo.


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