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Authors Notes: 'Best In Me' was originally intended to be a One-Shot fic, but at about two this morning, I was hit by a sudden burst of inspiration. And this is the result of it. It is a side story, kind of, or I suppose it could be classed as a prequel to 'Best In Me'. Basically, it's a short interaction between Lucius and Angel before Draco's concert began.

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Side Story – Merchandise

The concert was due to start in two hours, but Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy weren't too concerned with being in the stadium and having to sit through the three or four support acts, which were scheduled to perform before the main act.

No, at the moment, they were too concerned with their granddaughter and her father, to think about silly little things like that.

"Daddy!" a young girls voice could be heard complaining. "Put me down!" she commanded bossily. Showing that, even at age three, she was a Malfoy through and through.

"No," Harry Potter replied, shifting his daughters weight from one hip to another. "You can't be put down."

Lucius shook his head at his granddaughter's behaviour, and at Harry's way of handling her.

"Granddaddy!" she cried shrilly.

"Yes, sweetie?" he asked, looking down in to her blue eyes.

"Daddy said I can't be put down," she tattled on him.

Lucius held his arms out, and the little girl allowed herself to be transferred from parent, to grandparent. Harry sighed quietly and smiled at Lucius in thanks, as the elder Wizard settled her, so she was resting comfortably on his own hip. Against his will, Lucius felt a smile spread across his own face in return.

Lucius still didn't like the boy, for that's what he still was in Lucius' opinion. He didn't like Harry's 'happy-go-lucky' attitude to everything. Not everything in life was brilliant, and, Harry, of all people, should know that. Yet, he still refused to see the glass as half empty. Narcissa, on the other hand, liked Harry, and his attitude to life.

Lucius only put up with the Boy-Who-Lived for two reasons. Number one, he made his son happy; and, number two, they had produced the most beautiful child in the world.

"Angel," Lucius addressed the little blonde girl. "You can't be put down," he said.

"But-," she tried to protest, but her grandfather put a finger to her lips, silencing her.

"If I put you down, you might get lost in that crowd," he said, pointing towards a nearby throng of people. "Or, a bad person might take you away from us."

The little girl, Angel, squealed in terror, and wrapped her arms tighter around Lucius' neck.

"But, if you let me, daddy, or grandma, carry you, you'll stay safe."

Angel nodded her head and looked around, her eyes full of fear, and her arms still clutched around Lucius' neck.

"Granddaddy?" she asked.

"Yes, Angel?"

"What are all those people doing?" she said, pointing towards the people Lucius' had mentioned earlier.

"I don't know," Lucius replied. "Shall we go have a look?"

Angel nodded vigorously, and Lucius made his way through the crowd to the front, followed by Narcissa and Harry, who were talking about what the concert should be like.

As soon as they got to the front, she squealed again, but this time it was with delight. "Look, Granddaddy!" she exclaimed, pointing at all the merchandise.

"I know, sweetie," Lucius replied, looking at the display's that were behind the counter.

"Will you buy me some?" she asked, looking up at him with a pout.

Lucius tried to resist the sad puppy dog look in her eyes, but she knew plain well, that he could never say no to her when she wanted something. That was the bright side of being his only Grandchild. "Fine," he sighed, reaching in to the pocket of the Muggle jeans that Narcissa had forced him to wear. "What do you want?" he asked, putting her down, so she was sat on the counter, which enabled her to be able to see better.

"One of those," she said, pointing to a black t-shirt with a celebrity's face and name on.

"Can I help you?" a large man asked him.

"Can she have one of those?" Lucius asked, pointing to the correct t-shirt. The man nodded, and turned around to get one for her.

"Granddaddy?" Angel asked again, tugging on his sleeve. "Can I have one of those, too?"

Lucius sighed; he should have known that just one thing wouldn't be enough for the blonde girl. "I suppose," he said, just as the man came back, putting the shirt into a white carrier bag.

"Anything else?" he asked.

"A hand!" Angel shouted indicating to the item that she meant.

"Can she have a foam finger, too?"

The man nodded and turned around to get the aforementioned item, when Angel cried, "A poster."

The man turned around and looked at Lucius, silently asking him if he should collect a poster for her as well. Lucius nodded his head, and the man returned a few seconds late, putting a large rolled up poster in the bag. "Anything else?" he asked again.

"N-," Lucius started to say, but that was when Angel noticed the signed photos that were currently residing underneath the see-through counter she was sat on, "Daddy!" she cried, pointing to the pictures. "I want a photo of daddy!" she added.

"Fine, Angel," Lucius replied, and indicated that the man should get her a picture.

The man reached down to get a picture and put it in the carrier bag, but he paused mid-movement. "Is her name Angel?" he asked Lucius, pointing towards the little girl.

Lucius looked shocked, but nodded his head, and Angel copied his movements, "Yeah," he replied warily.

"He," the man explained, pointing to one of the large posters, "stopped by before the doors opened, and dropped something off for someone named, Angel Potter."

"That's me," Angel cried excitedly.

The man nodded, and excused himself for a moment, before reappearing with a package wrapped in silver and gold wrapping paper. He handed it to the little girl, who immediately tore into it excited at the prospect at getting a present.

She gasped when she pulled back the paper, and saw a pair of beautiful pretend Angel wings, the fake white feathers glistening in the lighting.

There was also a little card on top of them, Lucius picked it up and read it out loud for her.

" 'My dearest Angel, this is the last show of the tour. After this I'll be at home all the time. I'm counting the seconds until the show is over and I see you again. I hope you like the wings; Angel wings for my little Angel. Enjoy the show, darling. Love from, Daddy.'" he said.

Angel looked up at him, "Are they from daddy?" she said, looking down at the wings in her hands.

Lucius nodded, and she grinned broadly as she hugged them to her chest.

"What are they?" Narcissa asked, as her and Harry approached them, both of them wondering what was taking so long.

"Look," her granddaughter replied, holding out the wings. "Daddy gave me them," she added.

Harry rolled his eyes and took the wings off his daughter, "Yup," he said. "They're definitely from him," Harry turned the wings around so Lucius and Narcissa could see the back of them. "Only he would send her wings with his name on them," he added, indicating to the pale pink writing that read 'Draco Malfoy, Angel tour 2003'.

Both Lucius and Narcissa nodded. That was, indeed, very much like their son and Harry's husband.

Lucius paid the man for the goods, and they all made their way into the stadium, just as the last support act finished their song, ready for the main act to begin.

A certain singer named Draco Malfoy.