This will be my first attempt at a POTC fic so please be kind. I've only seen the movie twice (I'm waiting for it to be in the cheap theatres) so please be kind and tell me what I've screwed up, both in plot and in history. Thank ye kindly.

Warnings: OOCness, het, (Will/Elizabeth, Norrington/Elizabeth) slash, (Jack/Will) and almost no Elizabeth bashing.

                        Today, Tomorrow and Everything Between

            "Will! William! Where are you?" Elizabeth called out, running in a desperate dash to find her husband. Will, however, was nowhere to be found, leaving the wealthy woman in hysterics by the time she had finished searching upstairs. Finally, at the sound of her disgruntled cries, a maid appeared.

            "What's wrong, my lady?" she inquired. The fair skinned woman just stopped, and she found she had tears blossoming in her eyes.

            "I just need to find Will!" she exclaimed, waving her arms around erratically. "Is that too much to ask for!" A little afraid of the woman in her frenzied state, the maid nodded.

            "I'm sure we can find him, Mrs. Turner. I'll send out some of the staff to search." Elizabeth sniffed slightly, trying to find the strength to compose herself.

            "Thank you, Madaline. I'm sorry for working myself up into such a state, but, it's just, well…" Elizabeth glanced skywards as she attempted to find the words. "I just can't find the words to explain it, but something's…wrong."

            "It's alright, Mrs. Turner." Madaline replied cautiously, unused to being spoken to on such personal matters. "If it's not too bold of me to say, you've been married nearly a year, you're bound to have flashes of uncertainty. But I'll tell you now that Mr. Turner is a good man, and he would never cheat on you. He married you and that's quite a commitment and-"

            "That was too bold." Elizabeth replied, and shook her head. "And you're totally wrong. I trust Will. I know he'd never take another lover behind my back. But something bad is about to happen."

            "I'm sure it's just a little fear, Mrs-"

            "No." Elizabeth shook her head, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. "It's not some sort of queasy feeling. I know something will go wrong. It's written in the fates. I can feel it." Madaline, who didn't care much for predictions or that nonsense, simply backed away cautiously. Maybe Mrs. Turner had made a pact with the Devil. Madaline had heard of rich, yet unhappy people doing such a thing.

            "I'll go find your husband, Mrs. Turner." And with that, she all but ran away from Elizabeth. The beautiful woman simply sighed, allowing herself to collapse near the window of her childhood home. It wasn't nonsense, because she knew.

'He's a pirate.' She had said, as they leaned in for a passionate kiss. And, true to her word, William was. She saw the way Will had looked at the sea since their adventure. She had seen the longing in his eyes, like a lover calling out for his beloved. He was a pirate, and both of them knew it. However, after their adventure, she never thought she'd life to see the day she would regret having chosen one of them for a lover.

Yet everyday, he went out and stared at the dock. He went alone after work, and sometimes he'd spend hours out there, leaving her alone. Will Turner may have been an honest man, but to be sure he had become a dreamer as of late.

Her husband's blood inheritance incensed the woman, and at the same time made her feel guilty. She shouldn't try to keep him from what he truly was. She visioned herself as an anchor, holding down his ship. Then, she would become angry. It was his fault! He himself had told her he had pined for her since the moment he laid eyes on her. Was it her fault he was easily bored, like a child?

            Elizabeth sighed again. It wasn't right. The entire thing almost felt like a sham. She knew she loved Will. His gentle way and good looks had wooed her, not to mention his kindness and loyalty. But there was still something missing. They both felt it.

            Elizabeth gazed out of the window, allowing a sort of mellow calmness come over her. She could feel it. What was about to go wrong was coming, swiftly. It seemed to race closer and closer, daring the Governor's daughter to stand in its path. And, in her relaxed state, she thought 'Let it come.'

For a moment, she could have sworn she saw a small ship out on the horizon, slowing becoming larger in the lowering sun. Then, in the blink of an eye, it was gone again, leaving the British woman slightly perplexed.

            William Turner, son of the late Bootstrap Turner, wasn't one to back away from commitment. Like his father, he was a good, honourable man who drew a clear line between right and wrong. He was respectful, kind, attractive and well aware of his duty to society. Yet, somehow, everything wasn't as clear-cut as it once was for the young man.

He loved Elizabeth. He knew he did. She was kind, beautiful and adventurous. And all those nights they had spent entwined under the covers almost made William think he loved her as much as she deserved. Because then, everything was right. Life couldn't be sweeter in those dying moments as the sun rose, and her shallow breathing became his entire world.

            Then the sun was high in the sky, and they were out in the world, side by side as everyone watched them pass. They laughed, they fought, and they made up. But there was something missing. It was like Elizabeth had become his best friend in the last bit since their adventures had happened. It almost felt wrong to love her like he had to. When they ventured out onto the streets, he felt the stares of the people. They all seemed to taunt him, calling him out.

