Camp Tussock stood sentinal in Mossflower Woods, burning, the flames dancing happily as they burned the wood harder and harder. The flames burned higher and higher. Creatures inside, trapped by the burning wood, screamed in pain. A creature standing far away from the flames smiled as the flames subsided and the army gathered around the flames poured water on them to force them to subside.

"Search for surviors!" the tawny pine marten called. "Bring any survivors to us at once, immediatly when you find them!"

The rats searched the burnt rubble as thouroghly as they could. All they could find was a harebabe, not very old at all. They brought her immediatly to the main tent, where the pine marten awaited.

"Ah, good. Bundle 'er into 'ere fer us, now."

Seasons later, the young hare wandered away from the marching army, to work her way to Redwall Abbey. Our story begins with the young hare and her friends in Redwall Abbey, where a vermin hoarde approches...

Chapter 1:

A back door of Redwall Abbey slammed forcefully open, allowing a young hare and a young otter to sprint out of it as if their tails were on fire.

The hare, Tyra Divlna Tossc, pulled the otter along with her, gritting her teeth. That pushy Tuthine and his sister Kessa! They were the Warrior of Redwall's son and daughter. So that, in their view, ment that they could push Tyra and Tulia, the otter, around. Of course, Tyra's temper had gotten the better of her. After yelling at the two she marched off, followed by Tulia. Of course Tuthine hadn't let it lie to rest at that.

The two fugitives found the place where no one had ever found them, and old tree that had, many seasons ago, had been cut down. Green, leafy branches grew in a mesh from the stump, surrounding it like an army surrounds its target, obscuring all view from the outside.

They pushed aside some of the branches where it grew next to the wall as the door swung open again, allowing the two mice, Tuthine and Kessa, to enter the orchard.

They worked their way around the orchard, until they were so close to the tree that Tyra could have reached out and touched them. She felt a burning desire to trip them, but her and Tulia had already gotten reported to the Warrior and the Abbot for tripping Tuthine (who deserved it) and throwing hard pears at Kessa, who at that moment began to do her usual whining fit.

"This is the place where those rats haunt! I don't want to be here, Tuthine!"

"Shut up."

"Why?! That's all you ever tell me! Why?! I hate it here, and honestly, I don't know why we bully those two! They're really okay, honestly."

"Shut up."

"No! I'm leaving."

Tyra and Tulia had heard this before.

"Kessa, shut up already."

"NO! Why should I? You aren't my boss, I don't have to listen to you-"

Tyra suddently stumbled back from her position at the tree to crash into Tulia. Tuthine looked up from what he was doing.

"Kessa, did you here that?!"

Thinking quickly, Tyra threw a very large stone in the other direction, it making a satisfiying noise against the other wall.

"They're over there!" Kessa said, and the two sprinted off in the other direction.

"Why in the world did ye do that, shipmate?" Tulia asked.

"It was Kessa!" Tyra gasped, "She was staring right at us!

************************************************************ Outside of Redwall, the Marlfox leaning against a tree stood watching as the dinner bell sounded and the two young ones dashed off yelling towards the Abbey.

She had found the hare.

It had been all too long since they had burned down that place know as Camp Tussock. And now she had found the cursed place known as Redwall Abbey.

It would meet a similar fate.

Many, many, many years ago she had been pushed off of the walls by a hefty otter. They had left her for dead.

But now she was back, and revenge would taste sweet.

She was Predak, last of the Marlfoxes.

"Predak." A voice, rough with the hint of coursair language sounded behind her.

"Yes, Eric." Her voice had grown into a voice that could control, something she never did with her idiot brother Mokkan around.

A huge bilerat appeared, worn and rough with the scars of a million battles won. He controled the rats in Predak's army.

"The plans are 'eady for ye."

The Marlfox retreated into the woodlands, drab cloak swinging, with not a leaf to betray their presence.

Redwall stood peaceful and quiet in the gathering dark, unknowing that they had been and gone.