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"You gonna go to the game tomorrow?"

Ron jogged alongside Hermione only barely dodging another student as they went down the hall. Hermione made a face and tried to go faster. Ron wound through the students after her, already out of breath. She spoke dismissively over her shoulder, "I don't know..."

He grabbed her shoulder and pulled her to the side away from the surge. His face took on a seriousness usually reserved for times he was terrified. His brows furrowed as he looked at her meaningfully.

"You should come. For Harry's sake, at least..."

Hermione looked away scrunching her face up and trying to control the tears she felt knotted in her throat. Even to see her from a hundred feet away felt terrible... She inhaled quickly and put her hand through her hair nervously. She smiled but knew it was just as revealing as having sobbed. She pulled her books up closer and slipped past Ron.

"Fine, fine, you're right. Tell Harry I'll be there."

Ron's eyebrows arched characteristically as he shouted after her, "I'll save your seat..."

Hermione simply waved her hand over her shoulder, not turning around, and disappeared into the sea of robes.


"So, now will you tell me your plan?"

Harry grinned mischievously at Ron. "Yeah, I'll need your help, too."

At the look of Ron's reluctance Harry slipped a hand into Ron's robe and unbuttoned his trousers. Ron slowly smiled, glancing down quickly at the space where the stall door didn't meet the ground. The bathroom was silent and empty. Harry kept his thumb on the button, his eyes narrowing. He stroked his fingers lightly on the zipper flap and finally Ron broke, "Alright, alright, I'll do it! Lord!"

Harry grinned triumphantly and leaned into Ron.


Ginny sighed into her pillow. She knew Dean would want it soon. He'd hinted he'd want it tonight if they won the game. She wondered if Hermione would be there. She wondered if they were a couple how Hermione would want her. Hermione was by nature bossy, but Ginny wondered if that translated into her behavior in bed. She wondered if Hermione would be shy or domineering. If she'd be rough or gentle. If she'd make the noises Ginny imagined. Mostly though, she wondered what Hermione imagined.

Ginny's hands were at her sides and after some effort not to, she let one slide into her pants. She closed her eyes against the soft cotton cover of her pillow, exhaled raggedly, and soothed her nerves the only way she could...


Hermione swung her legs back and forth on the edge of her bed. She had to go meet Ron soon. She fell back on the bed and crooked her arm behind her head. Her other hand moved up and down her stomach thoughtfully. She propped her head up momentarily to check that the room was empty. Her jaw moved sideways with indecision. Flicking her eyes up to the clock by her bed she smoothed her shirt up a bit farther.

"I guess I have time..." she murmured speculatively.


As she sat, her eyes automatically searched for Ginny's form in the air. Ron sat beside her his own eyes taken with Harry's swooping figure. Ron had been very nervous since they'd met in the common room. He looked like there was something he wanted to mention, but couldn't. But now that Harry was within sight something in Ron relaxed, and after a moment he looked sadly after Hermione.

She answered his look with one of question. He sighed and gestured they get up and talk somewhere quieter.

"Hermione," he began.

"Ron, what is it?"

"I heard something that worried me."


"About Ginny."

"What about her?" Hermione asked with a little more frustrated urgency.

"Well, I heard that Dean had been asking around for a spell..."

"Ron, will you get to the point? What spell?"

" anti-pregnancy spell..."

Hermione's face registered her shock by going pale, then red, and her mouth hanging open.

Ron continued, "and I also heard it hinted at by Ginny this might be a big night..."

Hermione bit back her tears. "Why are you telling me this Ron? You know how much it upsets me!"

"Which is what you should be telling Ginny."

Hermione shook her head, putting a hand to her face and trying to steady herself. Ron hesitated at first, but then after a second slid his arms around Hermione and held her. He spoke gently, "You've gotta talk to her." Hermione shook her head into his shoulder.

"Stick to the plan then," he thought to himself. He rubbed her back and tilted his head back out to the game. "C'mon," he said, "let's not miss the game."


"I can't believe we won," said Ginny breathlessly to Harry.

Harry nudged her with his broom, "You don't seem as happy about that as you should!"

Ginny shrugged and pushed her tousled hair behind her ears. Harry smudged some of the dirt on his hand onto her cheek and she shoved him off playfully. "Wanna do something after you're changed?"

Ginny smiled. "I'm sorry, but I think I have plans with Dean."

Harry frowned and shrugged. "Well, if he cancels give me a shout."

