The following is a work of fiction inspired by characters from the X-Men: Evolution cartoon. Those characters and all rights to them belong to comic-genius Stan Lee, Marvel Comics, and a whole host of others who are not and will never be me.

I in no way claim or allude to ownership of anything related to the X-Men franchise.

All lawyers monitoring this site please don't hurt me. I have no life, no money, nothing but these delightful fantasies to keep me happy and I simply wish to share them with others who may enjoy them as well. Don't sue me. *adds pleading puppy dog pout and stare to my words, making it impossible for anyone to be angry with me*

Quick Notes to Readers:

This fiction is given a PG rating for what all it alludes to, but it's really pretty clean compared to Logan in a Different Light a story I posted prior to this one.

For those who wish to continue, please read and review this piece! Rave for it or rant against my perverted mind, don't be shy. (Hopefully y'all will laugh a lil at it.) Post comments here or emails are welcomed at missmishka@aol.com

Also, this is a definite PWP (plot? What plot?) piece, so don't think too much about how likely or unlikely some of the parts are. Just kind of fix them in your mind as needed and enjoy. :-P

Story Intro:

With all that mumbo-jumbo done with, let me dish the dirt on this little piece!

If you click the forward button you will enter my wacky world featuring mainly Amanda, Kitty and Rogue, but also bringing in many other cast members. (like Logan, of course. He's mah man and tends to appear in everything)

It begins with a study session with Amanda, Kitty, Kurt and Rogue that turns into a game of Truth or Dare between the girls when Kurt leaves the room. Two chapters focusing on first Amanda then Kitty follow before the girls get together again for a harmless little sleepover. *mischievous grin and twinkle in eyes* After that we have more chapters dealing with the consequences of their games of truth or dare!