Author's Note: This fic is based in the movie "Artificial Intelligence", and it's focused in Monica Swinton. It's from her own point of view, since Martin was frozen until she died 2000 years after. I included some dialogues from the movie (to make it easier to understand her thoughts) and some ideas of my own. I hope I can show her real feelings. If you leave me a review, it would be great, because it's a great help. Enjoy the story!

"A Love Dilemma: Monica's Diaries"

By Danielle Swinton

*She imprinted David…but did she really love him?*

*Chapter 1: Loss and Newcomer*

"Your son is seriously ill, it seems like a new kind of cancer" Dr. Frazier said "We'll have to freeze him until we find a cure"

These words broke my heart, I felt like I was losing a part of myself, because Martin is part of me. The doctors told us that he would be frozen until they came up with a cure, but I don't know if they'll find it…

"Why did this happen to us?!" I sobbed "Why? Why?"

Henry seemed so calmed, I can't believe it. It's his son who's there, almost dead! But he's not very open when it comes to his feelings…

Martin was finally frozen. We went home, and Henry hugged me. He told me that everything would be okay, but I'm so sad…I feel so lonely, I miss my son so much…


Five years have passed since I saw my son being frozen, and I remember that moment as if it had happened yesterday…it's been 5 years…5 sad, lonely years…

One day, we went back to Cybertronics, because Dr. Frazier wanted to talk with us. While Henry talked to him, I was with Martin, who was in an isolated, transparent coffin. He was frozen, but it seemed like he was sleeping…I read to him one of his favorite stories, "Robin Hood"

"Listen, there was an article by Randenbach in the Journal of Chinese Medicine - they're talking about these virus locators…"

"Hello again, Monica"

"... microscopic, synthetic hunter killers. Did you read that article?"

"I can still hear you!"

Henry was still taking to the doctor, asking for an article, while I was alone with Martin, worried about him. And Henry…he just showed interest in that stupid article, and his attitude annoyed me so much! I don't care at all about those theories, I just want Martin back with me, to be a happy family again…



"Don't kill me"

"Henry, what are you doing?"

"I love you. Don't kill me"

Some days after, Henry came to the house, and he seemed to be slightly worried. Why did he say those strange things? What could he have done to be afraid of me killing him? I was going to ask him, that when he walked to the door.

"Door's closed"

He opened the door, and there it was…this little shadow in the elevator. I couldn't see clearly who it was, until the person entered into the house. And there was this little boy, dressed in white, and he came into the house, stepping twice in the floor…

"I like your floor"

When the boy said that, he smiled at me…and I knew what he was…I couldn't believe it…


"I can't accept this! There is no substitute for your own child!"

"You don't have to accept it or even try - it's not too late to take him back!"

"What were you thinking?!"

Henry and I argued about that boy. I mean, our son was still freezing, we had been 5 years without him, and he knows how much I miss him…but he brings me this…thing?! What the hell was he thinking?!

He told me that he would do whatever I wanted, he just wanted to make me happy. But I didn't know what to do…or what to think. I was so confused…we both knew that the boy was a mecha, a fake…and I still saw him as a real child…it was confusing, but so amazing at the same time…

"Now there are a few simple procedures we need to follow if and when you decide to keep David. If you decide to keep him…"

So David would be mine? Just mine? What about him? He wouldn't love David? David's not a gift, or a new toy! He's a child…a fake one, but still a child!

"Monica... don't imprint until you're entirely sure"

Of course I wasn't sure…at all. How could I be sure? I had just lost Martin, how could I decide if I wanted a new child?


"So those pyjamas will fit you, and uh, we'll be in to check on you first thing in the morning"

"Dress me?"

"You know I'm gonna say good night...while you...boys be boys"

When we took him to sleep, David wanted me to dress him. But I was still so shocked that I couldn't deal with him at the moment. So I let Henry dress him and I got out of the room. But I watched him through the crystal door. I still was shocked, but curious…very curious. When Henry took David's shirt off, I went closer to get a better look. David seemed to notice me, because he looked at me and smiled.


The next day, I was drinking some coffee. And there was David. I tried to get him away, but he seemed to be following me. When I was making my bed, there he was. And when I was doing the laundry, there he was again! And it's creepy because you never hear him coming. It seemed like he had an obsession with me…

I hid him in a closet, and he didn't protest. I continued doing my laundry, and he didn't make a noise. When I was done, the house felt so quiet, that I was afraid about what might have happened to David. So I opened the closet door, and there he was, smiling as he always does.

"Is it a game?"

"Yes…hide and seek. Found you. That's your bedroom…just go and play"

He seemed to agree and he went to the room, while I continued cleaning the house.


I was in the bathroom, and suddenly the door opened. It was strange, because nobody was at home, nobody but me…and David.


