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Chapter 10: Wisdom of the elves

It was a bright earlier morning, they had packed up their things and began to leave the spot and head east. It was a long and hard journey ahead and they knew that the Nuzguls were close. Every now and again they could hear the loud screeching noises of them, they sensed them. They traveled off the rode, there they would be safe. Mulan looked ahead as did Gundal to the open field and right across was a deep forest, dark inside and out. Gundal looked over at Mulan and nodded his head. Mulan clicked her heels and the men followed her as she galloped full speed at the dark forest. Wind's main moved with the wind, his hooves hit the ground with a powerful force. As she got into the forest she maneuvered around the many trees that got in her way. She finally heard Gundal call out her name and shouted for the men to stop, reassuring that they were safe in the forest. Mulan breathed heavily and began to look around, she knew where they were headed but from the looks of the place it seemed more of a place where evil lingered. Wei, Loong, Yao, Ling, and Chien Po looked around for any sign.all they could see was trees after trees, and darkness. "You sure this is the place?" Asked Ling. "It looks like.well..dark.."

"Yea, didn't you tell us that it's suppose to be a place of light?" Questioned Loong.

Gundal turned around and smiled, "This place is very well protected, they can hear you..all of you. They know that we are here and they know what Mulan carries. We have to ride deeper into the forest and there you will see the elves." Gundal winked at Mulan and continued on. Mulan smiled. She knew elves were graceful and beautiful people. But she never thought she would meet them, she never even thought that they were real until now. She was excited but scared all at once. So much was going on.so much from the stories that she had heard when she was little were coming to life, the sights, the evil, and now she would even see the elves.

As they ventured deeper and deeper they came across trees that were greener and brighter then the ones that were behind them. Mulan could sense that she was closer to the city now. As they came to an opening in the forest they all lined up and looked upon the city. There was a huge waterfall, and a river below. The trees were in shades of green, red, and yellow. And over the long bridge were the many houses and beautiful buildings that were round and pointy at the top. "Welcome to Litheon, Lord Edoris will be awaiting." Announced Gundal, presenting the wonderful site that everyone was awing about.

"It's beautiful.." Commented Mulan, who then began to follow Gundal as he headed to the bridge. The Men soon followed and stared in disbelief. They too were having second thoughts on the journey. Everything so far that they had heard about from Gundal has been true. This was not going to be a regular get it over with kind of journey they knew that there was going to be challenges and they weren't going to be easy.

Yao turned to the men and looked a little surprised and scared all in one, "You guys..." he whispered. "This is unreal..so much has happened in the past couple days.the Nuzgul are on our tail and we have all heard either the stories or Gundal tell us about the Orcs and Uruki. It wont be long..And I have a feeling that this isn't going to be easy. I haven't really thought about it but what if something bad happens? What if we loose her? Where will China be?"

"We are trained well, we will not let that happen..plus we have a wizard and a girl who is intelligent and wont let that happen, she's to strong." Answered Wei.

"But he is right you know..anything could happen, weather it is with Mulan or even our own lives; we know what we are up against..and we have to face it so in the future no one else does." Said Loong.

"You know I think that's the smartest thing I ever heard you say before." Joked Wei. Everyone chuckled softly, but turned silent as they entered the huge Elfish doors that were beautifully shaped into a pattern that looked like white tree roots. They watched and waited as the huge white doors began to open. As it became more visible a light cast upon them blinding them, but they continued to walk and as the light faded they noticed that they were inside the magnificent city, Elves surrounded them, they looked like them only that they looked more elegant and graceful and for the fact that they had pointy ears. There clothing was different, it had more of a white, heavenly look to it then there's or any others. "Wow." Said Wei. Amazed by the elves and the sculpture. No one could believe there eyes.

"Gwennin in enninath..Gundal" (long years have passed...Gundal) A voice said as he moved up towards Gundal, and the others. Gundal mounted off his steed Mulan and the gang followed his doing and moved up towards Gundal. They all looked upon an elvish man, who wore a long elvish robe. Mulan inferred that he was probably the head of the city. Gundal bowed down as did the others. "I'm Lord Edoris, and welcome to Litheon." He smiled with pride welcoming Mulan and the solders to the new environment that they never thought even existed.

"This is Fa Mulan the one who carries the diamond." Announced Gundal. Gundal moves aside and moves Mulan up to Edoris. Edoris looked at Mulan and it was if he could see right into her, reading her thoughts knowing her as if he was there when she was born and watched her as she grew older and older to what she was now. Mulan could sense that he already knew all about her. "Welcome Mulan...make your self comfortable here." Mulan smiled and accepted his invitation.

Mulan was sent to a beautiful room that made her feel as if she was in heaven, the place just brought to her happiness. Even though she was still having a hard time with the loss of her father. She leaned on the railing of the balcony and looked at the city and the beautiful waterfall that seemed to sparkle when it came down. Mulan thought about her family and how she missed them so much, and yet she was not even close to the end of her journey. It was only beginning. She wished that Shang was there with her, telling her that things would be ok, and that when it was all over everything would be normal again and peaceful. Mulan knew that in her heart though.that the journey may very well be her last. But it was a chance that she had to take, the risk that her father even took when he had it. But he had died and for what nothing..only the fact that he had it and the dark lord was regaining his health and he wanted and needed the diamond. Mulan began to sniffle and tears were beginning to form in her eyes. She knew what her task was.

"She is a strong person to go through death and move on so quickly, it will come back to her when she ventures deeper into her journey." Said Edoris who began to start the conversation about their plan with Gundal.

"We have little time, but I needed to ask you for your help, we need solders, and we need them at China to protect the people."

"Gundal, My people are leaving they know of the evil that lurks close. We are getting weak and so is China we do not have enough men to fight Zu Lack, his armies are traveling and killing Dwarfs, Elves, man...we do not have enough..and Mulan can not stay here..you know this...you know of what will happen if she stays for any longer. She knows it too; I could see it in her." Explained Edoris.

"The heir to the one General is in love with Mulan. The One heir to that father that tried to betray all of us..the one that betrayed Fa Zhou."

"Yes..I know, the same blood flows through his veins, it is a good thing he did not go with you. For if he did all hope would have been lost immediately." Proclaimed Edoris.

"But there is one thing that would have stopped it all..." Edoris looked at Gundal in wonder what it could have been. "Mulan...they have feelings for one another, we can both see it. Why he did not decide to come I don't know.."

"He will come, when the time comes when Mulan needs help, when she becomes lost that one heir to General Li will come back he will remember what had happened what his father said, everything..he will remember and he will go looking for it, he will find her and all is up to him at that time weather he helps her with the task or he fights her and kills her and claims it for his own..it is unsaid at this point so many things are going to happen and they have to be prepared for it." Explained Edoris. Gundal sighed at the fact the young Captain was as blind as anything, not knowing what would happen or what had. "Gundal...She can not stay here..her task lies before her. What happens is up to her and the solders. But watch them.their hearts can be so.easily corrupted."

Mulan awoke from her small nape when she heard a knock on the door. Mulan got up and opened it to see that it was Edoris and Gundal, she let them in and closed the door and turned towards them figuring that they were probably going to leave soon with what the situation looked like. "Mulan..we will be leaving soon, the enemy is moving and quickly and the diamond can not stay here, it is not safe for you or the elves."

"I understand." Said Mulan.

"But you know.that diamond that you carry will not be so easily tog get ride of, like what it did to your father." A glimpse of her father folding it in his hand cam into Mulan's mind as he continued to talk. "He was corrupted by its power, its will, wanting him to take it and be poisoned by it so the diamond would be able to go back to the dark lord himself. Those solders will try to take it away from you, so let no one have it, not even look at it; it would be safer that way. Do you understand? The diamond wants to go back to its master it wants to be found.." Said Edoris.

Mulan nodded in understanding, she knew what had happened, she could remember it so.clearly how her father died, how the Nuzgul came into her home and killed her father. It was something that she would not get over. Gundal and Edoris smiled. "We have faith in you...But always remember that this task was given to you and you alone have to deal with the harsh tortures of it, but if you can not find a way to get ride of it...no one can..but we see strength in you..but more importantly you have to have strength in yourself, believe that you will make it happen that you will destroy the one diamond that could change the course of the future." Mulan smiled and nodded she felt better that they all believed in her and that she would succeed in the task.

