Warcraft 3100

BY Dragonfang33

Summary: a three way crossover between Sailor Moon Warcraft and Starcraft.

Chapter Zero

Emperor Scott Walker's Speech to the Imperial Forces on the Imperial throne world of Shakurus

p"Three thousand years have passed since the Orcs were defeated by the Alliance, Fifty years have passed since the fall of the mighty Zerg and the defeate of the Earth Directorite, Five years have passed since the fall of Nemisis and peace rains through out the universe. But to those in the Kopahl Sector and the Outer Rim it is a false peace.

p Life under Neo Queen Serenity is hell for those of us who bleed for the for the safty of Earth and Auir during the Great War, but life is even harder for those of us who bleed protecting the Queen from the Nega Moon Family duirng the last war. All across the Kopahl Sector and the Outer Rim the Queen rules with an Iron Hand, making us slave for her night and day minning Vespian Gas and minnerals for her, and the royal army is every where and the soldiers don't care if we live or die.

p But the worst Neo Queen Serenity could do exists on Tarsonus. Four of her Elete Sailor Soldiers, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto keep watch over us, and should any colonist even attempt to speek of revolt they are killed right there and then.

p But for all of the Queen's tyrany the worst was yet to come, a few weeks ago they returned, the Orcs. Hidous beasts from a world half way across the universe, and they don't care who gets in their way, be them Terran, Zerg, or Protoss all that matters to this ancient enemy is conquest, and for those worlds that have fallen into their Empire life went from bad to worse.

p No matter how many plees for Royal intervention were submitted to the King or Queen, they ignored them, prefering to keep the Royal military safly in Sol I to protect her "New Silver Millenium."

p But the Orc invasion and the oppresion of Neo Queen Serenity have not gone unanswered, for the defense of the Outer Rim, and the Kopahl Sector, and the future of the universe rests on the shoulders of a great alliance of Terrain Pirates, Rebels, Mercinaries, and Militas, and their Protoss and Zerg Allies stand united against an ancient enemy and the tyrany of Neo Queen Serenity.

p Now rise my warriors for Earth, Char, Shakurus, and Auir, let not another Orc set foot on their sacred soil, and let not another Royal attrocity go unanswered. Rise now and defend what is rightfully ours, and drive back the forces of the Orcs and the Royal Family to pave the way for a true Silver Millienium. HAIL THE IMPERIUM."