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Chapter 1: Meet Artemis Fowl Junior, Criminal Mastermind (Again)

Artemis Fowl Junior sat at his computer, outwardly composed, inwardly confused.  The 14 year old stared at the contents of his Swiss bank account in silent disbelief.  Somehow, in the last few months since he had checked his account, a sum of 280,000,000 dollars had been transferred into his name.  By who, how and from where he had no idea.

            "Odd." he muttered.  Yet another strange occurrence that had happened to Artemis lately.  For example, he knew Butler's first name, though no one had ever told him.  Not even his parents knew his full name was Domovoi Butler.  And Butler seemed so much older than Artemis remembered him.  Almost as if he had gained a decade.

            Then there had been another incident that Artemis hadn't informed Butler of, for fear the bodyguard would think that he was going insane.  He had woken up late in the night from a recurring nightmare that involved him shooting his own father and watching him disappear beneath the waves of an Arctic sea.  He had automatically brought his hand up to his gold medallion that hung around his neck for reassurance.  The boy had been quite surprised when he had felt bare skin.  He had no such medallion, a gold coin with a hole through the middle.  So why the memory?

            However, the issue of the mirrored contact lenses was definitely the most troubling.  Butler had gone to see his contact in Limerick to ask who might have ordered such odd lenses.  Shockingly, the lens crafter had told the bodyguard that he, Butler, had ordered the contacts made at the instigation of his employer.  Needless to say, neither Butler nor Artemis could recall this.  The whole episode was disturbing, to say the least.

            Artemis shook his head and continued on the computer.  He would puzzle about the other things later, when he wasn't so busy.  Now, though, he had to try and trace back through the records of the transaction, to see exactly whose money it was.  He had no intention of returning it; he just want to know who he had "liberated" it from.

            A slight knock came from the entrance.  "Artemis?" Butler asked softly before opening the door.

            Artemis looked up from his monitor expectantly.  Butler's tone of voice sounded ...intriguing.  "Yes?" he asked.  Butler stood almost at attention in front of Artemis's desk and laid a manila envelope on the top.

            "I received this package in the mail today from the lens specialist from Limerick."

            Artemis frowned.  "I thought you went to see him more than six months ago.  Didn't he tell you everything then?"

            "I had believed so, but he sent a package to me, saying that I had requested the package be mailed at this exact date, and not a day before.  It contained this envelope addressed to you."  Butler said.  And what the bodyguard did not say aloud was that the handwriting on the envelope was identical to Artemis's own writing.  It was a measure of how troubling the situation was to the bodyguard that he actually allowed a small frown of confusion to furrow his brow.

            Without a word, Artemis opened the envelope and tipped the contents onto his desktop.  A single CD-R disk slid out.  Artemis loaded it into his hard drive and scanned it for viruses.  The disk came out clean, and Artemis opened it.  The disk held only one document file.  Intrigued, and slightly annoyed with another unknown happening, Artemis clicked on it.

            The Booke of the People.

            Artemis leaned forward.  This was surprisingly familiar.  The frown disappeared to be replaced by a frightening smile as he continued reading.

            "Very odd."


Captain Holly Short yawned loudly as she headed toward the front door at the end of her shift.  True to Foaly's suspicions, Commander Root had not fired her over the Fowl incident.  He had screamed at her until she felt her pointy ears would explode, but he hadn't fired her.  Always a plus. 

The elf tip-toed past the door to Root's office and cringed slightly as the yelling inside increased.  A smash ended the roars, and a very miffed centaur trotted out, going fairly fast. 

"Excuse me, Julius.  I may be the smartest fairy in Haven, but that doesn't mean I'm perfect.  All the time."


"Fine, fine, I'm going."  The centaur turned sulkily and saw Holly.  His pout transformed into a grin instantly.  "Hey Holly, how are you?  Any interesting experiences lately?"

"No, not for awhile.  Everything's quiet." Holly replied.  Then she raised an eyebrow.  "Now, anyway.  It wasn't a moment ago."

"Oh, that."  Foaly rolled his eyes.  "The commander and I were holding our semi-annual 'argue about the lack of funds I have' discussion.  He still says I get too much money for what I produce."  He sniffed melodramatically.  "So unappreciated."

Holly patted his shoulder.  "We appreciate you, Foaly.  Fairies just don't understand you.  And if they don't understand you, then they just don't care."

Foaly sighed.  "That doesn't raise my spirits immensely, but it makes sense."  He glanced at Holly, who was once again walking to the door.  "But you understand me, don't you, Holly?"

Holly looked over her shoulder and smiled mischievously.  "Are you kidding?  No one understands you!"  She turned back, biting her lip to keep from laughing at Foaly's indignant expression.

