Update Version 2.0:

Wow, you guys are REALLY awesome. I wrote the last update sort of as an ending, and to maybe get a few ideas of what to do. I really didn't expect to get so many wonderful and motivating responses.

I think I'm going to simply move to livejournal, because I've been using it for over 4 years now (a personal/private journal only) and so I'm pretty used to it and feel comfortable updating and editing and formatting it. I might also use deviantart (I have an account there now to try it out) simply as more of a formal, copy written medium. If that makes sense. Which it does to me. Not that I'm popular enough to really necessitate two places, but livejournal is just really open, and I'd like to be able to point to deviantart's copyright policy in case any evil people decide to stop by. You know how that goes.

Because of all the responses, I'm already working on chapter 13 again. While I may have a lot to do, if I don't have something creative to do outside of studying, reading, and working, my descent into insanity seems more and more inevitable. I mean, I'm studying ROCKS here, I need to have another outlet.

The livejournal user name is speakerchild, so check it out at livejournal DOT com / users / speakerchild. Same goes for the deviantart username. Links will be on my bio here, in case you're new to either of them and can't make out my fanfiction net code to make sure the links don't get gobbled.

Again, thanks to all my readers, my reviewers, and everyone who gave me suggestions. You guys rock.