Okay, this story might not make since unless you've read the New rogue, so read that one first please. This is its sequel!! Romyness all over the place here!!! I've always liked the enigmatic and poetic sort of romanticism, so I guess I'll be doing that. I tried to make it so that even if you haven't read th sequel you'll get what's going on


Roque blinked and looked around her. Before her was a beautiful river that the sun, coming ever so slowly across the horizon, cast a golden ray upon. Behind her stood looming pyramids that towered over her like castles. The wind blowed around her like a whirlwind and surrounded her with the desert's sand.

" Suhhnnra," The whisper was so soft and beautiful upon the wind.

Again she was transported to another place, this time a royal golden carpet spread out before her feet. A bed with velvet red and gold covers was decorated with red roses and sweet perfume could be smelled everywhere. She was dressed in a silk gold dress, that shimmered like the sun itself as she moved. Her feet were bare but an ankle bracelet made of gold twisted around her left ankle like a snake. Her hair was long now, it came to rest upon her hips, and curled the farther it went down. Her skin was also tanned to give her a healthy glow, and the only makeup she wore was red lipstick. A golden crown decorated with emeralds and diamonds was placed upon her forehead and she wore it like a queen.

" Suhhnnra," The voice called out again, low and lovingly.

Two red eyes peered at her from her bed, crimson eyes on a black abyss. His hair which was a reddish brown, was rugged and wild. His chest was bare, showing a muscular form, and he wore a white robe around his waist that was kept in place by a gold sash.

" Mahrru," Rogue said with a soft smile and sat next to him, putting her head on his shoulder.

" You shouldn't be here." Rogue said and looked up at him.

" I had to come tell you, we will be leaving soon, I have gotten us a boat, we will sail by tomorrow." He said and kissed her lightly on her forehead.

" I have a great little place for us to stay. It's not a palace such as this but..." Mahrru looked down at her again and Suhhnnra smiled.

" I'll go to hell and back with you." She whispered.

The doors burst open, Suhhnnra's eyes widened and Mahrru pulled her closer as a hooded figure stepped in.

" Damn you! Damn you!" The man raged and Mahrru was hurled backwards.

The dark figure cursed and walked over to him, the figure's hands wrapped around Mahrru's throat and began to choke him.

" Stop it! No!!" Suhhnnra screamed as Mahrru's blood touched the floor.


" Rogue! Rogue!" Kitty screamed over Rogue's cries.

Rogue looked up at Kitty and stopped screaming.

" It was only a nightmare." Kitty whispered.

" It was so real, so real I just couldn't let him die." Rogue cried.

"Shush." Kitty hugged her friend tightly and rocked her back and forth as a mother would a child.


Rogue shook her head and sighed as she soared over the rooftops. The dream, it was soo...real. It reminded her of the last one she had before she absorbed Blaire. It always contained blood and sorrow, she was probably reading too many Anne Rice books. But then, why had one of the Acolytes been in it? Gambit was gorgeous but..he wasn't her type, besides that he was the enemy.

// Oh come on, he's still a cutey.// Blaire said and sighed dreamily inside her head.

" Whatever." Rogue snapped.

// Don't act like you don't think he's hot!!//

// And Rogue, that dream is somewhat..disturbing, maybe you should talk to Xaver about it.//

" Why? It's of no importance."

// But it could be. I could practically feel your pain when that man throttled him. It was so real.//

Rogue slowly descended onto the ground and walked the mile to school.

Magneto was still in her head after their last encounter. He was becoming aggravating over a period of time.

// Dear child, I know of your troubles. Those dreams of yours are of some importance actually.// Magneto said n her mind, she could practically feel his grin.

" What do you mean by that?" Rogue snapped.

// Ask Xavier, ask him about the Prophecy my dear. Tell him about your dreams.// Magneto said.

Rogue clenched her teeth and put up mental shields, blocking out his voice. Wrenching her locker open Rogue groaned as a pink rose fell out.

" Another one?" Kitty asked at her angry look.

Rogue held up the rose and Kitty giggled.

" Ah don't even lahke pink. Besides, how do these people even get stuff in my locker anyway? I should consult with the principal about this. Are privacy is at risk here." Rogue said, Kitty grabbed the rose before she threw it away.

" Don't be mean Rogue, just wear it for today. Besides, it's not like the other time when someone gave you those fake tulips." Kitty said and placed the rose in her hair.

" It don't even match with my clothes." Rogue said with a snort pointng to her tight low cut leather pants and black short sleeved shirt that revealed her shoulders.

" Black matches with everything, and stop putting your hair in a ponytail, it's too pretty." Kitty said and was about to reach for Rogue's hair when Rogue backed away.

" Ah already let ya put that rose in my hair Kitty, and I already only put on a light purple eyeshadow, so Ah believe Ah'm allowed to put my hair in a ponytail!!" Rogue snapped.

Kitty shrugged and closed her locker.

" So, do you want to talk about that dream you had last night?" Kitty whispered sympathetically.

" Ah'd rather not, Blaire's already been yelling at meh all day to tell the Professah about them. Ah really don't feel lahke havin' ta talk about them raght ( right) now." Rogue said.

Kitty nodded almost disappointed. Rogue sighed.

" Maybe..at lunch." Rogue said quietly.

Kitty perked up.

" So you're gonna like sit with us today?" Kitty asked.

" Yeah, sure why not? Risty hasn't been here for a while, probably another family crisis." Rogue said.

" Okay, I'll like, totally see you after class okay?" Kitty said and waved.

Rogue shook her head with a smile and entered History.


Gambit shuffled the cards again, shaking his head he breathed in his cigarette. The dream had been..so real. Even up to the part where the femme {woman} was screaming, he could even feel the blood that erupted from his throat when that figure had begun to choke him. Why would he dream about one of the X-men anyway? She was the enemy? A belle femme { beautiful woman} yes, but an enemy nonetheless.

" Merde! {Shit} When did things get so complicated?" Gambit asked himself.

" Can I get ya something?" The waitor asked.

Gambit smiled up at her charmingly. The woman wasn't bad looking, she was pretty in fact, flirtatious he could tell, and he did love that beautiful blonde hair of hers. She would help dramatically to ease his troubles.

" Yes, a cup of coffe will do. My name's Remy Lebeau by the way? Yours?"