'A mere blacksmith marrying the Governor's daughter? It's wrong.'

 'He doesn't even love her!'

'That Norrington man would have made a much better match. Can't understand why he let her get away and go to that scum blacksmith.'

'It's because Commodore Norrington is a much better man then Turner will ever be.' 

            Sometimes, Will thought of leaving it all behind. Creating a new life for himself and Elizabeth, because it wasn't fair to her. Will knew he could never love her as much as she deserved, and economically they were complete opposites. In fact, her father had almost begged them to take the house. William had at first refused, out of pride and respect for Mr. Swann, but as his insistence, Elizabeth had finally caved and agreed to live at home. 'It's all on the government's check anyway.' He had laughed, patting his large belly.

He knew her father was disappointed over Elizabeth's choice, but allowed her to marry him because it had made her happy at the time. Sometimes, Will wished Norrington had forced her to honour her commitment. Maybe it would have turned out better. Maybe he wouldn't feel this aching pain a pain solved possibly by leaving it all behind.

            Will Turner was an honest man though, and he wouldn't leave her for all the gold in England. It would be wrong, not to mention the guilt he would carry for the rest of his life. So, until other options arrived, he was here. And here wasn't such a bad place to be.

            The ocean pounded against the shores in a futile attempt to rise against the wall of rock, and the smell of salt invigorated him. He was near water, and he had a good living as the husband of a noble. His wife was sweet, and he was respected. This could definitely be a lot worse, he decided.

            "Mr. Turner!" He turned about, and saw one of the house's help running towards him.

            "Yes?" he asked.

            "Mrs. Turner is callin' for you sir, and she seemed to be in an awful fret." William began to fear.

            "Is she hurt? What's wrong?" The maid shook her head.

            "I don't know. But I'd get over there as soon as I could, if I were you." He nodded.

            "Thank you." And he started off towards the house at an amazingly fast pace.

            "Blu'y Cap'in." Anamaria grumbled as she tossed the unconscious form of Jack Sparrow off the ship and into Gibb's waiting arms. She quickly followed, landing on the dock with a bit of a roll, but then standing up and gazing over the town.

            "What a shithole place." She murmured, shaking her head and giving her captain a look. "I'll never get ye."

            "Hurry." Gibbs grunted, staggering a bit with the weight of Jack. "'E may not looked like it, but 'e's like a ton of bricks!" Anamaria was about to reply, before she was interrupted.

            "That'll be a shilling to tie up your boat, and you have to sign your name." A short, stalky man demanded. Anamaria sighed and dug into her pocket.

            "Three shillings and keep yer mouth shut." She replied stoutly, and grabbing the wrists of the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow, she helped pull the unconscious man into town.

"Elizabeth?" Will called out, glancing around the huge house uncertainly. He started to climb the stairs. "Elizabeth? Are you OK? Are you hurt? Elizabeth?" He suddenly saw her at the top of the stairs, peeking around the corner nervously. Relief flooding through him at the sight of her, and he rushed up to comfort her.

"What's wrong?" he asked, throwing his arms around her. "I've heard you were quite worked up." He hugged her firmly, but frowned when he got no physical response. "Elizabeth, love, have I done something wrong?" he asked, immediately panicking. He wasn't used to offending women. Never the less, Elizabeth shook her head, leaning into her husband.

"I'm sorry, I can't explain it, but I just really need you to be here now. Something is… happening." Shaking her head, Elizabeth sighed and buried her face in her husband's chest. "I just need you to be here." Nodding, Will hugged his wife a bit tighter, trying to give her the reassurance she obviously needed. After a few moments, he stepped back from her and smiled, holding onto her hands gently.

"Why don't we try to go get some sleep? Maybe you'll feel better in the morning." Elizabeth's eyes flickered with sparks of insecurity.

"Us?" she asked, gazing into Will's brown eyes. Will nodded, rubbing the back of her hands gently. There was silence for a moment. Then, "Alright." The couple turned, and made their way towards their bedroom.

Anamaria sighed as she entered the Hodge's Pub. It wasn't one they usually frequented but had a reputation for giving out the right information for the right price. She casually leaned against a beam, glancing around at the patrons, trying to find a snitch. She didn't have to wait for long.

"Need to know something, Missy?" an old man draped in an old cloaked sidled up to her, using his cane for balance. His entire form was covered the loose fabric, which left a lot to mystery.

"'Ere does William Turner live?" she asked.

"How much have you got?" Sighing, Anamaria held out five shillings. The elderly man seemed to consider it for a moment before swiping the coinage off of her palm.

