Tyra hurried around the building, checking havversacks and other things. Katzey watched her from the door, the others waiting at the gate.

"Come on, Tyra, you're still to weak to be doing this!"

Tyra hurried over to her, handing her her havversacks.

"It doesn't matter. Come on!"

They hurried out to the gate, where the others were.

"Ready?" Tuthine asked. He, Kessa, Muddy, Vicy, Sassy, Hone, and Boulonnais were going with Tyra and Katzey to rebuild Camp Tussock.

Together, they set out north, the medal and the leaf-emblem of Treewind's tribe pinned to her new tunic, Tyra thought that she had gone through alot to see this day.


Sragg knocked on the door of the homely cottage. A female weasel, wearing a long dress (much like the ones of the early pioneer days) answered the door.

"Sragg, you're home! How did it go this time?"

Sragg grinned.

"Magnolia, how are you? Don't worry about me."

"Fine, I guess."


It was many seasons later. Tyra and the others had already begun rebuilding Camp Tussock with the help of Treewind. Sragg and Magnolia were out with their young daughter, named after Tyra herself.

"Tyra! Get over here!"

The young weasel made a face.

"No, daddy! I don't want to!"

"Please, honey? We have to go. We're trying to find a new place. The local vermin are on to me."

"Then let them stay on to you! I'm not going. I'm leaving!" And with that, she turned and ran, hoping to run into someone kinder than her softie father and mother.

"No! Come back, please!" Magnolia cried, her eyes welling up.

"Let her go. There's more of Akhal in her then there ever was in me."


The remaining vermin, now known as the PLTRATVRAE, or Predak Last Troop Resistance Against The VRAE, found her only a few days later. Akhal, reconizing her as his brother's child, took her in. She grew up learning the ways of evil, hating everything for good. One season later she set out searching for Tyra, set to kill. Akhal waved her off, telling her to not kill her, but bring her back. Everyone wanted revenge.