Aoshi-sama.......? My Stomach Hurts.......


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1.) Stomach-Chewing Demons

2.) Someone Call A Doctor! Wait, I Am A Doctor!

3.) Aoshi-sama.......My Stomach Hurts.......


Those are the three fics in order, though you don't have to read them that way. ^^;; Heehee, well, I hope you all enjoy this one. *crosses fingers* I'll try extra hard to make it really fluffy with a lot of WAFF! ^-~



Misao set the tray in front of Aoshi and started making his tea quickly. Man, something just didn't feel right. A tightening in her stomach told her the answer. WHY ON A FRIDAY OF ALL DAYS?! And right before her birthday too. She scowled at the teacup that she was handing Aoshi and stood up.

"Er.......I have to leave early today Aoshi-sama," she explained quickly. "Uhm....... so I guess you'll have to bring the tray back.......gomen ne......." she bowed and took off as quickly as she could back home. Where her.......'stuff' was.

She ran inside, grabbed 'everything' and dashed out, ignoring Omasu's questions.

What was she supposed to say?

Well, er.......I think I'm about to start my 'thing' again this month, so I had to leave Aoshi with the tea tray so I wouldn't leak all over the temple floor.

Ha! Yeah right.

Period.......period.......period.......why the heck was it called that?! It sure didn't come out looking like a period. It should be called something else.

The blood flood?

The red wave?

Crimson river?


But why a period? Even 'red waterfall' would make more sense.

She didn't even WANT to think about other reasons why it might be called a 'period'. Everything she thought of had to do with a period's shape. Round. Well, it sure didn't come out round like that in the ripped up sheets.......

Never mind. She shut her mind off at that. Her thoughts were getting too perverse.

A man must have made up the name.

Another tugging came from her stomach, and she rushed to the outhouse impatiently. If she didn't hurry, she'd be leaving a nice shiny red trail behind her. Wouldn't that be nice?

She yanked on the outhouse door, but it was locked. "What?!" she screeched impatiently.

"Hold on there my pretty Misao-chan. Jiya's almost done taking his dump......."

Misao gagged and staggered behind some trees. She wasn't so sure she wanted to change in the bathroom, but she had to change before, well, it leaked everywhere! Actually, she wanted to change before it leaked into her clothes period.

Ugh, what a pun.

And she wasn't even trying.

She wondered how Megumi was doing making up that 'Tidol' stuff. Last she heard, the newly married couple were trying together to invest something called a.......what was it?

She thought.......

And thought.......

A laxi fad? A traxi rad?

Ah, something like that.

She hoped they'd be done 'inventing' soon. Then she wouldn't have to keep those nice ripped-up sheets anymore. Picturing Sanosuke thinking about something to help stop leaks for a 'period' was funny.

Jiya finally ambled out of the outhouse, his pink bow hanging limply down. It was wet.


She WAS NOT going in there. Not for a week- at least.

She thought about informing Omasu so the other woman wouldn't be 'poisoned' but decided against it. Should she tell Aoshi-sama?


He'd deserve it for ignoring her.


She ran into the woods and was just about to put those 'sheets' to good use when she heard a voice.

She looked around the tree to see Kuro feeding the birds.

She was really getting impatient.

She counted to ten (actually, she never made it past two) and ran away.

A good 50 yards away, she finally found solitude. She was just hoping that Shiro and Aoshi were nowhere nearby. Actually, hopefully NOBODY was nearby, but ESPECIALLY not anyone from the Aoiya, and especially not Aoshi- sama.

After that task was complete, she ran back to the Aoiya just in time for the mail. She grabbed up a thick letter for her and opened it anxiously.

It was from Kaoru! Kenji was doing great, and.......and.......


What was a 'sampon?'

Oh....... Her face reddened as she read.

The 'laxi fad' had been a failure, and Megumi was still trying it out, but she'd come up with a [very early version of a] sampon. Kaoru got to be the first person to try it out. Woopie-doo. No fair.

Kaoru's words made her blush even harder.

Especially when the older woman explained in detail how it worked.

'And it hurts really bad when you pull it out....... Megumi says that I'm lucky, because I've already had sex. If I hadn't, I'd really have to tug to get the 'bloody' (haha) thing out! I laughed when I pictured giving you a box of them! I think that Megumi's going to change the name from sampon to tampon though, cause she wants to. Don't ask. Anyway, I'm sorry you can't use them, cause they work great. It took me a whole week to get used to them. I'd send you some, but I don't want you walking around stiff-legged and stuff in front of your Aoshi-sama, now would I? He might want to....... investigate the matter to see what was wrong! Well, that's all the news for now! I'll update you when the laxi fad is done. Though, I've got a feeling Megumi will change the name soon too. She tends to do that. Well, write back soon Misao-chan!'

