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Summary and Rating: Rating of this story is G but it might have the ability to hit PG if along the way I see fit to do it. The basic summary of the story is simple. Zack Gowen is sent to a high school located in Toronto as a motivational speaker, and the senior editor of the school paper is sent to do an interview with him. That interview turns out to be so much more for both of them.

Genre-Primary/Secondary: Romance and Motivational

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A/N: So this is the new venture for me while I'm on hiatus from the other ones. This is my first Zack Gowen story, and I honestly don't know how well its going to come out but my heart is in it, so that's got to mean something! This story is also going to be my first venture into the first person, so it might come out a little weird, until I fully grasp it to its full potential, but for those of you that read it, thank you.


I was tired of looking at applications. I know college was only one year away, but I really didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. Why apply to a school and take a bunch of stuff, if I end up doing something completely different with my life. It just seemed pointless to me.

My best friend since middle school was going through the same thing as me. I had known Ariel Brown for six years now, meeting when we were both coming into our own as teenagers, and sitting here with her now, and seeing the absolute look of disdain on her face, I knew this was just pointless.

"Ariel, how about we stop this for a few hours and come back to it when we aren't in overload."

"Whatever you want Hayley."

Throwing the applications onto my desk, I went back to me bed and laid down and turned the TV on. Apparently there was some superstar coming to their school in a few short weeks, and being the editor of the school paper, it was Hayley's job to scout the person out and do an in depth interview with them. It didn't seem like the best way to spend an evening, watching wrestling, but it beat the alternative. Which at this point in time was nothing. She was just glad she had Ariel to keep her company.

"So are you looking forward to interviewing this kid?"

"You call him a kid like he's younger then us. Haven't you realized by now that he's older? If anything, I don't think he's going to like being interviewed by some kid on a school paper. I mean doesn't he make the big bucks or something?"

"Yeah you do have a point. I hope for your sake he's not a complete asshole about it though. This could define your life path Hayley."

"How do you mean?"

"Well he's coming here to motivate the seniors right? Make them see the bigger picture of life, and I mean he's obviously done what he wanted with his life. So he's in the best position to do that. It could define your path because you're a brilliant writer, and this looks good on those applications we hate filling out."

Ariel had a point. She always had a point about everything. That was one of the things that drew Hayley to her so many years ago. Now they were faced with finishing off the high school experience, and Ariel was having a reality check. Life for them would be just beginning soon.

"I know I can write, it's a talent I have, but is it really everything that defines me?"

"Only you can answer that girl. I think that if you actually sit down and think about it, you have your life already mapped out. You just have to decide that its right for you. I already know my opinion. You're sitting here thinking you don't know where your headed, but you know, you just have to admit you know."

"Oh wise one tonight are we?"

"Not wise, just reflective. High schools sucks for a lot of people, but knowing you as long as I have, and seeing where you started and where you are now, its like you're the only one that really didn't think high school sucked ya know?"

"I guess. I never really looked at it that way before, but you always have a point. Do you have any idea where you're headed?"

"Well if this kid is cute, maybe I can go work for him right? How old did they say he was?"

"Not much older then we are actually, He's 20."

"So there is hope I take it?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing out of Ariel's mouth. It was true that out of everyone, Ariel had no real path defined for her, she just rode everything by the seat of her pants. But to actually come out and saw if the guy was cute she was going to jump on the WWE bandwagon was just crazy.

Turning on the television set and changing to the channel that her Editor told her he would be on, she sat back and made herself comfortable. Right off the top she heard his name announced and she moved closer to get a better look at who she was dealing with.

"Oh my god Hayley! He's hurt! Look, he's walking with a cane. Oh now that's not right. I thought wrestling was fake?"

"Apparently if he's walking with a cane then its not all that fake. Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with wrestling at all. Let's just watch."

"He's cute for a beat up guy huh Hayley?"

I didn't want to admit it, but Ariel had a good point. He had blonde hair, short and spiked, and he looked really young. Not even close to his own age. There was something about him, just seeing him for the two minutes that I had, that spoke to me. But I wasn't going to come right now and say that to Ariel, because she was known for her insane matchmaking.

"He's alright."

"Okay now that's totally not something I was expecting! Hayley look at the television damn it, your missing it!"

I turned my attention away from the television so that I could better talk to Ariel and not seem so rude, but now turning back, I could totally see what Ariel was fussing about. This was just something you didn't want to see everyday. As Zack got into the ring, he threw his cane down and took off what looked to be his leg.

"Do you think wrestling did that to him?"

"I would hope not, otherwise I'm not doing this interview. I'm open minded to a lot of things, but my God, he doesn't have a leg Ariel!"

At that moment the phone rang, springing both girls out of their seats in shock. The room had been quiet except for the humming of the television and the music emanating from it.

"Hello?" I said into the phone, a little out of breath from jumping to answer it on its fourth ring.

"Can I speak to Hayley Peterson please?" came the small voice on the other end of the line. It was a voice I had never heard before, so I was a little weary about who would be calling and asking for me.

"You're talking to her, who is this?"

"I got the number from the teacher that runs your school paper. I'm going to be there in two weeks to go an interview and talk to the students, and I just wanted to make sure there was nothing you needed right now. Your teacher suggested that I call ahead to make sure."

"And you are?" I had no other choice but play stupid, because I didn't want to believe that the guy that was on television right now was also on the phone. He didn't seem to have a phone on television, so how was he calling her?

"Oh I'm sorry, my name is Zack. Zack Gowen."

"You're on television right now."

"It's pretaped in advanced. That stuff was two days ago. I'm not bothering you am I?"

I didn't want to admit it, but I was glad the cute guy from the television was calling me. I didn't get out much and the only person that called for me at all was Ariel and sometimes, I didn't want to hear from her. This was a nice surprise, and it most certainly wasn't a bother.

"Not at all. There isn't anything I need from you at this point. But thank you for calling and asking ahead. Most people I have to talk with don't think about it that much."

"I'm coming into town earlier then expected. Is it possible we could get together?"

I think my heart just crashed in my chest at that point. I was watching this guy that was close to my age on television doing something I had never bothered to care about before, and I found myself getting all girly just at the sound of his voice. I knew I was headed for trouble, and fast.

"Sure, just keep the number and call me when you get into town. We can set something up and maybe get this thing done and out of the way quicker then planned originally."

"That sounds like a plan. I'll see you soon Hayley."


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