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11 The Wedding Night

At first all the guests were coming over to shake hands or hug the famous couple. Some reporters had been around to take photos or ask a few questions but Mme Rosmerta quickly chased them away and closed the doors for uninvited guests. After that everyone sat down at the round table, best men sitting beside the two grooms. The feast was about to begin and Mme Rosmerta gave the signal to serve the meal clapping her hands twice. Even the house elves who were carrying in all the plates and dishes wore festive looking clothes. Over a hundred of white candles were illuminating the room shining brightly. Harry was holding Draco´s hand lightly stroking the other´s palms with his fingertips. They kissed each other tenderly every now and then while they were enjoying the tasty meal. The nervousness was getting lower with every moment. Nothing had happened to disturb the feast up to now. Harry watched his husband carefully noticing he didn´t eat. He bend down to his ear murmuring: "Not hungry, Love?"

Draco replied in a whisper: "I´m still a bit nervous. There are so many people around."

Both young men weren´t acustomed to great parties or official feasts like that. Harry smiled while he put some vegetables on Draco´s plate. "I know you like these very much. Please lean back and enjoy our wedding meal."

Draco cupped Harry´s face in his hands kissing him softly on both cheeks. "Yes, I´ll try.", he simply promised.

After the main meal was eaten some house elves came in carrying silver plates with sweet desserts. One of them quickly walked over to the couple and bowed his head. It was Dobby who was squealing happily: "Harry Potter, what honour it is to me! I hope that everything is as you desired? I came to bring you my best wishes. Master Draco will make you happy, I know for sure. May I offer myself as present? I´ll be your servant."

Dobby was looking at them eyes wide and tears of joy gathering. Draco gasped: "But you are free, Dobby."

The house elf spoke with a broad smile: "Yes, but I really want to serve you both. I could be a free servant, couldn´t I?"

Harry nodded and offered him his hand to shake. "Okay, Dobby. We´ll agree and we are happy to have a free servant."

Professor Dumbledore rose his goblet from the other side of the table and spoke cheerfully: "Now that was Dobby´s surprise for the wedding. A full sucess I´d guess."

Both young men gave Dobby a hug and all the three of them were laughing happily. After that they sat back eating their desserts. Draco was listening to Blaise and Terry who were discussing the Quidditch training of Terry´s team. Harry glanced at his other side where Severus Snape was leaning back. Their eyes locked and the Potion´s Master patted the other´s shoulder shortly. The former Hogwarts student smiled. "It really means a lot to me that you´ve agreed to be my best man, Severus."

Severus smiled back his eyes shining proudly. "I´m really glad. May I ask you a question, Harry?"

The young wizard agreed: "Of course. What is it?"

The teacher seemed to search for the right words before he asked finally: "Why didn´t you choose Remus instead of me? He was a good friend of your parents and kind of a mentor since your third year..."

His voice trailed off. Harry answered honestly: "You are much more than a mentor. When I desperately needed help you were there and you stood behind me. Without your help I wouldn´t have recovered that soon...And at least you are part of my parent´s past, too. Maybe we have something in common because my cousin treated me similar as my father did to you and I know how it feels like."

Severus smiled and nodded silently. "I understand."

Draco still couldn´t forget that Narcissa Malfoy watched their wedding ceremony. She must have risked a lot only to see her son´s and Harry´s marriage. The young man tried not to drown in thoughts getting sad all of a sudden. He really wanted to enjoy the feast although there were problems which he couldn´t flee.

After everyone stopped eating Blaise rose from his chair hitting his glass with a dessert spoon three times. "Attention please!"

Severus Snape stood up, too. While Blaise began to speak Severus showed some bewitched photographs of the couple during their last month at school. Colin who was as red as a tomatoe must have taken them. Blaise tried hard not to chuckle as he saw his friend´s surprised faces going on with his speech. "Dear Harry and dear Draco. I don´t want to hold a boring speech, but as best man it is my task to say some words for you. The pictures we see here show that you two really belong together. Every look and every little gesture reflects love. We are all happy about your wedding and wish you only the best for your bond and your future together."

Both young man thanked their friend hugging him brightly. Now the couple went to the table with cards and presents to open the gifts while everyone was watching. Draco and Harry unwrapped the boxes together thanking their guests.

Obviously their friends had planned a wedding surprise because all gifts seem to belong together. There were huge towels all in grey and green almost looking like Slytherin colours, sunglasses, shorts made of some silk like fabric, sun lotion and all the things they would need if they were going to plan their first holiday together. Seeing everybody grin Draco asked raising one elegant eyebrow: "What is going on?"

Blaise was trying hard not to laugh: "Well, there´s no wedding without honeymoon."

