Coping - Life after Hogwarts

Warnings: angst, violence, language, slash, mentions of rape and sexual child abuse

A/N: This is a sequel to "Detention can change your life" and it shows Draco´s and Harry´s life after Hogwarts. My story focuses on the gay or bisexual pairings and you´ve been warned. Of course there are other pairings but if you want to read het stories better leave and don´t complain because it won´t have any effect on my story. This is a fan-fiction and I don´t want to imitate Rowling´s world which means I have an own plot and some things are different. My intention is to take the characters and give them a personality that fits into my story but I try to make them understandable for the reader. I don´t want to insult or shock someone, I only try to work out some experiences of my own life.

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1 Protection needed

It was strange for Draco and Harry to leave Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry and live in their own house near London after seven years considering school as home. Surely, there were many advantages for them if they would live together and hopefully they would have more peace since they hadn´t to face certain troublemakers every day. But still they would have to watch their backs carefully because new dangers were now coming up ever since the reporters had heard Draco´s love-confession and took photographs of him kissing Harry Potter. No one knew how Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy were going to react to the news that their heir was in love with the Boy-Who-Lived and was going to marry the most hated enemy of their praised Lord. Living in their own house also meant leaving Hogwarts´ safety and dealing with Voldemort´s attempts to kill Harry alone.

Draco and Harry were walking beside Blaise and Terry following the street to Hogsmeade and the four young men were very silent because they were all full of thoughts about what would happen next. Both couples were about to start a completely different life, moving in together, leading their own life and working at their jobs. Draco took a deep breath and asked huskily, "Harry, have you ever thought about some sort of protection charm for our new house?"

Harry glanced at into his lover´s silver-blue eyes and saw the concern in his expression before he arched one elegant eyebrow and simply stated, "Yes, and I think the Fidelius Charm is a proper solution. All we need is a secret keeper and I happen to know somebody who is pretty good at keeping secrets so that won´t be such a big deal."

Draco grinned mischievously knowing exactly who was meant and retorted sounding innocently, "Oh, who do you mean? Do I know the person?"

Harry now smirked and looked at Blaise asking, "Blaise, would you be so kind to become our secret keeper?"

Blaise smiled proudly, his steel-blue eyes shining brightly and nodding he answered, "It would be a honour for me."

Harry disclosed to the other boys, "Dumbledore taught me the Fidelius Charm together with Remus Lupin as we were in our sixth year and after I´m done with it nobody is able to find the house except Blaise shows were it is. We´ll be as safe as possible, Draconis."

Terry wanted to know curiously, "But you gave the address to Vincent, Gregory, Pansy, Hermione and Milicent. Does it mean they although can´t find the house without Blaise´s help?"

Draco frowned and explained, "No, they won´t find it except Blaise was the one who wrote it down."

Harry added looking darkly, "Nah, that would be too dangerous. They could happen to loose the parchment with the address on it and then other people would be able to find the house as well. The safest way is when Blaise waits for them outside before they´ll arrive next week to visit us and then shows them the house. So there won´t be a security-danger after that because only Blaise can show the house to someone else."

Draco sighed deeply and said, "Wow, looks like we are going to lead a dangerous life together as members of Voldemort´s top ten on the list of people he would like to see dead and most likely we are two of my father´s most loathed persons..."

Terry smiled encouraging at both of them and told them, "Hey, some day you´ll have your peace once when they find Vol...Voldemort and defeat him finally."

Harry muttered with his usual brooding expression on his face and hiding his eyes behind some strains of unruly black hair, "If only it´ll be over. As if dealing with persons like Ron isn´t enough. I´m really fed up..."

Draco watched his boyfriend closely and he suddenly felt a cold fear invade his mind as he remembered the poem on Justin Finch-Fletcheys farewell-letter who still was at St. Mungos in a deep coma and he quickly tried to soothe the other boy, "Harry, I´m always there for you. Don´t brood all the time about that dark stuff. Try to focus on more comfortable things like our marriage and our love..."

His voice trailed off and Harry ran one hand through his raven-black hair not any longer hiding his emerald eyes. Harry´s features softened immediately as he glanced at his fiancé who seemed to be concerned about him. Their eyes locked and both of them smiled at one another reassuringly. They then continued their way to Hogsmead in silence again levitating their trunks and cages towards the apparation spot where they would be able to apparate to London.

The four young men weren´t the only fresh graduated Hogwarts students who were on their way to Hogsmead because the carriages were too busy and several students and parents were walking instead, avoiding the long waiting time at the carriage station. It didn´t last long and they heard a familiar cold voice calling, "Hogwarts Fag Queens are leaving together. What are you up to? Do you move in together founding a gay community?"

Blaise turned around and growled dangerously, "Mc Millan, when will you ever learn to watch your mouth?"

