Truth or Dare – CoEd Remix

It was a fact of life that if you left teenagers in a house unsupervised by the intimidating presence of adults something was going to happen.

Sure, the Professor had left Scott in charge while all the adults went off on one errand or another, but even their straight-laced, stick-up-his-bum team leader could be corrupted by peer pressure.

And his peers had every intention of pressuring…..


"I understand you girls really like to play Truth or Dare," Tabitha asked with a wicked smile as she swung her legs over the arm of the armchair she was sitting in in the rec room.

Amanda, Kitty and Rogue were far from the only ones in the room with Tabitha, but they knew the blonde girl was talking to them and they rushed to deny her statement.

"Oh, no we don't," Rogue stated.

"Yeah, that game is like nothing but trouble!" Kitty exclaimed.

"We'll never play it again," Amanda vowed, before cringing as she yet again let the truth out of her uncontrollable mouth.

"'Again'? HA! So it is true, you guys have been playing it without the rest of us," BoomBoom crowed.

Kurt frowned at the way Kitty and Rogue were glaring at his girlfriend and moved to slide a protective arm around Amanda's shoulders.

"Vhat ist truth or dare?" he asked Tabitha once he was sure his girl was safe from the others.

"You don't know what truth or dare is?" Ray asked coming over to join in the conversation.

"You don't know what you're missing!" Jubilee said excitedly as she too joined in after seeing Kurt shake his head "No" in answer to Ray's question.

Amara and Bobby wondered over to the group drawn by the mention of the infamous game that could be such naughty fun.

"Let's play," Amara said.

Amanda, Kitty and Rogue all looked on in horror as everyone around them started agreeing excitedly to play.

"Count me out!" the trio exclaimed as one, trying to move away from the others.

"Liebling, play for me," Kurt pleaded with his girlfriend.

She crumbled beneath his puppy-dog stare and nodded her agreement to stay for his initiation into the game of Truth or Dare.

Though they still wanted to flee, the dark skinned girl silently promised that horribly embarrassing pranks would follow them the rest of their lives if they did so Kitty and Rogue stayed too.

Lance didn't say anything as he moved to sit beside Kitty with a smile that spoke of how good he thought this could get.

"What about Jean and Scott," Bobby asked.

"What about them," Ray countered.

Tabitha, having declared herself in control of this situation, waved them all into silence from her seat.

"If they wanna join in they can join in, but for now let's not worry about those goody goodies," she removed her legs from the arm of the chair and sat up to face the others before her. "Here's how we're going to play. You can challenge any one person or more to answer a question truthfully or complete a dare. If you choose more than one person you have to name each one and the first you name will have the next turn after everyone has answered the question or completed the dare. If you ask for a truth and do not answer the question you must complete a dare or vice versa. If more than one person is challenged at a time all those challenged must answer the question or complete the dare if they don't want to end up having to take the other option. Everyone agree?"

The group exchanged a few glances amongst themselves then turned back to BoomBoom with eager nods.

"I'll start then," the blonde girl smiled, "Kitty, Amanda and Rogue. Truth or Dare?"

The three girls named groaned out loud then huddled together to debate their answer to that question.

"I've had it with dares, y'all," Rogue declared in a stern whisper.

"But like just imagine what she might try to make us admit with a truth, Rogue. Do you really want everyone hearing from our own lips some dirty little secret we can never take back?"

Amanda nodded rapidly in agreement to Kitty's statement and the three parted to state their desire for a "Dare."

"Ooooh, our first dare of the night! Let me think of a good one," Tabitha teased as she lapsed into a thoughtful silence.

The three girls' stomachs sank as they practically saw the light bulb go on above BoomBoom's head when inspiration struck the girl.

"Got it. You girls seem pretty comfortable showing off your bods, so I dare you all to put on a little modeling for us. Strip down and do two turns around the room in nothing but your underwear."

With the exception of Kurt and the girl's given such a dare, everyone began howling with laughter at Tabitha's boldness.

Again the three girls huddled together to discuss this turn of events.

"It's bad enough Kurt saw me when you guys made me do something like this, I so don't want everyone here seeing it," Amanda groaned.

"Heck, they've already seen me naked at least mah underwear covers the essentials," Rogue stated.

