Chapter 9

Sesshomaru stood looking at the miko from the future and his half brother. He remembered it all. The concern in the Miko's eyes when she had found him. Her standing up to the wolf demon who had attacked him. When his duties here were fulfilled he was going to find that wolf again.

He inwardly grimaced as he remembered his promise to stick by his brother. Even though he had tried many times to kill his half brother, when he had appeared defenseless the hanyou had protected him. Walking to where the two rested, he cleared his throat, "Inu Yasha." He watched as his brother's eyes raised to him.

"Sesshomaru, I won't ask you to keep your promise to me after we leave." Inu Yasha stood, using the sheathed Tetsusaiga to regain his feet. "While we are in my mother's home village I have no wish to fight you, for the love she had for you."

"I no longer desire to fight you either, little brother. I was wondering if you were sincere about the truce between us." Sesshomaru cocked an elegant eyebrow at the shock look in the hanyou's eyes.

"I'd like that."

"Sesshomaru?" The miko said softly, he met her eyes. "I feel that your father went to far with the vow he made. I have spoken with the others and we all will release you from it."

"No. You and your companions have earned no less, than my protection." He silenced her. "Each of you have guarded me, even after all the attacks I have made against you. Miko, you and my brother allowed your bodies to be taken over by the spirits of my ... our father and Lady Mikomi. I owe you a debt I will never be able to repay. For I have found my true self again." He nodded his head and turned to leave. A small hand on his shoulder stopped him. Turning he looked into the Miko's eyes.

"Kagome." she said softly. "My name is Kagome. You are Inu Yasha's brother, his only family and you were defenseless. I couldn't leave you like that."

Shifting his gaze to meet his brother's Sesshomaru spoke, "I approve." With a nod to the miko he moved on. When a small bundle of gold, white and black attached itself to his leg.

"Rin found Sesshomaru-sama." The now attached girl said.

Breaking the child's death grip on his leg, he knelt and looked into her smiling face. 'Why?' he questioned himself, 'Why have I never seen her devotion before? Her joy at my presence. Why have I treated it as a burden instead of a joy?' "Hello Rin." His voice still held little emotion but now his eyes sparkled slightly. "Where is Jaken?"

"The pretty lady wouldn't let him in till he apologized." Looking behind him the girl noticed the two behind him. "Inu Yasha and Kagome! You're here too?" She ran and hugged the girl and beamed a smile at her guardian's brother.

Kagome smiled and nodded then turned her head quickly towards the main gate. "Shards, two of them. Coming fast."

The brother's both sniffed the air as one their eyes met, "Kouga." they said at the same moment. Sesshomaru smiled. "I owe the wolf." He said rubbing the cheek that the wolf had slapped long ago. "Lady Miko, I ask that you allow me to get my revenge for his attack."

Kagome stared and then remembered her threat to Kouga. Nodding she answered, "Hai, Sesshomaru. But, please, don't kill him. There is no one in his pack that can take his place."

Sesshomaru nodded, "Watch Rin for me, Kagome." it was an order and a question. At the Miko's nod the brothers started forward. From the corner of his eye he watched Inu Yasha walk stiffly beside him. "You need not come little brother. You are still weakened from Father's transformation."

Inu Yasha noticed the concern in his brother's voice and the use of weakened versus weak. "Hai, Sesshomaru I am. But I will stand beside you. The House of the West will face it's enemies together. This is after all my Haha-ue's home village."

Reaching the gate they walked out as Kouga arrived. "Inu-koro? What are you doing here? Go away puppy."

Inu Yasha didn't rise to the bait this time. "Just thought you'd like to meet my big brother. Seems he has a score to settle with you. Kouga this is Sesshomaru. He's been under a spell for a while lately. You might remember him better as Se."

Kouga had the grace to blanch as the Western Taiyoukai stepped towards him. "Se? That little boy in..."

"Hai, one and the same." Came the soft reply from the now full grown Sesshomaru. "I believe I owe you something, wolf." Kouga's eyes widened he turned to run but found the inu youkai now blocking his path. "One other thing wolf. This village is under my protection, any further attacks will be dealt with by me personally. This is your only warning." Balling his fist, Sesshomaru hit Kouga.

It was with great satisfaction that two silver haired brothers watched the wolf fly backwards several yards before stopping. The younger laughing aloud as the elder smirked silently. Only the miko standing behind them saw the three beings behind them. One a man his hair pulled up in an extremely long top-not. Each arm around a beautiful woman, one youkai and one ningen. Turning they smiled at her and with a nod of thanks faded from view.

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