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Yuffie couldn't believe it! It must be a mistake! Her father........No! It is a mistake!

When she got down stairs, she saw Cid coming this way. She mustn't let him know what happened. But that way was the only way out! She has to act natural.

She walked down the hall like normal, but it was hard to hold in the tears she was holding in.

"Hey kid, whats going on?" He asked

Just then all the tears came out, and Yuffie raning away as fast as possible.

"Hey wait! What happened?! Where are you going?!" Cid asked, taking a few steps in the direction she was running at.

She ran out of the Watai house, and Cid followed her. Once he got out of the house, he saw her heading to the mountain with a bunch of faces on it. (I forgot how to spell it!)

"YUFFIE!" He yelled out

"Leave me alone!" She yelled to him, still running to the mountain.

This left Cid concerned a bit for the brat. But he knew who to go to. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Vincentt was on the roof, looking at the view. He enjoyed high places, it made him forget what was all on his mind.


He looked around for the person who was calling his name. Then he heard a loud thump coming from the ground. He looked down and saw Cid laying flat on his back. He must've tried to climb up, but fell.

"Vince. you gotta %$@#'in help me!" He said from the gorund

Vincent was kinda getting tired from Cid's dirty mouth.

"Its about the kid. Yuffie!"

This caught his attention. "What about Yuffie?!"

She was crying and she headed to the muntain with a buncha faces on it."

Just like that, he jumped onto the ground. (And landed swiftly on his feet too.) Ant took off to the mountain.

"Wait Im not finished yet!" Cid said,but Vincent still kept running. "Damn, thats the secound time someones &%#$'in run out on me!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yuffie was at the very top of the mountain, her favorite spot to look at sunsets. But she wasn't up there to look at the sunset. She was up there to end her life. She looked down. It was far, and she knew it was going to hurt if she jumped. But it would be quick. She took more steps to the egde of the cliff, and almost jumped, but someone had called her name.

"Yuffie! Stop!." Vincent said in a cold, hard voice.

SHe turned around and looked at him. "Why should I?"

"Why are you doing this?" He asked softly.

"Why? Why!? Because my father is dead! Thats why!"

"What?" He asked confusely, which was rare.

"I had gotten a phone....saying...saying" She started to cry again. "Saying that he was found drowned at sea. He was suposely fell off deck and drowned. Now, theres nothing left for me to live for.....So Im jumping, and don't try to stop me!"

"You say you have nothing to live for? Yuffie. if you jump, you're going to take my oxygen away." He said


"I am fire, and I need oxygen to burn. You are my oxygen, and if you go, there is nothing left for me here on this planet. I would burn out and fade away."

"Wh-What are you trying to say?"

"I love you, Yuffie Kisaragi."

She ran from the edge, and jumped onto Vincent. They both fell to the ground, and Yuffie cried hard into his chest. Vincent smiled and hugged her tightly.

Yuffie looked up at his face. Vincent started to lean in, and he kissed her. The sun was setting perfectly behind them. (How romantic! *sighs*)

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