LaShana: OK...since Jewel has officially been IGNORING this fic....

Jewel: I WAS NOT IGNORING IT!!! I seriously had.... umm...homework????

LaShana: Yeah....suuuuuuuuuuuure.

Jewel: It's TRUE!!! *Grumbles vehement swearwords at the Communications teacher for making her do a stupid series of reports on Anastasia because she didn't do ONE D*** THING!!!*

LaShana: That was interesting.

Jewel: Yeah, well....whateva! Let's give a huge hand toooooooooooo...............THE REVIEWERS!!!

JJCrimson: Fat middle-aged guy in a sailor moon outfit? WHY????? Why would anyone DO that????

Takaehiko9683: You realize I STILL have to copy paste your name because I can't remember it? And yes, we have a thingamajig pile! Ain't it purdy? And I think that that proves that I am psychic, not you. Or I just spend WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much time around you in school.

TheHikariWhoLovesBishis: *Blows up anyway* Yeah...I'm just pokable. Ask Takaehiko. She pokes me all day....and does the whole run up and run away thing too. Wow....that sounded a lot straighter in my head. Oh well. Still better than her "I'm going to BITE you!" speech.

gothangel13: Wow! Applause!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!! Wait....oh, WEIRD, you have the same b-day as my worst enemy. I like the whole "Blows smurf and sux eggs" thing too!

PenPusherM: Hey!! You're (briefly) online! Yay Melly!!! Umm...we'll see.....Why don't you just Flom Rob, Alex, and anyone else who gets near you tomorrow and we'll call it even?

Of COURSE I'm more famous than YOU, Crissy! *Starts singing the Roxie song* But you're the one who got all the anonymous death threats!

LadyKatsu: Hiya Ray!!! I STILL think you were skippin' school on Friday!!

Dew-Shan of Egypt: I AM updating. So...erm....glad....I made you almost throw up!! Of COURSE sugar is nice!! It's the nicest thing in the world!!!

LaShana: You have an entire page of reviews!!

Jewel: O....My....Gosh....I do......*Squeals* COOL!!! And I will, for lack of inspiration, do the disclaimer right here. WEEVIL, GET OUT HERE!!!!

Weevil: She does not own Yugioh.

Jewel: Very good. Now, for the other reason you're here! Melly!!!

PenPusherM: *Floms Weevil*

Weevil: *Runs offstage, clutching jewels*

Jewel: Happy?

PenPusherM: Very.

Jewel: ^_^ Good!! On to the fic!!!


Malik = Yami Marik

Yami = Yami Yugi

Bakura = Yami Bakura

Seth = Ancient priest dude

Marik = Hikari

Yugi = Hikari

Ryou = Hikari

Seto = Present day Seto Kaiba


Seto: NO!

Crissy: YES!!

Seto: NO!!

Crissy: We are using the helicopter whether you like it or not.

Seto: You are most certainly not!!

Crissy: Daine!

Daine: *Waves around Millennium Rod and a tube of lipstick* Alright Seto, we can do this the easy way *waves Millennium Rod* or we can do this the HARD way *waves tube of lipstick*

Crissy: Or we can do this the REALLY easy way and you can just let us use the helicopter.

Yami's: *All looking horrified*

Bakura: Dude....choose one of the easy ways.

Seto: I am NOT letting you all in my helicopter.

Seth: He chooses the easy way.

Daine: Which one?


Daine: Oh! That one! Malik, how do you work this thing?

Malik: Why should I tell you?

Daine: Because you're special?

Malik: No. Not good enough.

Daine: Rrrghhhh.....*Points Rod at Seto* Alright, let's try this!

Seto: *Freaky glow ensues, pupils disappear* You...can....use....the....helicopter......*Mysteriously collapses*

Bakura: Oh! Can you get his credit card?

Seto: *Mysteriously awakens* No you cannot!!

*Meanwhile on the other side of the mysterious room of mysterious fits of unconsciousness*


Yugi: are we actually going to FIND Mokuba in Kaiba mansion?

Nat: Ermm......

Jewel: Good question.

Ryou: Will this work? *Holds up handy dandy laptop*

Yami: Ra save us! What is THAT?

Marik: You guys haven't even gotten to computers yet?

Jewel: HEY! We had a long ordeal over electric toothbrushes!

Ryou: You didn't make Bakura go near them, did you?

Nat: We TRIED.

Ryou: That was not wise of you.

Nat: Silence, insubordinate fool.

Jewel: That was good.

Nat: *Bows*

Yugi: So how did you GET that, anyway?

Ryou: *Shrugs* Bakura's been teaching me how to get things without asking.

Yugi: You stole it from Kaiba, didn't you?

Ryou: Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies.

Yugi: You DID steal it! And stole a line from Harry Potter!

Ryou: -.-" That was SUPPOSED to be kept secret.

Yugi: Then why did you steal it?


Jewel: You mean morals, right?

Nat: What?

Jewel: -.-" Nevermind.

Crissy: HEY!! We got him to say yes!!!

Jewel: Do I want to know how?

Daine: Probably not. But you can have this. I got a bunch of everybody's memories when I blasted him with it and I DON'T WANT ANYMORE.

Jewel: You're giving up something that looks like a double bladed axe? How bad WERE those memories?

Daine: Ever heard the song "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins"?

Jewel: Yes.

Daine: Ever wondered what Yami does in his free time?