Ernie Mc Millan sauntered down the street and stopped in front of them his parents only a few steps behind were also glaring disgustedly at the four young men. Other people stopped dead and watched the scene fascinated while tension was building up quickly.

The former Hufflepuff mock glared at his hated enemies and roared, "Zabini, you should better watch your mouth, besides do you dare kiss your mother with that mouth? I don´t want to know what your lips do touch, you dirty ass-sucker."

Blaise hissed icily, trying to hold back his growing anger, "Still that intolerant, stupid fool, aren´t you. You aren´t worth our attention."

Ernie Mc Millan stood there rooted to the spot, face red with excitement and yelling angrily, "You´ll regret what you did to me, all of you. I´m sure you were the ones who made the snakes attack me. Aren´t you a Parselmouth, Potter?"

The four young wizards had annoyed expressions on their faces but they simply turned around and left the other student alone with his parents. Harry was fuming inside and Draco saw that the eye-colour changed to a deeper glowing green. That reminded him of the day when Seamus Finnegan had tried to grab Harry from behind and had got his lecture.

The Hufflepuff took out his wand and pointed it at the leaving gay wizards but before he could do anything Harry looked back over his shoulder sensing the atack and waved his hand muttering under his breath, "Ignis et fulgura!"

Suddenly there were several little red glowing lightning strikes flowing towards the attacker in an amazing speed, the wand in Ernie Mc Millan´s wand was set on fire and burning brightly the boy threw it away screaming and rubbing his hand. The wand was burnt, leaving only some ash and the Hufflepuff looked down on the burnt skin of his palm with a threatened expression in his eyes. The injured boy whimpered and tears were running down his cheek while his parents tried to help him ranting about the nasty disgusting gay wizards from Slytherin.

Everything happened so fast that no one really saw what was going on and though the Mc Millans hadn´t any witnesses for the so-called crime. Unfortunately Ernie was the only student who held a wand in his hand at that moment. Harry, Draco, Blaise and Terry left their fellow student without another look behind because now surely no one would try to hex or jinx their backs again. Soon they reached their destination and they were glad to escape all the curious stares and disgusted glares.

With a pop the four young men apparated to London appearing at Diagon Alley and they headed into the Leaky Cauldron. They sat down at a table and Tom came over grinning his teeth-less smile and asking, "What can I do for you?"

Draco ordered politely, "Four alcoholic butterbeers and we need a cab for four persons to Greenwich Village."

The old man nodded and turned around to fetch what they ordered and to call a cab for them. Draco smirked and addressed his boyfriend, "Hey, you didn´t explain properly why you are so good with wand-less magic, my love."

Harry sighed exhaustedly and told them rolling his eyes and radiating distress, "Nothing special, really. Godric Gryffindor was one of my ancestors and as I happened to have that accident with Voldemort when he tried to kill me, he transferred some of his abilities to me which makes me sort of something like Salazar Slytherin´s heir too. That mixture of their magic gives me some odd powers like wand-less magic for example but I don´t like to talk about that stuff. I don´t want to be special, you know and please don´t think I´m a sort of freak."

The three other boys were amazed when they heard his explanation and sensing his distress they changed the topic to give him a rest.

Draco was eagerly looking forward to enter their house and to be alone with his lover. The entire day had been very exhausting and eventful and everything what Draco and Harry now needed was a bit peace and a nap snuggled up against each other. They drank their butterbeer together and Blaise spoke the toast solemnly, "Let´s begin our new life and never forget the important things like friendship and standing up for one another."

The four young wizards knocked the bottles on the table, smiled at each other and they then drank their beer. Soon afterwards Tom came over and told them that the cab was waiting. Blaise paid the beer and they took their taxi to Greenwich Village. Harry proceeded the Fidelius Charm which was the most effective protection they could think about at the moment and the two couples separated finally not without hugging each other good bye.

Draco proudly presented Harry their new home and the raven-haired wizard seemed to be very pleased by his lover´s choice. Harry allowed himself to be dragged around while the other young man showed him every room. At last they reached the bedroom and Harry gasped for air because the whole room was bathed in candlelight and in the middle of the room was a king-sized four poster with dark red satin covers inviting to lay down immediately. And exactly that was what the two lovers did, taking off their clothes they snuggled up together wearing only boxers under the cosy covers.

Draco kissed his boyfriend gently on his lips and the other boy parted his lips and soon their tongues were battling around passionately. Harry caressed his lover´s silver-blonde silky hair opening the braided tail and Draco was stroking his boyfriend´s back tenderly. They finished kissing breathing heavily and Draco wrapped his arms around his smaller partner who rested his head on the blonde´s chest yawning tiredly. Enjoying the silence all around and the warmth of one another they both fell into a light slumber resting the first time since their graduation ceremony and still not believing that they now were living in their own house.

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