"Let's take a truth," Kitty said, horrified at the thought of prancing around half-naked for these yahoos.

"Are you serious? She could ask us anything and we would have to answer!"

"I hate this game, I hate this game, I HATE this game," Kitty began saying over and over at Amanda's reply to her suggestion.

"How bad could the question be really? I mean it's not like she knows enough to ask something really specific that would make us all look bad," Rogue reasoned.

"I thought you were ok with the dare?" Amanda asked.

"Ah'll do it, but if you two won't then Ah'll end up stripping and revealing some nasty little secret. Let's just go ahead and get the secret out of the way."

They all agreed with Rogue's plan and turned to Tabitha to ask for a Truth instead.

Bobby, Lance and Ray all groaned in disappointment at that, which had Kitty elbowing her boyfriend sharply in the ribs.

"Remember that all three of you have to answer this question honestly," BoomBoom ordered before asking her question, "What dares have each of you been given in your private games of truth or dare and did you complete them?"

The girls exchanged a look that could actually be said to contain relief. All in all it wasn't such a bad question.

Starting in the order Tabitha had named them when issuing her challenge they answered the question.

"Ummm….I only got one dare and I did it," Kitty bit her lip as she remembered the dare vividly. "RoguedaredmetosneakintoLogan'sbedroomwhilehesleptandlookathis…goodies."

"WHAT?!" Lance demanded, sure he'd misheard his girlfriend's rushed answer.

Kitty shook her head, but Tabitha stepped in and said that she'd have to repeat her answer slowly for everyone to hear or it wouldn't count.

Groaning the red faced girl complied, "Rogue dared me to phase into Logan's room while he was sleeping to get a look at him naked."

"You saw the Wolverine naked," Lance asked in surprise. "Was he bigger than me?"

Kitty's deepening blush was answer enough for everyone in the room and most started rolling on the floor with laughter until Lance jumped up and rocked the room a bit.

Tabitha quickly moved to calm things down, afraid that Avalanche's actions would bring Scott rushing in to break up the fun that had barely begun.

Once things had settled, Amanda braced herself to give her answer to the question.

"I completed both dares I was given. First Rogue dared me to take Kurt's geometry homework and keep it from him until class the following day and then she dared me to run around down here wearing only my underwear."

"Man, where was I when that happened?" Ray groaned.

"Dude, zhat's my girlfriend you're zhinking about," Kurt exclaimed.

Wanting to hear Rogue's answer, because the girl was actually blushing now, Tabitha and Jubilee both shushed the guys.

"Umm….my dares both came from Amanda and the first one was to mess up Kitty's CD arrangement in her room, which I did. The …uh… second one was to …. write someone a little love note and slide it under their door. I kinda did the second dare two, but didn't exactly leave the note under his door."

"Not good enough, Rogue, you've gotta tell us who the note was to," Tabitha ordered.

"Logan," Rogue answered with a resigned sigh.

The room began buzzing with questions like, "Why Logan" "What did the note say" and "Why didn't you leave it under his door."

A Kitty who had finally regained her composure spoke up to save her friend from the barrage of questions.

"I believe she answered the only question she's required to so it's like my turn now."

Everyone fell silent to await the announcement of Kitty's chosen victim.

"Tabitha, truth or dare?"

Wickedness seemed to ooze from the Shadow Cat and everyone who wasn't Tabitha breathed a sigh of relief that the girl's thoughts were not focused on them.

Cringing under Kitty's look, the blonde girl ventured for a dare.

"I dare you to give us all a little runway show in your underwear," Kitty cooed.

Tabitha rolled her eyes at such an obvious choice for her dare and rose to complete it.

Then she remembered the very brief little articles from Frederick's of Hollywood that she was wearing and sat back down with a thud.

"Ask your question," she sighed.

"Ok, you've gotta answer this one honestly no matter what," Kitty reminded.

Tabitha gulped nervously at the tone in which the reminder was spoken, but still she nodded.

"Ok. Who was your first time with and what was it like?"

"Who the heck says I'm not still a virgin?" Tabitha countered automatically, earning her 'Yeah, right' looks from everyone. "Ok, so that obviously won't fool you."

Sinking down in her chair, she tried to think of something to get herself out of this mess.

"We're waiting," her supposed friend Amara urged impatiently.

