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Chapter 1: The Untold Tales

It was long ago that four diamonds were made, Even though large as a hand and as beautiful as a piece of art, they were cursed. At mount Zu Lack they were made by an evil demon, who was hell himself. He made these diamonds and cursed them when he heard villagers and men coming after him. And wanted them to pay. He had later desisted and the diamonds were taken. Going there separate ways, to be never found again. But if they ever were found and taken to mount Zu Lack it would unleash a power only one person could destroy. But if that one person did not succeed all of China and their people would be doomed forever! As years went by, The great Emperor himself found one of these great diamonds in a snowy mountain top, and was amazed by it's beauty.

But in later years he found out that it was one of the diamonds from Zu Lack's treasures. The markings on it had giving it away, he read scrolls and all of the history of China, and their founding's and stories. He was fearful to find that he was holding one of the keys to China's deathliest trap for evil. Hearing the stories himself made him worry, he knew that the diamond would not be safe. Though he could not destroy the diamond that would leave him only one more choice.

The huge, red, imperial doors, of the emperor's house opened to let in a young and well trained General. He walked with pride and dignity, holding the handle of his sword that was tied to his side and with a shiny red cape that flowed with him as he walked, it made all the others look pathetic. He had gold with back armor on; he was the best of the best. As he approached his majesty, he bowed down and waited for the Emperor to say something. "Stand!" Ordered the Emperor. The young General stood up tall and proud, looking straight ahead at his Emperor. The Emperor knew him well, for his bravery and strength. He knew that he would be the perfect one to keep hold of the deadly jewel. "How are the reports on the Hun's, General?"

"Good Sir, there are no signs of them!" He said proudly.

"Good." He paused. And began to get up from his royal red chair and step down, slowly down the imperial stairs. "What about your wife?"

The General smiled a bit then turned serious once again, "She is pregnant Sir!"

The Emperor smiled; "Lets hope that your child will inherited your skills!" He paused and walked towards him and smiled. "For I have another duty for you to take care of, and it means that you will even have to risk your life!"


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