Title: Meeting His Match

Author: PineAppleLint

Summary: Captain Jack Sparrow, the infamous pirate of the Caribbean, comes across another infamous captain, who happens to be a woman. Personalities clash and things get a little ugly, but they understand each other as pirates. They get together with Will and Elizabeth, then the four of them set off on the Black Pearl for the adventure of a lifetime.

Genre: Action, Adventure, and perhaps later a little romance ;)

Pairing: E/W J/OC

Disclaimer: I do not own anything except for Gallagher, the pirate lass herself. So no sue PineAppleLint! Though it would be nice to own Jack Sparrow.(drooling a little) oh whoops. Well read and please review! I'd love to get a little constructive criticism and write whatever floats your boat (except for threats and violence.shudders.) Well I hope you enjoy!


PineAppleLint--------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------

"Get the Pirate wench!" the chubby soldier cried, desperately trying to writhe and heave himself out of the horse trough I had kicked him into. He just had to face the facts: thinking he was going to get his big ass out of there was just useless hoping on his part. I ran, my limber legs pumping as I fled down the cobblestone street, grinning like a cat that had caught the canary. I glanced back to find two more soldiers running after me, the brass buttons of their red military coat gleaming in the sun, trying to aim their rifles but were having a hard time doing so. A peasant man walked past me with a wicker basket full of apples. I pushed him as I ran by and his basket toppled over, the red shiny apples falling into the street, rolling about. The man yelled curses at me and the soldiers slipped on the apples, falling face first into the mud. Laughing, I forced myself to glance back at the idiots rolling about like pigs in the sty. There was no way I was going to let them get their grubby mitts on me. They were going to rue the day they came across Terrence Gallagher! Unfortunately as my head was turned I ran face first into someone, causing us both to collapse to the ground. Frantically, I looked at the soldiers who were standing now and back at the person I was lying on top of.

He was a pirate, no doubt about that. He was extremely handsome, with deep brown eyes that were studying me, lined with black, and sharp cheekbones. His skin was tanned from days working under the sun. He had brown hair that was pulled back with a red bandanna, and tiny trinkets and beads braided into his hair and into the goatee he had. He had a scuffed old brown hat that was lying across from him and me, knocked off when we ran into each other. His old clothing was wrinkled yet refined. He wasn't dirty, but rough around the edges.

"Lassie, are you just going to lay there and stare at me or will ya get the hell off? Your sword is poking me."

"Sorry," I muttered and got off of him. He stood up and grabbed his hat. Unfortunately the soldiers were standing right in front of us with their rifles aimed.

"Oh boy, Gallagher AND Sparrow all in one day!" one soldier said giddily, "The general is going to be pleased." Captain Jack Sparrow? I had never met him in person but the stories about him were endless. Everywhere you turned there was always someone gossiping about the infamous Captain Sparrow.

"You are Captain Jack Sparrow?" I scoffed.

"You are Gallagher?" he asked, his eyes lingering on me, "Well well, isn't this interesting."

"What is interesting?" I questioned with a frown.

"I always thought Terrence Gallagher was a man," Sparrow said, "Not a feisty hellcat like the likes of you."

"Save it," one soldier said and poked me with the barrel of the rifle to get me walking. "Don't touch me!" I growled and started to walk towards the dank prison. Sparrow was walking right next to me.

"Thank you very much, Gallagher, for letting me waste this beautiful day in a cell," Sparrow said mockingly, "How can I ever repay you?"

"Keep talking like that and I'll cut out your tongue so you aren't able to talk at all, scallywag," I warned. My eyes met his and he was grinning at me. The soldiers patted us down for weapons and took our swords.

"Take good care of that for me, gentlemen!" I said as they locked us up, taking our swords away. Fortunately they forgot to check my boot, which hid an eight-inch dagger. Jack sat down in the corner of the dirt floor cell, perching his hat so it blocked his eyes, trying to get some sleep.

"What in bloody 'ell are you doing?"

"Sleeping, what does it look like, luv?" he said, not bothering to remove his hat from his eyes.

"I'm getting us out o' here," I replied, "Just watch." I flung my curly black hair over my shoulder, which went to my middle back, and straightened out my breeches and white shirt.

"And what do you have in mind?" he asked in disbelief.

"I'm going to use my feisty hellcat ways, Sparrow," I replied. "It's CAPTAIN JACK Sparrow," he corrected.

"I'm getting us out, so I get to call you whatever I want, mate," I said with a sarcastic smile. "Oh guard." I called out seductively.

The door clanged open and a soldier said haughtily, "What do you want, wench?"

"I just wanted to see your face again," I said in a lusty voice, "I have been without a man for so long and you are absolutely tempting." I glanced back at Jack, who lifted the hat from his eyes and was now watching in amusement. The soldier gulped and watched as I licked my lips.

"You have a man in the cell with you," the soldier said harshly, yet his voice wavered a bit, "Why don't you use him to quench your desires?"

"Oh," I batted my eyelashes, "That ugly brute? Now you are different. You are quite the man." I smiled at Jack, who raised his eyebrows, catching my insult. My gaze drifted back to the soldier, who was now sweating, his eyes glazed over with lust. "Let me out for a while and show me around the prison," I said, "If you want. I want to see you in.action." I ran a finger down his arm and he snapped, finally thrusting the keys into the lock. He let me out and shut the door, locking Jack up again. I took a few steps toward him, swaying my hips.

"You have made a terrible mistake," I replied and in a blink of an eye, grabbed the dagger from my boot and with one slash, cut the soldier's throat. He gurgled and dropped to the ground with a thud. I grabbed the keys from his pocket and unlocked Jack, who was waiting near the iron bars. He stepped out and examined the body.

"Nice work, luv," he said with a bow, "But I need to get going. I hope I never see the likes of you again, Gallagher."

"And I you, Sparrow," I replied, nodding my head. Jack grinned and took off, running out of the prison. But I wasn't about to leave. Not yet. I wanted my damn sword back.