"It was Pietro and all I can say about it is running isn't the only think he does faster than a speeding bullet," she groaned.

The blonde girl was so embarrassed to have admitted that much that Kitty gave her a break and didn't demand any more intimate details.

And so began over an hour of uninterrupted insanity for the group.

Dares and questions where thrown out and responded to.

Tabitha made all the boys confess who they really fantasized about when they were…taking care of business by themselves.

For Ray it was often Ororo and Bobby named Jubilee. Kurt admitted it was usually Amanda but sometimes Kitty made an appearance too. Lance got a killing glare from Kitty and a punch in the gut for saying how he just had a thing for all that flowing red hair of Jean's even though he didn't like the other girl personally.

The girl's had all been dared to remove some article of clothing.

Amanda, Amara, Kitty and Tabitha were topless with their bras still on while Jubilee and Rogue had gotten dared out of all but their bra and panties.

Secrets were confessed, intimate details about the boy's bodies were gathered, and everyone's throats were hurting from laughing so much. The girls were also getting hoarse from numerous shrieks and squeals.

They were all amazed they'd been allowed to go on so long without Jean and Scott rushing in to demand explanations sooner.

When the couple finally did barge in it was to find the boys in the room shirtless and flexing their muscles, each trying to get Jubilee to name them as the boy she thought had the best body in the group.

"What is going on here?!"

It took about two solid minutes of simply standing in the doorway taking in the sight inside the room before Scott could blurt out that question.

Jean was even slower to recover from seeing what she felt was just moments away from turning into an orgy.

At first everyone in the room just stood frozen at the question, realizing their playtime was over.

Then Tabitha recovered and decided she wasn't ready to stop yet.

"We're just playing truth or dare," the blonde girl stood confidently in her bra and pants. "Not that either of you stiffs would know anything about that game."

"Hey, I've played truth or dare plenty of times," Jean defended herself.

"Yeah, I'm sure that was a blast with your preppy friends," Kitty scoffed.

Jean frowned as once again she realized how boring she seems to everyone at the institute.

Scott was coming to the same realization about himself and not liking it.

I can play their silly game, he thought.

"Who's turn is it?" he asked as he found a seat for Jean and himself to join in the game.

"We're waiting for Jubes to tell us which guy in this room she thinks has the best body then it's her turn to challenge," Ray answered.

Scott looked briefly at Jean, then smiled and rose to his feet while stripping his shirt off to join the other guys standing in the center of the room.

He flexed his muscles and looked toward Jubilee with an arched brow, "So which one you like best?"

The girl's dark brown eyes were darting back and forth between Lance and Scott as Jubilee tried to pick just one of them.

They both had such manly bodies compared to the younger boys and such confidence to go with their physiques.

She'd been all ready to name Lance after taking the time to enjoy their playful little competition, but now she bit her lip and had to really think about it.

Hmmm…..can I touch them before deciding, she wondered looking at each of the young men with that question written all over her face.

The two guys in question exchanged smug looks then stepped closer to Jubilee and let the girl run her hands over their chests, arms, and backs.

After more caressing than Jean or Kitty liked, Jubilee sat down and, with an apologetic smile to Lance, named Scott as the one she felt to have the best body.

Lance glared at the team leader who just shrugged to say he couldn't help it if he was a babe magnet before sitting down beside Jean again and pulling her against his bare chest.

The girls all had to giggle a moment at how miffed Lance was.

"Ok, Jean and Scott, truth or dare," Jubilee challenged after a moment.

"Wait, you can't pick us both," Jean said.

"She can the way we're playing. When it's your turn you can challenge one person or everyone else in the room, just so long as you name each person starting with who you want to have the next turn," Tabitha said.

Jean frowned at the alteration to the rules she was familiar with and looked at Scott for his guidance.

He just smiled and shrugged at her.

~~So…truth or dare?~~

Looking around at all the nearly naked girls in the room, Scott replied ~~Truth.~~

"We'll take a truth, Jubilee," Jean answered for them both.

The girl on the floor laughed delightedly at the answer, having the perfect question for the couple.

"What exactly have you guys been doing that it took you so long to come in here and see what we were doing?"

Jean blushed bright red and Scott shifted uncomfortably under all the eyes that were now focused on them.