"Now go to bed and sleep well we will leave at dawn and continuing to head down towards the river..then cross over the river and head south from there to Zu Lack." Gundal smiled and nodded, then walked out of the room with Edoris leaving Mulan to tend to her packing then off to sleep one last night in Litheon. The one city that she would not forget.

Morning came and they were all ready for their leave. Edoris approached Mulan and murmured her name to get her attention. She turned around and bowed down but then was handed a gift, she looked at it was saw that it was medallion, one that looked ancient and old. On the front it had a small Elvish flower on it, she looked up and thanked him. "It is the elvish symbol it will protect you when you need it all you have to do is hold it close to you and chat out what it says on the back...it will guide you if you ever are in trouble."

"Thank you.." With that she gave the Edoris a hug and smiled at him before she got onto her horse and headed towards the doorway with Gundal and the solders.

"No one at home is going to believe us when we tell them about the elves." Said Ling.

"I think its best we not tell anyone..." Suggested Chien Po.

Gundal nodded, "Your right no one will believe you..there has only been a few that have come here.no one has said a thing about it because of its beauty. When they come they don't speak of it because they fear that the people that they tell will go looking for it and the beauty would be taken away. But no one would be able to find it..its harder then you think..so if I were you I would keep this to yourself." Explained Gundal.

"I never thought that all of this would be real..its unbelievable." Said Loong.

"Many don't even think that things like that would be real, that all they are are stories nothing more. But when you really think about it, how did the stories come to be? How could someone just make all that up and not have a reason to be saying it?" Questioned Gundal. The Gang thought about it and it made sense but what they feared that was true was the fact about the evil that was truly in world and it gave them goose bumps to even think about all the evil creatures that could be lurking around. They knew about the stories or what they thought was a myth was now actually true, to think that, years ago something like this had happened before but was lost and never found.

"How long do we have?" Asked Mulan.

Gundal sighed, "Not a lot of time..20 days at least till the first couple attacks on China come. That is why we take horses to quicken our rate to getting there but it will even be hard once we get there to slip past the spies and servants of the dark lord."

Everyone grew silent as they continued back into the forest which then would take them to the path of the river and follow it until they reach the marking to cross over. Mulan stayed quiet as the others began to talk, she kept thinking about what Gundal and Edoris said to her that night, 'this task was given to you and you alone and if you do not find a way no one can.' She knew that Yao, Ling, Chien Po, Wei and Loong and even Gundal were risking their own lives to protect her. She was thankful but knew that it was not meant for them to come with her, she was suppose to be doing this alone, she had to destroy it she had to be the one to travel all this distance and try to achieve it all on her own.

"What was Edoris saying when we first came in?" Asked Ling. Asking his random questions. Gundal laughed and smiled.

"He said that you're gay and that he wished you never came into his town, Ling" Answered Yao, messing with him once again, but made everyone laugh.

"No! Seriously.."

"He said 'Long years have passed, Gundal'" We haven't seen each other in over 100 years." Answered Gundal.

"Whoa.wait! Over a hundred years you haven't seen him? How old are you?" Asked Ling.

"Hahaha..to old, lets just say that I'm older then your great, great, great Grandfather.." Explained in better terms. Ling and everyone went in shook about the unbelievable age of Gundal. He looked over and saw that their faces were hung low in surprise he laughed and said, "What?"

"We just find that hard to believe that's all..you look 80 but act as if you're 30 or something?" Said Wei.

Mulan laughed at the comment, "He's a wizard, wizards' lives for many years."

"And if you really want to know my age I'm 376 years old."

"Shit!" Shouted Loong. Everyone began to laugh, as they reached the opening and onto the small pathway, to where there journey lay before them.

"It will be long and maybe even painful but keep in mind that you are doing this for your country and follow citizens. All our hope lies with Mulan..." Gundal looked over to her and smiled. She smiled back then looked beyond the path way where she saw what looked like from in the distance a small mountain that was bursting with flames. She knew that the actually size was huge and that it was going to get closer and closer as they moved on.

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