"I found you"

"Out! Out! Get outta here…! And close the goddamn door!"

Why did he do that? Maybe because he thought we were still playing "Hide and Seek"?


We were having dinner (pasta, specifically), and we were all silent. While Henry and I were eating, David was just sitting in the table, with no food. But he had a plate, a fork, a spoon and a glass. While we were eating, David seemed to be imitating all our movements, like he was trying to eat. And I felt kinda awkward. But when I was eating, some pasta was in the border of my mouth. David saw it, and started laughing. We were took off guard. His laugh seemed so real…so contagious that Henry and I started laughing. We laughed for a while, and then we fell silent.


Later that night, I tucked David in the bed, where Martin used to sleep. I put on the pyjama on him, and he lied down. His eyes were still open, looking straight ahead. Maybe that was the way he slept. And I remembered Martin's face on his coffin…and my mind switched between my son and this little boy lying in his bed…I remembered all the love I had to give. I knew it wouldn't be the same, but I still needed someone…or somebody to fill the empty love gap I had…and there was someone: David. So I decided it. I'll imprint him…


"Is it a game?"

"Now, I'm gonna read some words, and…uh...they won't make any sense, but I want you to listen to them anyway. And...look at me all the time. Can you do that?"

"Yes, Monica"

The next day, I started imprinting David. He sat down, smiling innocently, as if we were playing a game. I followed all the procedures, and I said the activation words…

"All right…I wonder if I did that right…I don't-"

"What were those words for, Mommy?"

I surprised a lot when he called me that. I looked up at him, and I saw his face. His innocent, mecha-like smile had faded, and he had a serious, surprised look on his face…what had happened?

"What did you call me?"


"Who am I, David?"

"You are my Mommy"

And he hugged me. I was so surprised in how real and human he looked, his hug was so loving. But it felt good…and I hugged him back. Now he's my little child…


One night, Henry and I were preparing to go to a party.

"You smell lovely. I love it when you wear this stuff"

"Will you still love me when it's all gone?"


"Wha...stop it!"

"But we can get married again and begin with a fragrance that's not in such short supply"

Silly man. He knows how much I love that perfume…

Henry and I got out of the room, and we saw David. I asked him to join us to the hall, and he just stayed there. I almost fell down, due to my shoe, and Henry was complaining on how tight his tie was. And we began talking about David. I was so happy because he tried so hard to please us, especially with the coffee he makes every morning! He had such a way to make it!

"And it's creepy. You can never hear him coming. He's just always there"

"He is only a child"

"Monica, he's a toy"

"He's a gift, from you"

Yes. David was a gift. And I was thankful for having him, because he tried so hard to make us happy…

Suddenly, he appeared at the top of the stairs.

"David! When we leave, all the doors and windows will go smart, so you can't leave your room, but, if you'd like...oh, I put way too much on"

I noticed a very strong smell of perfume, and I thought that maybe I had put too much on…that was until I noticed that the smell came from upstairs…

"Do I smell lovely?"

Oh, my God…Had David used my perfume? I went upstairs to be sure… and I saw the empty bottle lying on the dresser, with some drops of perfume around it…I felt sad, it was my favourite perfume. But I couldn't blame David…he just tried to be nice, right? Then he reached out to me and kneeled down beside me, putting his head on my lap and looking at me with his innocent blue eyes.

"Mommy? Will you die?"

" day, David...Yes, I will"

"I'll be alone"

"Don't worry yourself so"

"How long will you live?"

It was so confusing…why was he asking that? I didn't know. But I told him I'd probably live for fifty years…how ironic. Nobody knows how much will a person live…

"I love you, Mommy. I hope you never die. Never"

I agreed, cluelessly. Poor innocent boy…he's so young…how could he understand the death?


"His name is Teddy. Teddy, this is David"

"Hello, Teddy"

"Hello, David"

"David, Teddy is a Super-Toy, and I know you'll take good care of each other"

I gave David a Teddy bear, a Supertoy that belonged to my son, Martin. I thought that David might need somebody to play with, and Teddy would perfectly fill that need.


One day, I was in the kitchen making some lunch, and the telephone rang. I was going to get it, but David took it first, and looked at me.

"Look what I can do! (Operator's voice) Hello...?"

David looked really funny doing that, and I laughed.


"(Operator's voice) Mrs. Swinton, could you hold a moment? I have an urgent call from your husband"

An urgent call…from Henry? It must be really serious, because he rarely calls me from the office…I told David to give me the phone, but he didn't. Then Henry spoke on the phone, and I told David to go and play with Teddy, Henry got slightly angry, and David finally gave me the phone.

"Hello? Henry? What is it? Wha...What? When? Oh god..."

I was shocked. I couldn't believe it. Henry gave the most wonderful news…I didn't expect it…Martin had come back!


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