There, it's finished! Lots of things happened before I managed to finish this thing, and I feel a little pang at the thought of it. I feel like it's not finished, and something's missing… that's why I let the door opened to a sequel, but I'm not intending on working on it for now. I try finishing my other works before I begin anything else…

I'm getting married! *another annoying girlish squeal* It's the reason fluff came back to me, and the reason I was able to finish it with a positive ending. Everyone say "Merci Pierre-Luc!"

Many warm thanks to all of those (Lupine Draconis, TheWalrusWasPaul, xXxRoguexXx, Panther Nesmith, kaitland, ishandahalf, Yumiko) who wrote beautiful words of encouragement to my friends and me. Karine passed away during the night of August 25, but your messages helped me a lot, you have no idea.

BabyXtreme : I really glad you love it… I usualy update kinda fast, when I have time and inspiration. Both of which I had trouble finding these days… But I'm really happy to have a new reviewer! I hope you won't treathen to kill me if I don't update. *grin*  Reader's on FF.N tend to do that sometimes!

Panther Nesmith : I love seeing (reading?) people dance when they read my stuff… Kinda like a balm on my humble writer's heart…

Ladychopsticks : If the suspense was making you insane, I hope you're not in an asylum right now, banging your head on the big white walls there… *sigh* I'd really feel guilty! There! The end of the story!

Pookie Sanchez : Okay, maybe not as cliched, but still, this was sappy and fluffy… am I suffering from serious juliarobertism? *eyes widen* Oh no!

Ishandahalf : THERE! They're back together, and they're going back to New Orleans! Happy? *grin* I hope so! Now, I know you're going to make a comment about that '?' after 'the end…'… Yes, yes, I'm opening the door to an eventual sequel to this. I repeat, I'm opening the door. Which means I'm not intending to write anytime soon… I still have to finish 'Sixteen Years' (if I can write that damn action scene, everything will be alright…), and then I want to go on with 'But it ain't home', which is going to take all of my available writing time… And now, I HAVE A MARRIAGE TO PLAN!!! *SQUEAL* YAY! Just so you know I WANT to write more Romy, but I'll have to find the time. Besides, Solitaire3 mailed me a very very interesting idea for another A/U Romy, and I might begin to work on it before Xmas. Might. Oh, and my friend, loyal reviewer and funniest reader I ever had, I WANT you to drive me insane. That's what makes me write stuff like that.

MzJenna : Well, I think I'm going to work on a new definition of 'soon', but this is the fastest update I could come up with. And you'll have to thank my boyfriend (ahem, no, my fiancé! *squeal*) for that!

Kaitland : Glad you like it! I wrote as fast as I could.

xXrogue-demonXx : Yeah, sorry, I shouldn't have made promises I couldn't keep… But hey, better late than never!

Rogue Raider : Thanks a lot! But I couldn't write without reviews!

Foofighta : I'm happy to see your name in the reviewers list, but hey, you didn't review up to the last chapter! *grin* And yes, it would get very "hot in here" if Remy was anyplace near me… If I were single, that is. Of course. (I'm getting married!!!!!! Yay!)

Thank you also to those you read but don't review. I love you as well, but would love you even more if you'd leave a little message, like "I love it" or "You suck", anything!

Also, thank you (and sorry) to those who review, but whose review alert I don't get in my mailbox. Know your reviews are really appreciated (when I do find out about them), and that reviews are food for a writer.

Thank you (I can never say it enough),

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