Crissy: Oh!! OH!! I have!!!!

Jewel: *Looks at Yami* I didn't need to know that.

Bakura: *Sniggering* There were dance steps too.

Daine: *Shudders* Shut up, Chicago boy.

Nat: Chicago? *Glances at Bakura* You?

Daine: *Nodding* Two words: Roxie songs.

Nat: *Looks at Bakura strangely* I can....actually see you in that dress.



Jewel: Ahem. Breaking in with the words to The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

In the middle of the earth

In the land of the Shire

Lives a brave little hobbit

Who we all admire

With his long wooden pipe

Fuzzy woolly toes

He lives in a hobbit hole

And everybody knows him

Chorus: Bilbo! Bilbo! Bilbo Baggins

He's only three feet tall

Bilbo! Bilbo! Bilbo Baggins

The bravest little hobbit of them all

Now hobbits are peace lovin' folks ya know

They're never in a hurry and they take things slow

They don't like to travel away from home

They just like to eat and be left alone

But one day Bilbo was asked to go

On a big adventure to the caves below

To help some dwarves get back their gold

That was stolen by a dragon in the days of old


Etc. Etc......and it kinda goes on like that for a while. And it's all sung by this creepy old dude only to be broken up by high, squeaky voices on the second shouts of "Bilbo" in the chorus. Makes for a very good song while riding on the back of a float in the homecoming parade. Sorry to make you all read that. If you didn't, oh well. You missed out on a cute song!


Yugi: OK, Yami, this is the internet.

Yami: I see no net. *Peers behind computer* Where IS it?

Bakura: Can you catch things in it?

Crissy: Well, you can kind of trap yourself in it, if you really wanted to.

Malik: CAN'T cause destruction with it?

Daine: Oh, you certainly can.

Seto: Observe. If you hack into this satellite.....

Jewel: What is WITH you and hacking into satellites?

Seto: *Shrugging* Got to have SOMETHING to occupy my free time. Anyway! If you hack into this one, then connect it with the laser –


Seto: *Ignores her, grinning evilly* Then you can blast just about anything.

Seth: So what happens if I press this button?

Laser: *Mysteriously activates and blows up remainder of sparkly make-up*

Yamis: Oooooooooh!!!

Yami: I get it now!!

Jewel: OK, guys, who DIDN'T see that coming?

Crissy: Me!!

Jewel: -.-" You are no help.

Yamis: *Have now stolen the computer*

Bakura: What's THAT?

Yami: *Reading* This program has preformed an illegal error and will now be shut down? Malik, what did you DO?

Malik: I wasn't doing anything illegal! Honestly!

Bakura: *Snorts* Speak for yourself.

Seth: What are these bookmarks?

Yami: Hey! Yugi! There's one named after you!

Yugi: Yugioh fanfiction? What the.......? *Clicks on Random link labeled 'Season Nitpicks*

Malik: *Reads aloud*

*Is Yugi a boxer, brief, Hanes, or a thong guy?






Does Kaiba even wear underwear?


What about Te`a?

(We all know Mai is the last one.)

Yugi: They're discussing my UNDERWEAR preference????

Jewel: Oh good, he hit on a mild fic.

Yugi: That's MILD???

Crissy: Well, you could have searched under Romance.

Everyone: *Shudder. BIIIIIIG shudder*

Kaiba: *Swipes computer back* That's enough, kids.

Yugi: HEY!!

Yami: Just because he's short......

Kaiba: Oh, shut it. Are you all coming or not?

Bakura: Dow we actually have a choice?

Nat: No.

Ryou: Well, that basically settles the issue then, doesn't it?

Nat: Yes. Now, get it the stupid helicopter before I chase you in with a cattle prod.


Nat: It let you fall face first on the ground, remember?

Kaiba: EVERYONE IN THE *Large beeping noise* HELICOPTER!

Jewel: Oh, that was just lovely. And Nat! Your beeping machine is working again!

Nat: Yeah....apparently if you swear at the actual machine, it beeps better.

Crissy: Oh yes. We had muchly muchly fun with that.

Daine: You just said muchly. Twice. Are you feeling OK?

Crissy: We're all on pretty colors. What do you think?

Daine: *Winces* Nevermind.


~Inside the lovely helicopter of doom~

Malik: Are we there yet?

Kaiba: No.

Daine: Are we there yet?

Kaiba: No.

Daine: Would you prefer I sing 'I Know A Song That Gets On Everybody's Nerves'?

Kaiba: No.

Crissy: Is that all he says?

Kaiba: No.

Jewel: I think he just likes contradicting people.....

Kaiba: No.

Marik: I think it's a tape recorder!

Kaiba: No.

Yugi: Umm....guys? Are we SUPPOSED to be heading towards the ground?

Everyone: NO!

Engine: *Dies*


Yes, people, I do live.....I totally forgot about this! Seriously, we switched computers ( I GOT A NEW ONE!!! *Hugs new computer*) and LOST THE FOOING FILE!!! And recently found it again, thankfully.

OMG, this is all from....NOVEMBER????

You must all hate me!! And not remember the plot!!! Oh well....I'm terribly sorry! *Dodges flaming pitchforks*

But you still want to read and review, right?


Oh! And as a side note, the fanfiction they found is real – I helped write it last just recently found it's way to fanfiction on Takaehiko9683's name, so it's rather outdated.....actually, most of the questions are answered, but it's still fun to read out stupidity!!!!