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Sorry I haven't updated, I've been doing tons of homework and cleaning! Argh the agony of cleaning! Argh the agony!! Don't worry about the poem it's just something I did so you'll know what Irene prophesized.

The day shall come when the old become the new,

Ancestors will become the offspring and the Apocalypse will be near,

The choice of either defeat or sacrifice will rest in the hands of one,

Either the sky will turn dark with the cry of devils,

Or the Heavens will open and the world will be as it once was,

All depends upon the sacrifice of the One,

The one whose life shall bring forth tranquility and finally peace

- Irene


Mahrru shuffled the cards at a rapid pace; his red eyes were narrowed and seemed to glow incandescently.

"I should have killed him right then and there, I should have destroyed him!" Mahrru hissed and the cards exploded.

The jet was silent except for Wolverine's constant growls and the explosions that Gambit kept unleashing every once and a while. Until Kitty of course had to break the silence.

"What're we gonna do once we get there?"

"Kill 'em." Gambit grumbled.

"But we can't, it's still like Bobby! We can't just kill him!"

"Oh, so you want him to take over the world and then kill us instead?" Gambit asked harshly.

Kitty remained silent.

"I'm. I'm sorry, chere; just a little angry is all. Listen, Bobby is dead now, ya can't save him. All he cares about is Suhhnna, enslaving the human race and killing me." Gambit said.

"But does this have to happen?" Kitty asked.

"Its destiny, Kitty, destiny always has to happen."


Armound balled his fists and looked down at the ground below. This wasn't how it was supposed to happen.

He shook his head and breathed in; he had other things he needed to take care of now.

"Armound, how have you been?" Gambit asked casually leaning against the doorway.

Armound spun around and flung ice balls at him, Mahrru only laughed and ducked them while twirling his bo staff.

"It's time to die, Armound, this time I will kill you." Gambit hissed and ran forward.


// I don't see why you don't just stay. Maybe for a little while? After Jenny Jones maybe? //

"Blaire, will you be quite?" Rogue snapped and pretended to be asleep as the door creaked open.

Magneto stepped in, his cape flowing from behind him as the metallic tray hovered over to the bed. Rogue grinned and spun around; the metal tray zipped forward and crashed into Magneto's stomach. Propelling herself forward Rogue twirled around and kicked on the side of jaw, cracking the helmet slightly.

// Ow!! That hurt! You don't have on any shoes! No more kicking! //

Magneto looked at her annoyed and the bed behind her snapped, the poles began to curve around her body.

"I don't want to hurt you that would be unwise." Magneto said.

"Yes, it would be."

Rogue teleported out of the poles and behind Magneto, throwing off his helmet and grabbing his cheek.

"Say goodnight," She teased as she began to drain him.


The X-men stormed the floating castle; Gambit had disappeared by the time they got there, so they were in a tough situation.

"That jerks! He just ups and like totally leaves us here." Kitty yelled.

"I'd leave you too, shiella if you were pouting on like that." He said and casually.

"Surprised to see you here, shorty," Sarbertooth said to Wolverine with a grin.

"Like wise, Kitten." Wolverine said grinning and roared his adamantium claws unsheathed.

"Looks like that time again, huh?" Pyro asked and Kitty screamed as a burst of fire was sent her way.


Mahrru lunged, his staff extended and Bobby was sent sprawling backwards. With a hiss Armound raised his ice sword and brought it down, barely missing Mahrru. Again they attacked, each blow was countered or replaced with their own, and each was equally matched in speed and power.

"I'm going to kill you!!" Bobby shouted and Gambit fell backwards as the burst of ice hit his chest.

Gambit winced as he coughed up the small drops of blood. His now numb fingers reached inside his coat and a spray of exploding cards lashed out. Armound stepped back and a shield of ice blocked the cards.

"I told you didn't I? I told you you would die." Bobby said and grabbed Gambit by his neck, pulling him towards the edge of the balcony.

"Then we shall die together you and I." Gambit hissed and grabbed Bobby's throat.


Kitty yelped and phased through the fire as Scott blasted Pyro's tank. Pyro looked at him terrified as the tank began to tremble and then exploded. The explosion rocked the floating castle and knocked everyone off their feet.

"It won't hold on its own! We've gotta go!" Jean said and flung away the floating debris.

"Not without my sweister!" Kurt yelled.

Sabertooth stared at Wolverine and lunged. He easily dodged Wolverine's claws, and then moved in punching him across the face and then throwing him backwards.

"Is that all ya got, Small Fry?" He asked, Wolverine only chuckled as he sent an uppercut to his chin and then ran him through with his claws.

Sabertooth stepped backwards clutching his stomach.

"You'll pay for that!" He snapped as the wound quickly healed.

"Of course I will," Wolverine retorted and punched again in an attack of pure fury.

Sabertooth roared as he fell off the edge, his hiss could be heard from miles away.

"Alright, kiddos. It's time for us to find the rest of our crew."


Rogue ran down the hallway, Blair screaming in her mind.

// What was that? The whole place just rocked! //

"How am I supposed to know?" Rogue snapped and turned around as she heard the yell.

"NO! Gambit!!"

Gambit looked towards her with a grin, his face was bruised, his eye was black and blood was pouring over his lips.

Bobby was hovering over him, his face just as bruised. He held him over the edge of the balcony; ice slowly began to creep up Gambit's face.

"Both of you stop it! We have to go! The place is about to give!" Rogue shouted, and the castle rocked again as if to give emphasis.

"I'm a little busy, mon amor. Come back in a little while and I'll think about it." Gambit squeaked.

"No you won't, Mahrru, you'll be dead by then." Bobby shouted.

Rogue fell as the castle wobbled again, there wasn't much time left.

Gambit laughed as he squeezed harder on Bobby's neck and tilted over the edge.

"Here we go!" He said grinning and they both toppled over the edge.

Rogue screamed and jumped off. She could see Gambit and Bobby, still fighting to the end, a flash of red and blast of blue that swirled together and blasted them apart. Rogue stopped, they had blown themselves apart, she had to choose.
// Those idiots, they could have both lived and yet..// Rogue gritte her teeth. She zoomed forward at an unpredictable speed and grabbed Gambit, using every muscle she stopped and turned around, searching for at least a glimpse of Bobby. But he had vanished..


Rogue stared out of the window, the mug of cocoa clutched tightly in her hands.

// Forget it Rogue, you had to choose. It was either Bobby or Gambit, it had to come // Blaire said.

Rogue only nodded.

"Hey, mon amor," Gambit spoke softly and sat down beside her.

"Hey," She squeaked.

"Listen, Rogue, come with me, we'll go see a movie or do whatever you want. Even if it maybe shopping." Gambit said wincing at the last part.

Rogue couldn't help but laugh.

"Alright, Ah'll come wit' ya." She said.

"Good. We'll leave whenever you want to go." Gambit said give her a loving hug and then a quick kiss before leaving.

// Hey, how'd the window get open? //

Rogue turned around and felt the chill of the night air. How did it get open? And then she gasped almost falling back as she saw the blue rose that lingered on the window pane.


Maybe Bobby's dead? Maybe not, duhn duhn duhn!!!