Misao crammed the letter into her pocket, her face as red as an overripe cherry. She ran to her room and stuffed the letter into her dresser. She'd write Kaoru back later. AFTER she stopped blushing.

"My, my pretty Misao, what's wrong? Have you been running to long again?" Jiya asked her. "You really shouldn't work yourself so Misao-chan. We want you in good shape for your birthday next Wednesday!"

"Hai gramps. Whatever you say......." Misao left with her face even redder than previously.


"Yeah!" Omasu agreed. "If we have to serve, you should help cook."

"Hmph! I'm your Okashira, I shouldn't have to cook......." she grumbled, going over to cook anyway.



Misao tossed and turned in her bed, trying to get comfortable. It wasn't easy with the extra ripped sheets she'd piled on just to 'make sure' that nothing 'bad' happened.

Then she got an idea! Everyone was asleep, since it was nearly midnight. Well, except Aoshi, because he wasn't back yet.

She'd write Kaoru a reply.

She lit a candle and dug the note from her dresser, getting her ink and pen and a piece of paper. Then she began her note.


Well, .......I really don't know what to say to your letter. It really is too bad that the 'laxi fad' didn't work out. But it's good that the tampon/sampon did. Whatever it's called now....... Well, how are Kenshin and Kenji? What about Megumi and Sano? Are they expecting their first child yet? It's been nearly a year. They should hurry up. I'll bet Yahiko's still calling you a 'busu' and stuff. It's boring over here. Yahiko would tell me that I was pregnant right about now. My stomach really hurts this time. Ah, this sucks. But see, it's not only my stomach, my chest hurts too. Maybe I should just go to sleep?

I can't go to sleep tonight though. You'd think losing so much blood would make me tired, but it's not. I'm so awake right now, I could probably bounce off the walls if I wasn't afraid of getting into trouble. Aoshi- sama's staying late at the temple tonight. I wish he'd just come home in time for dinner for once. I feel really bad, since I forgot to bring him dinner. So I left some dinner covered and [hopefully] still warm in the kitchen, and a note saying when I heated it up last. Hm, well, I'll send this to you! I hope you can reply back soon.


Misao Makimachi

She was just folding the note when she heard a 'clinking' down in the kitchen.

YAYYYYYYY! Aoshi-sama was BACKKKK!

She started folding the note again, and, a few minutes later, she listened to Aoshi's footsteps coming up the stairs a few feet away from her room. He paused outside of her room and slid open the door with the hand that wasn't holding his dinner.

"Konban wa Aoshi-sama!" Misao said quietly, sticking the letter in an envelope and writing Kaoru's name on the front. "Gomen ne about forgetting your dinner......."

"It's fine," he said softly. "Why are you still awake?"

"Ah, well, I couldn't sleep, so I decided to write Kaoru-chan. I received a letter from her today. Nothing's going on over there really. Kenji's birthday is in a few months though."

"Aa......." he mumbled. "A nice kid."

"You remember him Aoshi-sama?" she asked. "I mean......." she blushed. "I didn't think you even saw him at all for the two days we were there last."

"Aa, I saw him," he said, turning around. "You should get to sleep."

"Hai Aoshi-sama! Oyasumi nasái , shínsetsu na yumé......." [goodnight, sweet dreams]

"Anáta mo. [you too]

Misao smiled sweetly. She set the folded letter in her top dresser drawer and blew out the candle. Aoshi just wished her sweet dreams....... Now maybe she could sleep!


NOTE::::: Anáta means YOU, as in "anáta mo" which means, you too, or, you also. Same to you. However you want to say it. The other way around though, it means sweetheart, of course.......Heehee, I don't think that's quite what Aoshi meant. Besides, isn't Anata only to a husband from his wife? Hm.......


Oh, one more thing. 'Tidol' is trademark of Kawaii-chan, she's the one who wrote "Tsubame and the Crimson Tsunami" I'm not trying to copy your fic Kawaii-chan! I'm just trying to tie them in together closer!

And to those who didn't know, there's now an Inuyasha counterpart to these SCD fics, and it's called "TOM" which stands for.......TIME OF THE MONTH! Lol! It's by Zoutou! Read them if you get a chance, alright?

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