"He lives in the Swann estates, with his wife, Elizabeth." Anamaria curled her lip at this, looking angry.

"D'ya know which room is 'er personal quarters?"

"Top floor, on the east side I think." Anamaria nodded, then turned on her heel and strode out of the pub.

William gently stroked his wife's hair, concentration on the sound of her breath. She had finally calm down enough to let him sing her to sleep. They were only partially undressed and it had become one of the moments where everything seemed right, and he wouldn't change any of it for anything. He cherished these moments, knowing when the sun rose, the world would change and he would be empty again. So he simply comforted himself with these few nights and tried to live the rest out the best he could.

His melodramatic thoughts were interrupted by a loud tap on the window. For a moment, he froze, thinking the worst. When nothing further happened he settled back down with Elizabeth, sure it was just a tree branch or something. At least he did, until 'WHAM!' A rock came crashing through the window as numerous shards flew through the room and on the side of the building. He startled, sitting up straight as he raised an arm to protect himself, and Elizabeth woke up.

"Will? What's happening?" she demanded, sitting up with a flushed face. She glanced around at the pieces of glass on the floor. "Who's at the window?"

"Wait." He got up and cautiously and approached the window. He flattened himself to the wall, then peered around the edge of the frame wearily….

"Turner, you rott'n son of uh bitch! Get yer whelp-arse down 'ere!" a voice called harshly. Will frowned, then went to the window and stared down. Anamaria stared at him defiantly. She made a 'come hither' motion before diving into the bushes. A moment later, a guard appeared from around the house, glancing around for a moment before going back to his original post.  Will breathed a sigh of relief.

"William? Who was that?" his wife asked him, coming to his left shoulder. Will shook his head.

"Nothing. I'm going downstairs, stay here for a moment." Elizabeth frowned, a worry crossing her eyes as Will strode across their room and out again.

"What are you doing here?" Will asked, as he fell to his hands and knees to get under the bush. Anamaria sat down on the other side, Gibbs and a still unconscious Jack Sparrow at her side. Will froze for a moment at the sight of the captain and sat down carefully. "Why are you here?" he asked again, still eyeing the sleeping body.

"Jack's sick." Gibbs explained. William nodded, but frowned when no other answers sprung fourth.

"Well, what have I got to do with it?" Anamaria sighed, looking up impatiently.

"You are going to take care of him." She replied, as though it were obvious. Will frowned, confused.

"What in the name of… no, I can't!" he exclaimed. "I'm married to Elizabeth and we live in the home of the people who would love to see Jack hung. It's not plausible. Our safety, and the safety of Jack-"

"Cap'n Jack." Gibbs interrupted. Will's frown deepened.

"Captain Jack Sparrow would be jeopardized. I don't believe it would be worth the risks."

"It has to be you, Will." Gibbs spoke softly. "The cap'in hisself ordered it." Will stared, a little unsure of what he had heard.

"Why me? Why couldn't you dump him somewhere else, or just keep him on the ship?" Anamaria nodded.

"'At's what we wonted to do too, 'cept when Jack fell so ill we realized we couldn't cure 'im onboard. We 'ere going to dump him elsewheres, but then we realized you were the closest." She shrugged. "You're stuck with 'im."

"But.. but…" Will stuttered. "I don't have the proper medical training, and I don't know anything about sick people. We don't have anywhere to keep him either. If Elizabeth's father found out…"

"So you're scared?" The ebony skinned pirate demanded, a fire glowing in her eyes. Will shook his head, but before he could open his mouth, Anamaria spoke again.

"He saved your life and the life of that lass. You owe him."

"I owe him nothing. I saved him from hanging." Still, Will looked a bit guiltily at the pirate. "Look, I want to help him, but it's just not practical! Why can't you take him somewhere else in town? Just pay the person not to remember."

"'E specific'ly said you, Will. 'E trusts you." Gibbs spoke up.

"Well, that's all find and dandy, but up to the point where Mr. Swann and Norrington find Jack, 'trust'isn't going to help him a whole lot." Will raged, unable to stop himself. "I don't know how to take care of him, we have nowhere to keep him-"

"I know where we could keep him." A quiet voice interrupted, and the three looked up to see Elizabeth Turner, looking down on them with interest. William stood up to face his wife.

"Elizabeth, please think of the impracticalities of this. If-"

"I know the risks." She replied coldly. "I'm not a child." Hr husband immediately found the fight to be knocked out of him. She had never spoken in such a cold, distant tone to him. She was serious.

Elizabeth turned to the two conscious pirates. She nodded towards the front doors.

"I told the guards there to take the night off. The coast is clear." Anamaria and Gibbs nodded, each grabbing some part of Captain Jack Sparrow and proceeded to drag him towards the doors. William followed, defeated and worried.


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