Lifting his hand to nervously rub at the back of his neck, Scott sighed, "Go ahead and give us your dare."

All the others in the room exchanged wickedly knowing glances as they all guessed what the couple must have been doing that they reacted like that.

Jubilee debated whether to dare them to answer the question to make the couple squirm even more or come up with a more creative dare.

Jean was blushing too much for her to resist making the other girl confess to whatever was causing that blush.

"Ok, I dare you both to tell us all what you were doing in all the time before you came in here."

"We were just cleaning the Blackbird," Scott said.

Jean nodded eagerly at the answer he gave to indicate that that's all they'd been doing.

"Yeah, right, like any of us are dumb enough to believe that. Cleaning the jet only takes like thirty minutes tops," Ray said, having been assigned to clean the craft many times.

"We…um…did a few things inside it before cleaning it," Jean blushingly confessed.

"Eeeeeeeewwwwwwww. IN the Blackbird?! We like have to ride in that thing now!" Kitty's face scrunched up at the imagery.

Jean buried her head against Scott's back.

"Whose turn is it now," he asked Jubilee.

"Yours," she answered.

Knowing just how to get everyone's attention off him and his girl, Scott smiled at that bit of information.

"Rogue," the girl turned to look at him like a deer caught in headlights as he selected her alone from all the others, "truth or dare?"

Rogue gulped.

It was written all over Scott's face that he knew something that she didn't know he knew and he was going to make sure everyone in the room knew to divert attention from his own worthless hide.

I hate this game!


Rogue was chewing nervously on her bottom lip hours later as she waited in Logan's bedroom for his return to the mansion.

Just the other day they'd decided it would be better to keep the change in their relationship private for a little longer.

At that time, though, neither of them could have known that Scott had caught them climbing slowly from the X-Van last week looking very disheveled and kissing heatedly before leaving the garage.

Now she had to tell Logan the secret was out because Scott decided he couldn't keep his mouth shut on the matter any more.

Thinking back on the moment that she'd confessed what they'd been doing in the vehicle, Rogue laughed at Kitty's reaction.

Her friend was thrilled that Rogue had gotten the man she wanted, but the other girl was now refusing to never again get into the Blackjet, helicopter or any of the institute's vehicles unless the Professor had them all cleaned big time and reupholstered.

Like Lance wasn't gonna drag Kitty into one of those things the first chance he got now that he knew everyone else was doing it, Rogue thought.

"What have you done this time, darlin'?"

She jumped as Logan's hands suddenly smoothed over her shoulders and jerked her from her thoughts.

"Goodness, how do you manage to move so quiet?!"

"Just one of the many things I do well," he growled against her lips as she turned in his arms.

She may have dangerous skin and all, but after just a quick touch of Logan's lips Rogue was the one going limp in reaction to the skin on skin contact.

A pleased growl rumbled from his chest as he scooped her up and carried her to his bed.

"Now, tell me what's wrong?"

"Who says there's anything wrong?"

"You do with the guilt and nerves I smell rolling off you and the way you're avoiding the question," he said while looking straight into her eyes so she couldn't squirm away.

Rather than squirm, she reached up with a gloved hand to stroke his strong jaw then slide into his silky black hair.

"You know me so well," she sighed happily.

"That I do, darlin'. So well that I'd wager you've been playing truth or dare again and let our cat outta the bag."

"I never woulda done it, but Scott saw us in the garage last week and called me on it."

"Cyke? I thought you only played with the elf's girlfriend and half-pint?"

"Well…….the others kind of got jealous of our always excluding them and started it tonight," Rogue confessed.

"So everybody know?"

She nodded and he sighed.

"You ain't playing that damn game any more, ya got that?"

Having already made that promise to herself again with every intention of keeping it forever this time, Rogue nodded.

Satisfied with her agreement, they quickly forgot about childish games and Rogue got some more of what had started it all as far as she was concerned.



Author's Note: With that I'm drawing this series to a close. Partly because I hope you'll agree that the story has come full circle and also because my mind has really started going off on other story ideas and I don't feel I can add anything else at this time.

Hope ya'll have liked the trip and I'll try to work on more….."clean" stories, but I can't promise anything. My mind… likes the gutter. Especially when Logan pops up. :-P