Cherry: Here is the sequel to Gone! *cheers* I'll put it again, this is a HP/YGO crossover. This starts during the 5th book. Why? Cause I want Yugi to be gone 2 years but still be in Hogwarts when Yugi puts the puzzle on. I'm hoping to not follow OotP but some things may be similar.

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Yugi walked out of the airport, searching for a taxi. It was a new life for him and he was going to start from the very beginning. He had changed his name, knowing that at least Mokuba would worry and try to find him. And with the Kaiba Corp. technology, he probably could. He was known Khelil Sef now. (Cherry: Don't ask about the name. The first name is suppose to mean friend in Arabic and the Second means yesterday in Egyptian. I just thought it sounded pretty cool.)

Yugi managed to flag down a taxi. He had rented a small house in a town called Little Whinging. The drive to his new home took about thirty minuets. He paid the driver and looked at his new home. Number Five, Privet Drive. Yugi unlocked the door and looked around. There was furniture arranged in the living room. Yugi pulled both his suitcases upstairs to his room. He unpacked everything and changed his clothes into something he liked better.

We wore a pair of tight black leather pants with a sleeveless leather shirt. Several buckles were on the shirt and his usual neck belt was around his neck. He had on a pair of leather boots. He had wristbands on each wrist that were covered with metal spikes. He added one ankh shaped earring to finish. Yugi grabbed his skateboard (which no one even knew he had) and headed outside. He never told anyone that he could board probably cause no on ever asked. (Cherry: I know nothing about skateboarding, so this will not be in detail or anything.)

Yugi walked out side and decided to have a look around the neighborhood. Maybe meet someone interesting. Yugi got on his skateboard and started down the street. He had just turn onto Magnolia Road when he almost ran into another kid. Yugi quickly swerved to the side and stopped to help whomever he had run into.

Yugi walked over and helped the kid up. He looked about Yugi's age and had untamed black hair. He was unusually tall and skinny and had green eyes. (Cherry: I wonder who...)

"Sorry about that," Yugi said. "You okay?"

Yeah, I'm fine," the guy said looking at Yugi. "Are you new around here? I've never seen you before."

"Yeah, I just moved in to a house on Privet Drove."

"I live down the that street. I'm Harry. Harry Potter," Harry said, glad that he met someone that wouldn't gawk at him when he introduced himself.

"Khalil Sef," Yugi said. "It's nice to meet someone around my age here."

"How old are you?" Harry asked a but confused.

Yugi laughed. "It's my height isn't it? I get that a lot. Just turned 15 and I'm guessing you're around the same age."

"Yeah, going to be 15 at the end of July."

Yugi and Harry talked for awhile. Yugi learned that Harry lived with his uncle, aunt, and cousin next door to him. Yugi didn't say much about himself. He wanted to keep his past locked away for awhile. The two became pretty good friends soon. It was getting late when they decided they could head back.

"We should head back. It's getting late and someone might get worried about you," Harry said.

"Nah, I live bye myself."

"You live alone?"

"Yeah," was Yugi simple response. Harry caught on that his new friend didn't want to talk about it. Yugi waved goodbye to his new friend and entered his new home for a good sleep.

Yugi quickly changed and climbed into his bed. He looked at the Millennium Puzzle that was on the nightstand and sighed.



Yugi suddenly sat up in his bed. Something bad was going to happen, he could feel it.

It had been two weeks since he had left Domino. He had Harry were even better friends now. Yugi had met the rest of his family one-day when they came over to meet him. He disliked them as much as they disliked him. They seemed to have a problem with the way Yugi dressed and his hair. As Yugi learned from Harry, they hated anything that wasn't normal.

His new job was going well. He worked for a big company that made electronics. No one knew much about how different Yugi really was. He was much smarter then most take him for. He was just usually modest when it came to schoolwork. He could have easily skipped a few grades if he had wanted. (Yugi: Why are you making me so smart? Cherry: I have a reason. You'll just have to see...)

Yugi felt the darkness coming closer. He quickly grabbed his deck that was in a drawer next to his bed and put the Millennium necklace on. He got up a hurriedly dressed.

There was a loud crack and 4 robed figures appeared. They reminded Yugi of Malik's Ghouls just with masks. Yugi grabbed the first card in his deck as one of the figures raised a wand toward Yugi.

Yugi quickly looked at the card in his hand. He quickly activated the necklace and brought the card's power from the shadow realm.

"Avada Kedavra!" One of them said. A green light shot toward Yugi.

He thew the card in the direction of the cloaked figures. "Activate Mirror Force!"

The green light hit the power of the trap card Mirror force and shot back at the four green figures. The green light hit all four of them and the fell imp on the ground. Dead.

Yugi quickly put away his deck and the necklace. He leaned against the wall trying to catch his breath. It wasn't easy summoning the Shadow Realm, so quickly. It took a lot of his energy. Whatever he had reflected was very powerful.

Yugi looked up when he heard someone open the door. It was Harry.

"Khel! Are you-" he cut off when he saw the cloaked forms on the ground.


There was a loud noise when suddenly three people appeared. They looked surprised when they saw Yugi there. Not expecting him to be alive. One of them walked toward him a tripped over one of the bodies. All of them looked at what he had tripped over and his eyes widen.

Harry finally saw the faces of the three that had just arrived.

"Lupin? Moody? Sirius? What are you doing here?" Harry asked.

"Harry? What happened?" Remus Lupin asked.

