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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Okay, now you have to stir in the carrots." Tifa told the nervous ninja "Carrots! CARROTS! I havent even cut the carrots! Whats Iam-" the long haired brunett hushed Yuffie "Yuffie, Yuffie, its alright! Calm down. We'll just have to cut them wont we?" Tifa said cheerfully "Yeah, youre right." she nodded quickly. Yuffie looked over to the stand that had all the knifes. She got nervous all over again. "Agh! What knife do we use!?" she shrieked in a voice that was heard all over the Wutai house.

Indeed, this was a celerbration. It was the year anniversary since Sephy boy was elimanated. And the wonderful Yuffie was the host, at the wonderful household of the Kisaragi's. And what would a celerbration like this be without a wonderful banquet cooked by the wonderful Yuf---KABOOM!!

"YUFFIE!!" the martial arts experts voice was as lod as a thunder cloud. "I-I-I didn't do it! I swear! The-The carrots, yeah, the carrots! Didn't you see them?! They planted a time bomb in the soup! Didn't you hear them talk about it?!" Yuffie said innicently Unfornatly, Tifa didn't belive one word. The place had black stuff all over the walls, and including the young women's faces. And clothes, and the floor, this list could go on forever. "Hee..hee..you gotta..smug on your face, Teef. You better clean it up...he.." Yuffie gulped down hard as she handed the fuming Tifa a small peice of cloth.

At the wrong time, Cloud apeared around the corner. "Eeep.." he squeaked as soon as her saw the damage of the kitchen. One of the pots the was hanging from the pot rack clashed to the ground. Yet, Tifa never took her eyes off of Yuffie. The eyes that were filled with anger, and flames. As if that she could make a crispy critter out of the ninja. And if she wanted to, a burnt critter out of the swordsman standing at the swinging kicthen door.

"Umm...I better...go. I think....I think I hear aliens are landing. I better go check and see." Yuffie sputtered while pionting her thumb to the exit of the kitchen. She would say anything to get out of there. As she left, Tifa's glared soon was glaring strait at Cloud. "Uh..I better go help her. The..um..the aliens might be a little tough on her." Cloud followed Yuffie.

Yuffie got to the bathroom and turned on the light, not bothering to close the door. After all, she was only going to wash off all the explosion deberis off her face. She heard boots click down the hall, and they stopped somewhere near. At the corner of her eye, she saw those boots. "What happened to you?" a mans voice was heard She looked up from the sink, and the water that was on her face dripped down and ended up splating on the floor.

"Oh, its you Vinnie. Me and Tifa were cooking the dinner for tonight, and she had an acident. She ended up having the whole kitchen blow to bits, and she blamed it on me. Then, to top it off, she kicked me out. Out of my OWN kitchen! Can you belive it?" she said looking around for a towel to whipe her face off

"No, I cant belive that. But I can belive that you started the explosion." he leaned up on the wall folding his arms. He was flashing that rare smrik of his. "Now the dinner is probably contaminated." She scoled at him for the insult that he sent to her."Hey, my cooking isn't that bad! But, if you dont want to eat tonight, you can just starve!" Then she went back to the seach of the towel.

"Here." he handed her a towel that was hanging beside him. She looked at him, and took the towel. "Thanks,...now if you dont mind, can I change out of these grimy clothes?" "Yes." he turned around while closing the door behind him

Okay, so he like Kisaragi. Whats wrong with toying with the person you like from time to time. Buuuuttt..he was a decade older the her. Whats the point? Well, do the math! It could never work, or any of the less, actually happen. She probably only saw him as someone to look up to, like a big brother. Not someone who would wake up beside her every morning. Who could love a monster like him? He was surprised that she, how you say, 'vegged' to him more that anyone eles. She always had somehing new to talk about.

He liked that about her. Even if she talked to him about every subject in the would, she would invent herself a new subject so she could take to him about something. Okay, so she was irritating sometimes. So was he, when you caught him in one of his rare moods. One day she will turn into a beatiful women, hopefully.

"Vinnie? You still out there?" she called out. It caught his attention from his toughts "Yes, what is it, Yuffie? Is something the matter?" he leaned in close to the door "Nah, couldjya come in for a sec?" he opened the door to find a clean, and not smelling burnt Yuffie. "Couldjya close the door? Its kinda personal." she asked watching him do so "I have ta ask ya something. Is it normal for a seventeen yearold not to be....well..." her voice drifted off /Why Iam asking him this?! This is totally retarded! Well, here goes nothin.../ "What?" he question slightly rasing an eyebrow

She took in a breath. "For a girl like me not having a frist kiss yet?...No, no! Nevermind! Forget I said anything! You can go now." she told him The question surprised him, which was not normal. Only a few things surprise him. "Yes, its normal. Why? Do you feel left out that everyone eles has gotten thiers?"

"No, I just feel like a child! I mean, gawd, Vinnie! I betchya even Red has gotten his! And Iam three times his size!" she outbursted "Yuffie, this is not something to be taken lightly. Your frist kiss should be with someone whom you love and trust. Not just because you feel like a child." "Well, then Iam never gonna get my frist kiss from who I want." she muttered under her breath "Pardon?" Vincent asked. "Nothing! I didn't say anything!" she said quickly shaking her hands infront of her face

"DINNER!!!!" Tifa yelled loudly. "Yuffie, if you want to talk about this more, meet me at the roof top after dinner." Vincent was being so un-Vincent. He actually offered to talk some more. "Okay." she nodded

Once they both stepped out of the bathroom, they bumped into Cid. "Whoa! What the $%#* were ya'll doing in the &$#%in' bathroom together?" then his eyes lite up. "Shit! Ya'll were gettin your @$%&in' moves on, huh! I didn't here anything, so I guess Vince here aint meetin your standards, huh, Yuffs." he grinned widely

They both looked at him. "Shut up."


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