Author's Note: This is the last chapter, and it was the hardest to do, because what could have happened when Monica died? How did she go back with David for one day? The answers don't appear in the movie, so I had to make it up with my own ideas…I hope you'll like what I did…

*Chapter 3: Death and an one-day return*

Forty-seven years had passed since I saw David for the last time. I could still remember his innocent, sad face when I dumped him…what had happened to him? I just knew from Dr. Hobby that he'd been in Cybertronics for a little time, and then he disappeared without trace…

I'm now dying, and it's difficult for me to recognize the people who were around me…Henry and Martin were by my side, and the mecha nurses were always walking around…

I didn't care too much about the nurses, doctors and the other people close to me, I was just thinking about what was happening to me…I was dying…and I remembered the day when David asked me how long would I live…fifty years…I almost made it…with 3 years of difference…

And David…was he still alive? I couldn't help it, but I thought of him…and all the guilt and sadness came back…I regretted leaving him in that place…if he had stayed with us, everything would have been different…

Suddenly, all my strength was fading away, and my eyes started closing…I could see Henry and Martin close to me…just one breath, and I'm gone…I felt like floating in the room, and when I looked down, I saw Martin crying in my lap, and Henry trying to hide his tears…

I continued floating, and I saw my hands, they were semi-transparent and pale like jellyfish, and I tried to touch my body, but I couldn't. So this is how being dead feels like…

And I thought of David…I heard his soft voice calling my name…


Everything faded, getting black. I couldn't see anything at all…but his voice was still there…guiding me…


And I saw him…he's still alive! And I heard another voice, this was different from David's.

"David's alive, and he wants you back…you can be with him, if you really want to. Go to him, Monica…he's just getting close to you this instant"

So I did. And I saw it. A spark. A light as bright as daylight covered me…and I closed my eyes, falling asleep.


Now I'm waking up…and I'm in my bedroom. What happened? I have no idea. But when I opened my eyes, there was David, smiling at me…with his sweet smile, that I had mourned for my whole life…

"I found you"


Finding David made me so happy…whatever had happened, it brought him back to me. But I felt so light-headed, so sleepy…I must've slept for ages…

"I must've dozed off. How long have I-"

"Would you like some coffee? Just the way you like it?"

He didn't answer my question, but I didn't care, all that mattered was that he was with me. He remembered I liked the coffee he used to make me every morning, and offered me one. And I needed some extra energy to wake up, because I was still sleepy. So I agreed.

"Yeah, I'd love a coffee. It'll wake me up"

He prepared the coffee and brought it to me. When I took a sip of it, it tasted just as the coffee he used to prepare. He hadn't forgotten how I liked it.

"You never forget how, do you?"

"No. I never forget"

I was happy for that. He didn't forget anything important to me.

I wonder what day is it. I didn't know, because I had no clue about how long had I been sleeping…maybe days…or months…or years? I was slightly confused.

"I must be a little confused. What day is it?"

"It is…today!"

So it's today. Well, I must have taken a very long nap. Whatever.


It was a great day, the best of my life. David and I did a lot of things, we had so much fun together…somehow, I felt good. There was no sadness, no grief, no problems…nothing seemed to bother us…there were only David and me. And I felt like it had to be that way.

David painted some pictures for me, to show me what had happened to him since we separated. My poor little one…he had passed through so many things…just to become real for me. But now he's back with me, and I'll never leave him again…

We played with Teddy, and some other things…the day seemed to pass by very fast.

I remembered that David had never had a birthday party, so I decided he would have one. We baked a cake, and lit some candles. I saw David was really happy, and it made me happy too.

"Now make a wish"

"It came true already"

My wish came true too, David. I wanted to have you back with me…


The day passed by, and we climbed the stairs to my bedroom. Yes, it's bedtime.

"I really ought to be tucking you in. Strange. Hmm...How fascinating. I can hardly keep my eyes open. I don't know what's come over me"

David tucked me in my bed, just like I used to do with him before. I feel incredibly tired, and my eyes are closing…I don't know what's happening…can you tell me, David?

"Such a beautiful day…"

It's been a wonderful day, just being with David. I don't know what happened when I was asleep, but I don't care. As long as David was with me, everything was right…I'm slowly falling asleep, and I don't know if I'll wake up again…David was by my side, holding my hand…David…he always loved me…he loved me so much that he went to the end of the world to become real, so I would love him…

"I love you, David…I do love you…I have always loved you"

Yes, David. I've always loved you. At the beginning I was slightly scared of you, but I learned to love you. You tried so hard to make me happy, and, even if you were a robot, you were real to me. When I left you in the woods, I felt so sad, so guilty…everything went so wrong for us…but now you're here, we're together, that's all that counts now. I've missed you so much, David…

David hugged me, and I felt in heaven. His hug was so warm, so loving, so gentle…but I'm closing my eyes now. I can't stop it. I'm falling asleep, all my strength is leaving me…my eyes closed, and everything went dark. And the last thing I saw was David…crying…I'm thankful, because he's back with me. We're together, and we always will be…

With these thoughts in her mind, Monica Swinton closed her eyes, falling asleep. Well…more than merely asleep. She would never open her eyes again, even if David shook her. But she was happy in her heart, because she was back with her beloved son. And when he decided to sleep, he joined her to that place where dreams are born…a place where they would be together…forever…and they would never be apart…never again.

The End.

"Henry, did you see his face? He's, he's so real. But he's not..."

"No, he's not"

"But outside he just looks so real... like he is a child" --  Henry and Monica Swinton. Artificial Intelligence.


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