"I don't know. I just saw the Dark Mark over Khelil's house and came here to check on him."

Moody looked over to where Yugi was who was still weak from calling the Shadow Realm.

"What happened, boy?" Moody asked in a gruff voice while Sirius checked the three Death Eaters to see if they were alive.

Yugi glared at him at being called 'boy' but answered anyway. "Those four people came up and said something. A green light shot out of that thing they were holding. I. The light reflected when it got toward me and hit them instead." Yugi almost let a slip about his Shadow Powers.

Mossy raised an eyebrow. 'Reflected? How could this muggle boy reflect the Killing Curse. It is impossible.'

Sirius looked up and spoke for the first time. "They're dead all right. It would be best if you take the boy to Dumbledore. Harry you're coming with us too. Go and get your things."

Harry nodded and left to get his truck.

"Come on boy. You're coming with us." Lupin said.

Yugi looked at him. "Could someone explain to me what's going on!?" Yugi said. He wasn't happy right now. He gets attacked my some weird people that looked like Rare Hunters, has to call on the Shadow Realm, and now some strange people shoed up telling him that he was coming with us.

Lupin looked at him. He could feel that this boy was very strong. But he looked to be no older then twelve. "We'll explain everything once he talk to Dumbledore. Get your things. You might not be coming back for awhile.

Yugi sighed but followed his intructions. He packed most of his clothes and things. He quickly slipped his deck in his pocked along with the Necklace. He carefully put the puzzle in his truck before he closed it.

Sirius took hold of his truck and brought it down the stairs where Harry already was. Moody pulled out his wand and muttered something that Yugi couldn't hear.

Yugi gave an inaudible gasp as the fire was lit. Lupin studied his reaction. He seemed somewhat surprised by this. He must be a muggle but how would a muggle be able to counter the killing curse.

Moody pulled a small poach from his pocket and gave some to Harry. "Harry, you go with the boy."

Harry nodded and motioned Yugi to come with him. Yugi followed Harry to in front of the fireplace. Harry mouthed "Don't worry." Before he pulled Yugi into the fire and said "Hogwarts!"

There was a loud swish and Yugi fell into a large room. Silver ornaments were everywhere. An old man with a long silver beard was sitting at the desk looking at the two. Sirius, Lupin, and Moody soon joined them.

Dumbledore looked at them. "What is going on now?"

"We ran into a little problem at the house that had the Dark Mark over it." Moody said.

"What kind of problem?" Dumbledore asked.

"The four Death Eaters were dead and this boy was still alive," Lupin said pushing Yugi forward a bit.

Dumbledore looked at Yugi. " Tell me what happened."

Yugi sighed again. He didn't like having to explain things. "I heard someone in my house and then those four people came from no where. They said something and a green light shot at me. It reflected and hit them, okay? Now someone tell me what's going on!" Yugi huffed.

"Dumbledore looked at Yugi and nodded. " Very well. You do deserve and explanation. You were the target of the Lord Voldemort. I sense that you know nothing about the wizarding world?"

Yugi shook his head. Wizards?

Dumbledore continued to explain what had happened that night and 15 years ago. (Cherry: Too lazy to write it all out now.)

"Now, I have no clue how you managed to reflect there attack. I can already sense you are very powerful. So, it would be best it you would stay at Hogwarts and study magic for awhile." Dumbledore said at the end.

"So your telling me those people were trying to kill me because some Dark Lord doesn't like non-magical people?" Yugi said.

Dumbledore nodded.

"Might be interesting. I'll stay," Yugi said.

Dumbledore smiled, "Welcome to Hogwarts. Now I wish to speak with you alone so Lupin, Moody, and Sirius, you know where to take Harry.

The three nodded and pushed Harry out of the room leaving Yugi and Dumbledore alone.

"Now, I thought it be best if I actually introduced myself. I'm Professor Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts."

"Yu- Khelil Sef." Yugi said hoping that the Professor missed his slip up.

"Well, Welcome Mr. Sef. I have a feeling that you know what happened tonight and how you reflected the curse. There is no counter curse to the spell so may I ask what you did."

"You may asked but that doesn't mean I'll answer." Yugi said staring at his eyes.

"If you do not wish to answer then I don't have to. But I am curious on how. Any explanation will never leave this room I assure you."

"I will be honest and say that I do not fully trust you yet, I may tell you some other time though," Yugi said truthfully.

"Very well. You will stay at the castle over the summer to catch up with the rest of the people that will be in your year. How old are you?"


Like many people, Dumbledore looked at Yugi before nodding in slight disbelief.

"Very well. You will be in the same year as Harry. Tomorrow you will be taken to get your wand and supplies."

At that moment, Hagrid appeared at the door. "Ah, Hagrid. Just in time. Can you escort Mr. Sef here to the portrait of the sphinx on the fourth floor. You will be staying there till the start of term when you will be sorted into a House. The password is puzzle."

'Sphinx? Puzzle? What a coincidence.' Yugi thought as he nodded and picked upped his truck. Yugi followed Hagrid out of the office as Professor McGonagall walked in. She gave Professor Dumbledore a questioning look.

Dumbledore answered the unspoken question, "That is going to be our new student. He is very powerful. Powerful enough to counter the Killing Curse without previous training as he did tonight."

Professor McGonagall gasped. "Counter the Killing Curse?"

Dumbledore nodded. "I shall be taking him to Diagon Alley tomorrow."

"You're taking him?" