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The Shadow Child


*Kerry's POV*

          When I was born, I was not wanted. My father didn't believe that a girl would make the family look good. I was forced into hiding. Unlike my brother. He was aloud to come and go as he pleased, but I somewhat owe my life to him. He told me the story many times. This is how it goes.

          When I was born, my brother was two years old. My father, a mean, vicious prick, wanted to kill me. He claimed that I wasn't worth feeding and caring for. When my mother tried to stop him, he put the Crucio curse on her. He rounded on me. Just as he was about to kill me in some horrible way that I know nothing of, my big brother intervened. He shielded me from my father's curses. Not that my father actually cursed him. He would never hurt his precious heir, the one he beat every other day. I guess in that way, I was lucky. My father didn't accept my presence, let alone beat me.

          As the years went on, I missed out on many things my big brother did. When he was five, he learned how to ride a broom. I wanted to ride a broom so much; I even dared to ask my father if I could. He simple looked down and me and laughed. I never asked anything of him again. When brother was eleven, he got a letter from that Hogwarts place. He would be leaving now. I remember that. I ran to my room sobbing when he explained the situation to me. I would be left alone in a house that I was supposed to not exist in. So he went off and I waited. I waited years for a letter. I never got one. Until I was fifteen.

          I am the Shadow Child. I am Kerry Malfoy.

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