"What is a honeymoon? It sounds like something sticky.", Draco wanted to know.

Hermione squealed: "Draco, you´re kidding us."

But his expression was proofing that he realley never heard that word before. To him muggle customs were strange and he didn´t learn anything about muggles ever since all his former friends had been wizards who were as uninformed or naive as he himself, like childs exploring the mysteries of life. The young woman explained: "After a marriage the couple makes a journey which is called honeymoon. They spend some days together at special places for example the Niagara Falls or anything else they like."

Now Severus stepped in: "We did plan something for both of you and we made sure that your destiny is safe. Some days just for you without stress, no duties, nothing dangerous expect the sun or the waves."

Draco widened his eyes and so did Harry. Both young men never did leave England since their birth. Their farest journey had been Hogwarts. Remus Lupin patted their shoulders fatherly and told them: "We prepared a portkey to Acapulco, Mexico. Just a few days before routine does come back."

Harry laid one arm around his husband´s shoulder pulling him closer tenderly. They kissed each other gently after they had thanked everyone. The next hours they all sat together chatting and enjoying theirselves. Mme Rosmerta offered an open buffet with soft drinks and snacks which was appreciated by all guests.

Later in the evening their wedding feast came to an end. Draco was in a cuddly mood because he enjoyed their grande day as Harry did. The two men simply felt happy leaving all the dark thoughts behind for some hours.

Draco enveloped his husband in his arms stroking him gently every now and then. A trail of little butterfly kisses at his lover´s neck made him feel a shower tickling down his spine. Harry brushed one strain of silverblonde hair back into his lover´s ponytail. "What did the man say who drove the car? He wanted to leave for a walk, didn´t he?", he murmured softly into Dracos ear.

Draco kissed his lover´s cheek and answered thoughtfully: "I don´t know where he wanted to go. Perhaps he is already back waiting in the car."

Dobby emerged behind them and beamed: "Dobby will fetch that man you were talking about. Dobby knows where he is."

He then left to find the driver who left the limousine in front of the Three Broomsticks. It didn´t take long and they were on their way back home. Terry was stroking Blaise´s long hair while the young wizard leant into his embrace. Dobby was looking out of the side window bouncing exitedly up and down. The elf had managed to shrink all their presents and put them carefully into a little basket which he was carrying for his masters. Blaise couldn´t stop yawning and he was trying hard to keep his eyes open but he failed miserably. Draco chuckled: "Today it wasn´t me who had to much wine, I´d guess."

Harry teased him playfully: "And finally marriage tamed the Teen Rebel of Slytherin."

The blonde grinned: "Not really, my beloved Warlock. I just wanted to keep all my memories clear."

After that eventful day both young men needed their time together. Alone. No people around who were watching them or expecting something. Not a single reporter who wanted to ask only one little question or take a photo. The driver was instructed to be as careful as possible and he stopped the car at a place where they could oversee their surroundings perfectly. The four friends and Dobby the house elf were walking together until they reached their destination. Blaise was hugging both husbands while Terry patted their shoulders. "Tomorrow 5 a´clock tea?", they wanted to know.

Draco and Harry looked at each other before they nodded to agree: "Yes, drop in via floo powder if you like."

"Okay, good night then."

The friends separated and our famous couple could hear Blaise pouting: "It´s badly cold, Terry. Not so fast..."

Then Terry´s voice very patient: "Come on, if we hurry you won´t freeze. Besides our bed is cosy and warm."

Harry opened the door to let Dobby in at first. He then laid his arms around Draco´s waist pulling him closer and slightly lifting his lover in the process. Draco smiled: "Hey, what are you doing?"

His husband replied softly: "Carry you over the doorstep like grooms do."

"Is that another muggle custom I never herad about?", he asked smiling brightly.

Harry nodded: "Yes, it is. But there´s no need to worry because, I´ll intodruce you to all of those customs when time comes."

Draco kissed him tenderly. "Of course you will."

Dobby disappeared to the kitchen after Draco told him where he could find everything he needed. Both young wizards went upstairs holding hands, fingers intertwined. As they reached the bedroom it was Harry´s turn to be lifted up and Draco carried him carefully straight to their large bed.

Now they were alone. Harry leant back pulling his lover softly onto his lap. Their lips met tenderly, slightly open to let each other´s tongue in. While they were kissing more and more passionately Harry began to undress Draco. He was stroking every part of naked skin he did set free. Draco unbuttoned his lover´s silk shirt with his teeth sending goose bumps over his back. He was kissing a trail down to his belly button and more deeper. A deep groan escaped Harrys mouth when his husband reached the growing arousal kissing him softly through the satin fabric of his boxers.

