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"Hiraikotsu!" a stern voice interrupted the girl's thoughts. Sango sighed. It was the last period of the day and she was ready to go. The teacher was just giving the same old boring lecture she gave everyday, so what was the big deal if she zoned out a little?

"Hai?" her response was wary. As she had been given the same lecture all year long, she would surely be able to answer any question thrown at her, but that still did not put her suspicions to rest. After all, teachers were vicious little things, and they tended to pick on their students for the most bizarre things. The fact that they usually did not approve if their student's took a more active interest in sports than academics did not raise their status in her eyes.

"See me after class," the reproving tone came. Sango exchanged glances with her best friend, Higurashi Kagome. Said girl had recently landed the both of them jobs at the new ice cream parlor. While Kagome had been working there for several weeks already, this would be Sango's first day, and it would not make her look good if she showed up late. First impressions were everything, right?

"Yes, ma'am," Sango nodded, casting her gaze downward in what she hoped looked like shame. Hey; just because teacher's expected you to feel bad when you stepped out of line didn't really mean you had to...As long as you at least looked sorry, that is.

After what seemed like an eternity, the final bell rang, signaling the end of the school day. Sango, of course, had to remain in her seat and wait til all the other students had shoved their way out the door. Curse Yura-sensei. Out of all the teachers, she seemed to enjoy student punishment the most. And if you implied you had somewhere to go, she kept you longer.

Kagome, the last to leave the classroom, gave Sango a sad, apologetic little smile. Sango found herself nervous after receiving that look, and she slowly turned to face the front of the classroom once again. She repressed a shudder at seeing Yura-sensei's gloating smile of pure evil.

Sango emerged from the classroom about ten minutes later. One thing and one thing only would be forever imprinted in her mind. Paying attention to Yura-sensei's oh-so-exciting lectures was a good thing. She didn't believe she'd be forgetting that for a long time to come.

In any case, Sango was just thankful that the teacher did not keep her too long. They should still be able to make it with time to spare. Kagome, it seemed, was all ready, for she and her backpack were waiting patiently near her locker. Sango smiled, pleased that her friend waited for her, before quickly gathering her own things. Just because they had time to spare did not mean she could dilly-dally.

Since the ice cream parlor was relatively close to the school they could just ride their bikes directly there without having to stop at their houses. This was mighty convenient, seeing how they were pressed for time already.

It wasn't long before the freestanding parlor loomed over the two. Sango glanced up, briefly eyeing the sign, which read: Shikon Shoppe. Kagome opened the door, and as the two girls stepped in, a little bell tinkled.

A young man poked his head around the corner. "Hello, Kagome. Who's your friend? Can I interest the two of you in some ice cream, or perhaps some fresh sherbet?"

"No thanks, Hojo-kun," Kagome smiled warmly at him. "This is Hiraikotsu Sango. Remember, I told you she would be starting here today?"

Hojo's expression pinched in thought, before lighting up. "Oh, now I remember! Well, welcome to the crew!"

"Err, thanks, I guess," she blinked, taken aback by his overzealous nature.

Kagome led her friend to the back room, looking through one of the bins for the bag with Sango's uniform in it. "Hojo-kun is as a little much sometimes," she laughed, noticing her friend's expression.

"He sure seemed...peppy," Sango said weakly, for lack of better term.

"Aha!" Kagome triumphantly snatched the bag with Sango's initials on it, thrusting it into the other girl's arms. "Here's your uniform...The employee bathroom is right over there, so you can change...Let's see..." her face scrunched in thought, as she tried to think of anything else that Sango might not have already been briefed on. "Oh! And these things right here are lockers...The keys are right over there..."

"Ok," Sango nodded, understanding. "But who's going to change first?"

"Why don't you change first, Sango-chan?" Kagome suggested. "That way you could get started with Hojo while I get ready? After you get the hang of it, we can just alternate days or something," she shrugged.

"That sounds fine..." Sango trailed off, looking down at the bag in her hands. "So I guess I'll go get ready..." she walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. In a few minutes she emerged, wearing business-like black pants, a tucked in white blouse, and a forest green apron with the parlor's logo on it. "At least it doesn't look hokey..." she murmured.

"Not yet, at least..." Kagome chuckled ominously, ceremoniously holding out a matching green visor with a few pins on it. Needless to say, Sango groaned.

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