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* * * * * * * * * * *

"We have to do something! She has no right to rule over this kingdom!"

"Sango, calm yourself. We all feel the same way, but there is not a thing we can do. She is the rightful ruler."

"You know that is not true Miroku. She was not the one meant to rule." Sango said standing up from the table they were gathered at glaring at the man sitting in front of her

"Hai. We all know, but there is still no way we can stop here." Miroku said putting his head in his hands rubbing his temples

"We have a plan." a man said as he walked out of the dark corner he was standing in

"And what would this plan be, Inuyasha?" Miroku asked as he continued to rub his poor abused head

"Simple, we break her out." Inuyasha said acting like it was the most obvious thing in the world

"How do you expect to do that? Do you know how heavily guarded she is?" Miroku asked looking up at the two people in front of him

"It is the only way to save everyone from Kikyou. She needs to be stopped." Sango said shaking her head slowly

"I agree, but this will be a rather difficult mission for us all. We have not had a chance to fight in years, and now we must take on so many guards. This will be rather hard." Miroku said, finally approving on their idea, well as much as he could

"Are you sure you can do this Inuyasha? I know how much you loved her." Sango asked the silver haired man

"Of course I can. She's a nasty little bitch that cares nothing of other people. She needs to be put in her place before everyone here starves to death, or worse." Inuyasha said trying to act tough, but deep down he was hurting

"Hai. Gather everyone and we will meet at the gate. Be there at midnight, no later." Miroku said standing up walking out of the room

"We will not fail." Sango said following Miroku out the door

"Of course." Inuyasha said sighing sitting down at the table

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"I told you! I will not wear this piece of shit! What is made out of straw!?"

"Kikyou, calm down. There is nothing wrong with that dress."

"Shut up mother. This is not good enough for someone like me to wear. I. WANT. A. NEW. ONE!" Kikyou screamed at her mother like a spoiled little brat

"Hai, Kikyou. We will have another made." her mother sighed in defeat

"I told you to call me Kikyou-SAMA. Not Kikyou, you are not worthy enough to call me that." Kikyou said with malice dripping off her words

"Hai, Kikyou-sama." she answered then left her daughters 'closet'

"What can I wear for now?" Kikyou asked herself as she looked through her many piles of clothes

"I haven't a thing to wear. I guess that 'thing' will have to do for now. I just hope no one important sees me in it." she said as she picked up the previously discarded dress from the floor and put it on

"Now, time to see my pets." she said as she walked out of her 'closet' that was big enough to host a ball in

Kikyou walked down the marble floor in her wing of the castle. She walked a bit before she came to a door leading into a large room. Kikyou opened the door and stepped inside. The room was filled with men, all young and handsome, not one of them wearing a shirt.

"Morning my pets, care to play?" she asked as she walk towards a group of them, but before she could get very far there was a knock at the door

"What!?" she yelled very annoyed with whoever was disturbing her play time

"Naraku-sama is here to see you milady." a voice said from the other side of the door

"Tell him I will be right down!" she shouted again before she turned back to the men in the room

"I'm afraid play time has been cut short today." she said with a frown before she walked back out of the door

She walked down a few halls until she came upon the main stair case. Kikyou walked down it like she was the queen of the world. At the bottom of the stairs was a man with long wavy black hair, and a cold smile directed at her. She walked towards him with her arms help out, but he did not move into the impending embrace.

"Have you been waiting long?" Kikyou asked the man as she put her arms down at her sides

"No." was all he said as he moved towards her

"Then, shall we go into the sitting room?" she asked trying to sound as innocent as she could

"I have a better idea." Naraku said with a wicked smile on his face

He grabbed Kikyou's arm and led her back up the stairs towards her room.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"Everyone here?" Miroku asked as he and a group of people stood outside of a large gate

"Hai." Sango said moving away from Miroku's hand which happened to be rather close to her ass

"Does everyone know the plan then?" he asked now with a disappointed look on his face

"Hai." Inuyasha answered

"Kikyou has also been taken care of for the night, and part of the morning." Sango said with disgust in her voice

"Good. Divide into your teams and fulfill your tasks, we will meet at the old shrine." Miroku informed everyone

The teams were made, and everyone set out to do their assigned tasks.

"I do hope we can pull this off." Sango said, worry evident in her voice

"Hai. If not, at least we tried." Miroku said attaching his hand to her butt

"Remove your hand before I remove it for you." Sango said through gritted teeth

"Of course." Miroku said innocently removing his hand from her butt as fast as he could

Sango just walked off without saying anything, she was determined to get done what she had too, and no one was going to stop her. Miroku just followed behind her, happy that he didn't get beat up for what he had done.

* * * * * * * * * * *

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