Part 5

"Are you sure he's the one Chantal?" Sage asked as he set her tiara on her head.

"Yes Daddy, he is. Orion is the best and in so many ways he reminds me of Ryo," Chantal explained with a sad smile. She hardly let herself think about that last battle, where they had lost a great leader, friend and warrior.

Sage saw the sadness in her eyes and for just a moment he let himself wonder, "what had ever happened to Ryo?" The others had just let themselves believe he was dead after a couple of months. But now four years after Sage still believed he was alive and well.

"Your right he does, and if Ryo were here he would e very proud of you both. You know he always told me he had a feeling that our families would someday be connected," Sage told her.

"Really Dad?" Chantal asked.

"Yes, we grew up together. One day we were laying on a hill looking at the sky and Ryo just said that out of the blue. At the time I thought he was crazy but Ryo always had that sense in him," Sage said as he looked at his daughter. A knock came at the door and then opened. Sally walked in and tears came to her eyes as she looked at Chantal. Chantal was wearing Mea's wedding dress. She had decided not to wear her mom's since it was a little big and she hadn't been able to find one she liked. Mea had let her try her wedding dress on and it fit perfectly. After much begging and pleading Mea had consented to let her wear it.

"We had better get out there Chantal, you walk down in five minutes." Sally told her. They walked out to the back of the church. Four minutes later the music started, Cye and Kento opened the doors as everyone stood up.

Sage stood at the back of the church watching Chantal as she walked down the aisle with her mother. Sage's watchful eyes drifted up to her soon to be husband. Orion Sanada, he was Ryo's son. A 15-year-old boy, who looked just like his father in every way, expect for his passive personality. That boy might be young but he would do anything in his power to protect the people he loved. Sage then wiped a tear from his eye as Chantal and Orion put their hands together. Suddenly a strange feeling came over him. The feeling caused him to look around but he saw nothing. Small bubbles floated around the church making at look really neat. Chantal's blonde hair fell well past her waist and her green eyes sparkled. Orion smiled shyly at her and leaned in to give her a small kiss on then cheek and then she did the same. It gently started to rain outside.

A tall figure walked toward the church. He closed his tiger-blue eyes and smiled. He may not be dressed for the ceremony but it would do. Of course it was all he had. The Samurai hadn't taken him shopping after all. He silently made his way up the church steps and stood behind the blonde man standing in the back. He smiled and slowly stepped up beside him. "Didn't I tell you our families would be connected one day?" Ryo asked with a smile. Sage grinned at the voice.

"You did Ryo. You did," Sage replied. Just then Chantal looked back toward her father and what she saw she didn't believe. Ryo was standing by him! But he was dead, how could this be? She whispered something to Orion. And he turned his head and looked back, tears formed in his eyes and he ran down the aisle.

"Dad!" Orion yelled throwing his arms around him. Mea stood and looked as if she was seeing a ghost.

"Ryo… Ryo!" Mea screamed then she ran back to him.

"Everyone please… return to your seats," The preacher pleaded.

"You better go on… we'll talk after the ceremony, your bride is waiting," Ryo whispered smiling. Orion smiled back and ran up to finish the ceremony. Mea stayed back with Ryo holding on to his hand. She didn't want to let him go again. Chantal and Orion said their I do's and then walked down the aisle as a married couple. Everybody gathered around Ryo as they stood outside.

"Where have you been!? We thought you were dead!?" Kento demanded.

"All I'll say is I'm glad to be out of their grasp and I don't want to talk about all that happened," Ryo told them. They all groaned but Orion, Blair and Mea. They were just glad the last member of their family was back.

Note: Hey guys! Sorry you had to put up with this mondo story. But I really like Ryo, he is my fave character. Plus the guy who does his voice, Matt Hill, is soooo hot! Anyway, I just thought I would write a story that dives into Ryo's past. Make sure you don't believe any of this Samurai stuff, I just made that part up. (But it is true that Ryo is a descendant of a ninja clan) But you have to admit if this was true it would be really cool. I started this story on 2/1/01 and now on 12/31/01 it is finally finished. Thanks for reading! And I hope you liked it! And just in case you guys want to know more about Raurgoth you must read Mardrena's series, Foes From another world. These special new armors were her idea and I hope she doesn't mind me using them. Her stories are here, , just look 4 her name. – Alkvingiel