Piece after piece of clothing was thrown on the ground around their bed until they were completely naked. Kisses grew more hungry, hands were wandering over warm skin and their throbbing erections soon were rock hard. Harrys fingertips touched gently at his lover´s entrance. Draco moaned lustfully and his muscles were moving convulsively. Once again the two men kissed each other gently, tongues twirling to conquer each other´s mouth.

Harry laid his other hand on Draco´s to put slowly one of his husband´s fingers down to his own entrance. Draco´s eyes snapped open looking into the other´s smiling face. "What are you doing, kitten?", he breathed.

The answer came quikly: "Today I want to feel you."

Draco´s voice was sounding hoarse. "Are you sure? I don´t want to hurt you."

Harry still smiled murmuring into his lover´s ear: "Of course I am. Take it as special wedding gift. I trust you´ll please me without any ache."

Draco swallowed because his mouth went dry all of a sudden while he slid one finger in very gently. He noticed that the other man was quite relaxed. Without a flinch he looked at Draco while his muscles worked the finger deeper in. Low groans could be heard while the finger began to move, hesitantly at first. He then tried to find the soft spot, a full sucess. Harry groaned deeply: "Ohhh, Draco...please more!"

Soon his wish was fulfilled and Draco found their rhythm while he was stretching the entrance for the coming task. Their erections were throbbing with lust and Harry lubed the other´s penis stroking him tenderly. After a while he wispered: "Now I´m ready for you, love."

Draco carefully slid his fingers back before he laid back pulling Harry on top. So he was able to give him as much control as possible. He sat down giving his lover´s erection the chance to delve in. Both men did hold back their breath just for one moment while they hesitated to get used to this new feeling. Their eyes met shining brightly.

Now they began to move rocking back and forth gently and it was nearly like their first night together. Feelings seemed to explode and somehow it was kind of a first time. Both of them enjoyed to bring each other closer to the edge. Draco was stroking Harrys erection faster with every thrust. Laying beneath it was no problem to stroke his husband while he was moving in and out, Harry having control how deep and how fast it was going on.

Harry teased his lover´s nipples gently making them grow harder while a shower was climbing up his back. They were moving faster and Draco held eye contact until his orgasm hit him. His head was pressed into the cushion, eyes shut and his face was reflecting ecstase. Harry groaned as he felt him come deep inside hitting his soft spot once again. Now it was Harry´s time to reach the edge. They embraced each other gently holding their position until their were able to breath again.

Draco ran a hand through his touseled hair and his lover smiled: "I love your look, my dragon. You are cute and very sexy, do you know that? The expression on your face when you come would be enough to make me come, too."

They cuddled up together enjoying their closeness and giving each other warmth. After that eventful day both of them were tired and they soon slept soundly still holding each other. It had been a perfect day and they would have enough lucky memories to think back. Not even the reporters had been able to disturb their feast.

The next day our famous couple heard a knock at their door. Nearly hesitantly. And they looked at each other surprised. "Who is there?", Draco asked sounding a little bit hoarse because he woke up only a second ago.

"It´s Dobby, Sirs. I want to serve your breakfast in the bedroom today. May I come in, Master Draco and Master Harry?", their house elf wanted to know.

They laughed and Harry answered: "Yes, come in Dobby."

Dobby opened the door and he was levitating several dishes and tablets with their breakfast. There were all things they liked and the house elf smiled broadely: "I know what you like in the morning. Dobby does see which things you ate at Hogwarts and what you like most."

Draco murmured: "You don´t need to fuss around for us, Dobby."

The little house elf was grinning nearly mischiefously. "Yes, I don´t need or have to, but I do want! And today I want you to lean back and enjoy your first day as husbands."

When Blaise and Terry came to visit them they spoke about their trip to Mexico. Harry and Draco decided to leave at Friday 12 am and they would return on Monday morning. Blaise wanted to know: "Do you know anything about Mexico?"

Both young men shook their heads and Harry replied: "It´s not really knowing. Mexico is part of South America. They speak Spanish, I think. It´s pretty hot and our hotel is near the ocean."

Terry chuckled: "Right, that´s not much. But you´ll enjoy your time. And Severus told us that it is safe. He said something about an Phoenix who´ll be the guarantee for secureness. I didn´t understand what he meant but he said that we can trust him."

They were sitting on the sofa in front of the fireplace and both couples were cuddled up together. Blaise was feeding his lover with cake and Harry laid his arms around Dracos waist pulling him closer gently while he replied: "Of course we can. I understand what he means and it´s all right."

Draco agreed leaning into Harrys embrace: "Yes, he never did something without to check it out at first. I trust him."

They had to prepare everything quickly because weekend came soon and they were ready for their first trip out of England. Both of them were a little bit nervous but they were awaiting honeymoon eagerly.