The centaur snapped back before his brain completely thought out the insult and its effects.  "Oh, yeah?  Fowl always understood me.  What does that say about the all powerful, brainy Recon jocks like you, hmm?" 

Holly continued walking.  She didn't flinch at the barb.  She didn't trip in shock, she didn't miss one stride, she didn't moan, she didn't even shake her head.  But Foaly knew immediately that he had brought up memories better left buried.  Or wiped.

"Hey Holly, look-"

"Forget it, Foaly," she muttered as she walked out.  The door clanged shut behind her firmly, louder than usual.  Foaly sighed.

"Open mouth, insert hoof." he said humorlessly.  "All four of them."


Artemis sat down coolly at the table, thinking over his plan.  Angeline mistook the calm expression as unhappiness. 

"Arty, are you that upset that we're leaving you here?" she asked.  "You look so sad."

"No Mother, I'm not upset.  I'll be fine while you're gone.  Butler and Juliet will watch me."

"Are you sure, son?" Artemis Senior questioned.  "We are going to France.  I'm certain you could start school late and they wouldn't have any qualms."  That was true.  Angeline had recently moved Artemis to a new school, and the counselors there would gladly let Artemis miss the first couple days of school.  They'd prefer it if he never came. 

"No, thank you Father.  I have a lot I want to do accomplish while you are gone this week."  Before his father could ask, Artemis continued.  "I've been asked to do a special project for the beginning of school." 

"Oh, how wonderful!" Angeline said cheerily.  "What about?"

"Artists of the Renaissance." Artemis lied. 

"We'll try to visit the Louvre for you then," Artemis Sr. said, "and take some pictures."

"I would appreciate that."

"Well, Arty, we need to go." Angeline picked up a huge bag.  "Is there at all you'll need?"

"No, Mother, I'll be fine." Artemis reassured her. 

"We're leaving Butler here with you.  Juliet will drive us to the airport, then return.  Okay?"  Angeline handed her bag to Artemis Sr.  The weight almost pulled him off balance.  Angeline hugged Artemis Jr. briefly, and then let go.  "Be good, dear."

"Yes, Mother.  Goodbye, Father.  Have a good time."

"You too, dear."

"Angeline, we must go.  We'll miss the flight and have to walk.  Wouldn't that be a wondrous way to start our second honeymoon?"

Angeline laughed slightly and blew a kiss to her son.  Then she and her husband walked out the door.  Artemis watched them go, totally impassive.  After the car pulled out the driveway, he turned back to Butler. 

"The Renaissance, Artemis?" the bodyguard said, looking unconvinced. 

"Come, Butler.  I have a plan for this week.  One that does not involve Leonardo Da Vinci."  The boy headed to his room.

"And what would this plan be, Artemis?" Butler questioned.

"It is amazing, Butler, and a plan I believed I started a while ago.  Ingenious, really."

"And if you started this plan earlier, why put it into action now?"  Butler was slightly confused.  So many strange things had been happening lately.  Was this another one of them?

Artemis walked into his room and sat down at his computer.  "Have you ever heard of fairies?"

Butler nodded slowly.  Fairies…he almost felt as if he should know a lot more than he did.

"Yes, I have, sir.  Why?"

"I plan to exploit them." the teenager stated matter-of-factly. 

"Sir?  But, aren't fairies just a folk tale?"

Artemis turned to Butler and sighed quietly.  "That is what they want us to think.  But here, I have their secrets translated and exposed to use for my will.  It was all on that disk.  Here."  He swung the screen over to face the bodyguard.

Butler sat down and began to read the small print.  "Amazing," he breathed.  "It seems so real.  As if I've seen it before."

Artemis frowned.  "You as well?  I thought it seemed familiar, but it would, if I translated it.  The original writing is also on the disk.  The CD-R is encoded to my specifications, so I must have written the translation and made the disk.  I just don't know exactly where the source of the Booke came from or when I got it.  Or why I had to send it to myself through such an unsecured source as your friend via the postal service."

"What is your plan, Artemis?" Butler asked, abandoning the confusing subject in order for military tactics-something he could understand much better.

"It's quite simple.  In order for a fairy to replenish their power, they need to perform the Ritual.  It involves an ancient oak, a winding river and a full moon.  We want a fairy we can control, one that needs their magic to escape and doesn't have it.  So…"

"Where do we find the river and trees?" Butler asked.  Artemis frowned.

"I ran a search on the topographical map and found roughly 100 sites.  However, I think we should start at this one."  He pointed to an obscure place that was surrounded by fields and bogs.  Butler nodded.  There was something hauntingly familiar about it.  He knew it would yield results. 

"We need to stake it out.  Watch it closely on the full moon, which is…"

Artemis smiled his vampire smile.  "Tomorrow."