They stopped in front of the girls' locker room and Ginny put her hand on the knob. "Of course," she said opening the door and slipping inside.

Harry poked his head into the boy's locker room to check that everyone was there. He jogged back to the other locker using a quick spell changed the sign over the doorway.


She was the only girl on the team. While the boy's locker was bustling with activity the girl's locker room was empty and silent. Ginny draped her robe and clothes over the bench and walked to the showers.


"Hey Hermione could you go grab Harry? I need to go check in with my brother real quick."

Hermione nodded, "Where would he be?"

"The locker room, go ahead in there, he's always the last one out."

Hermione was going to protest when a wave of the other teammates, minus Harry and Ginny stomped by them. Ron shouted his congratulations and they all began to talk. Hermione backed away from the group and headed down the stairs.


Hermione found the lockers and after looking longingly at the girls' locker room she finally pushed the boys' door open with her shoulder and peeked inside. She was about to shout for Harry when Ginny, a very naked Ginny, turned the corner and froze.

Ginny shrieked and Hermione turned around too quickly slamming into the doorframe with a yelp. "Oh Lord," Hermione staggered backward, clutching her forehead. Ginny pulled a t-shirt and panties on and ran to Hermione. "I'm so sorry," Hermione started, "the sign was wrong... I was trying to find Harry... oh Lord my head hurts."

Ginny moved Hermione by her waist to a bench and sat her down. She cringed when she saw the bump forming on Hermione's head. She brushed Hermione's bangs out of the way to get a better look, and caught the apology on Hermione's face.

Ginny sat back on her haunches and examined Hermione. "So explain to me again what you're doing here?"

Hermione searched the air a moment collecting her thoughts. "I was supposed to be finding Harry, and the sign above the door outside was switched for some reason, so I came in here..."

Hermione adjusted herself, rubbing her forehead gingerly. "Uhm, I'm really sorry about walking in on you... naked, I mean, I'm sorry..."

Ginny blushed as she realized this was the first time a person had seen her naked, and that it wasn't how she'd imagined it. She'd imagined it be Hermione, but she'd also imagined it to be a little more... well, romantic. Ginny stuttered. "Uhm, no biggy, I mean, you know, not like you've never seen a girl before."

"Actually it was, well, besides me..."

"Yeah that's what I meant..." Ginny sputtered self-consciously.

Hermione glanced at Ginny and noticed her panties were a fine black lace which contrasted strongly against the white t-shirt and pale skin. Ginny blushed. Hermione couldn't contain her jealousy, "Those for Dean?"

Ginny felt her stomach sink. "Why, jealous?"

Hermione stood and glowered. Ginny stood and brushed past Hermione. She picked up her pants, continuing, "I mean it's not any of your business what I do for Dean, or with him, or anyone for that matter!" She threw her pants down in frustration, "It's not like we're friends anymore!"

Hermione was so stung by the words she began to cry. "Well that's hardly my fault!" She choked through her crying, "You're the one who started avoiding me!"

Ginny sighed, shrugged uselessly, and picked up her pants again. She held them near her stomach and fingered the belt loops. Her whole body ached to comfort Hermione, but she felt paralyzed. Her whole being focused to a point on the pants she as scrunching nervously in her hands.

"I just don't understand. Why do you hate me so much?"

Ginny let out a sharp breath and mumbled, "I don't hate you."

"Well then why are you avoiding me?"

Ginny stared at Hermione. She dropped the pants again and strode up to her. Their eyes locked and Ginny put her hands on either side of Hermione's face. Hermione's breath hitched. "This," Ginny said gently. She leaned in and kissed Hermione. It was so light, so chaste it broke Hermione's heart. "Is why," Ginny finished.

Hermione grabbed Ginny and shoved her against the locker replacing all the affection of the last kiss with passion. Her hands tentatively hovered on Ginny's hips eventually tightening, slipping further back, and pressing Ginny against her. Ginny moaned and Hermione pulled back.

Ginny blinked, afraid she'd broken the spell. Hermione looked down at Ginny's neck and the curve of her breasts. Her hand stroked Ginny's hip bone meditatively. Her eyes slowly lifted and met Ginny's. Ginny leaned into kiss and Hermione inhaled quickly before their lips met. Hermione's hand was sneaking downward when they heard a sharp knock on the door and jolted apart.

Dean shouted clearly through the door, "Aren't you ready yet, Gin?"


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