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Falling For You

Yuuyami Kitsune

Chapter One

Shin Mouri awoke to the blaring scream of his alarm clock. He sat up groggily and shut it off. He stood up and stretched, then headed to the kitchen. He began cooking scrambled eggs and bacon for everyone in the house, where all were alseep except for himself.

As he let the bacon begin to fizzle, he went over to his CD player that he kept on the counter. He turned on a CD of his favorite band, La'Cryma Christi, and began to sing along as he cooked.

"Sayonara, furidashita ame ga, kokoro...." he sang, going along with the lyrics of Lhasa.

He then turned, remembering the full body mirror that was kept to where he could see himself while cooking. He smiled to the reflection, then began to act like Taka, the lead singer of La'Cryma Christi, singing Lhasa. He bent at the knees, used his spatula as a microphone, and used his other arm to sway around, flailing about.

As he stood there, clad in plaid pajama pants and a white t-shirt with the british flag on the front, his auburn hair ruffled and unkept fomr sleeping, singing and dancing ot the music, Touma, who just appeared in the hallway, had to laugh.

Shin jumped in suprise, then continued to cook quickly. Touma gave him a smile and clapped.

Shin grinned, "You know, most people have to pay to see that."

"Really? I thought you would have to pay them." Touma said with a smirk.

"Har Har. You should really get into stand-up comedy. I would love to see people fling rotton vegetables at you." Shin remarked, making two plates and setting them at the table.

He then got two glasses out, and poured chocolate milk into them both.

They sat together, and began to eat breakfast. "So," Touma began, "How was last nights date?"

Shin gets a flashback as he remembers his date from the night before :

In a smoky bar, Shin waits at a table to meet Yolanda, a blind date he was set up on by Ryo. Ryo had told Shin that he had told his student at his dojo, Yolanda, about him, and she seemed interested. After much debating, Ryo talked Shin into a blind date. Needless to say, the date went sour after Yolanda said the infamous words : "Fish are disgusting." Not to mention that her ditzy attitude and twitch in her left eye didn't force Shin to put her on his "No" list.

"Uh......not too well." Shin told Touma between bites of bacon.

Touma dropped his fork. "Your'e kidding!"

Shin noticed that when Touma gets heightend emotion, his New York accent intensified.

"Shin, that's the fourth girl this week! Are you ever going to find someone?" he said with an exasperated sigh.

"Since when is there a due date on having a soulmate? As I told you guys earlier this week, I don't think I'm ready to go back into the dating scene."

Touma rolled his eyes to Shin's response. "You're never going to get over Ami if you get so afraid to be rejected again that you don't give anyone else a chance!"

Shin let out a sigh. "I know, but I still need some time before I start back up again."

Touma looked like he was about to say something else, but was interrupted by the yawning of Shuu, standing in front of the two in a royal purple robe with pink roses all over. "Hey, you guys, any breakfast left?"

Shin smiled at the more feminine of the Ronins, mainly since he gave him a way out of the conversation. "Sure, Shuu. Right over there."

After Shuu grabbed his plate, Ryo and Seiji both come in, grabbing thier breakfast. That was when Shin noticed that Seiji and Touma have the same night-clothes; green pajama pants and dark blue t-shirts. Ryo, unfortunately, didnt like the idea of night-clothes. Fortunately, though, he did decide to put on a pair of polka-dot boxers before heading down to the breakfast table.

When everyone was seated at the table, Ryo looked everyone over. "Well, what are everyone's plans for today?"

Shuu began. "I'm just heading to the library until time for work."Shuu was a janitor at a company's office complex.

Seiji was next. "After breakfast I'm just heading out." Seiji was working at the local museum.

Touma turned to Shin and back to Ryo. "Shin and I are off job hunting." Shin and Touma are both unemployed.

Ryo smiled. "All right. How about if we all meet at my dojo at five o'clock, then go to Charlie's?"

There were happy nods from everyone around the table except for Shin, who was personally tired of being dragged to a gay bar so often.

When everyone was done eating, they all went to get dressed. Touma turned to Shin with a smile and said, "Meet me in the living room in forty-five minutes, and be ready to find the career for you!"

Shin rolled his eyes at Toumas over-enthusiasm, and went to get dressed for another day of scouring the towns for decent jobs.

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