Sesshomaru looked at the party of humans before him. Their request for his protection of their village annoyed him. Rising he turned to leave until the voice one of them reached him.

"You refuse, Lord Sesshomaru?"

He turned to see the woman who'd question him and nodded his head. His golden eyes widened as a wind seemed to grow around the woman lifting her auburn hair to swirl around her, her eyes deepened as they turned completely black. Her hand raised pointing towards him as she spoke in a language the Taiyoukai didn't understand. He tried to step forward only to find himself held fast to the spot. Lightning streaked from her fingertips to engulf him, as the lightning engulfed him the great demon lord screamed.

Jaken having heard his lords screams turned to check on his lord. "What have you done with Lord Sesshomaru, foolish human."

"He leaves us defenseless, now I have left him that way as well. Until he agrees to honor his fathers promise." With that said the woman collapsed into the arms of one of her companions.

~ ~ ~ ~

Kagome climbed out of the well and looked at her favorite spot in two times. The clearing around the well in the Warring States Era. This was the spot she had received her first hug from a boy, the spot she had discovered him alive and well. This space with it's peace, quiet, and magic filled her with happiness. She'd soon be with her friends again. Then a sound that she'd never heard before in this peaceful location reached her ears, a child crying. Following the sound she finally located the source. A small child with silver white hair wearing a blue Kimono was curled in a ball at the base of one of the trees. "Shhhh." She muttered reaching to caress the child's back. "I won't hurt you." As the child raised his tearstained face to hers she gasped in recognition. "Sesshomaru."

"I want my Daddy." He said and the tears started again.

Kagome gathered the boy into her arms and allowed him to cry. Her thoughts racing, 'Who did this to you? And why?' She heard Inu Yasha's soft landing behind her and turned her head to look up at him.

Sesshomaru having heard and scented the newcomer looked over the human woman's shoulder and leapt to the hanyou's shoulder. "Daddy." he said and began crying again.

Inu Yasha sniffed the child in his arms and his golden eyes widened. "Sesshomaru?"

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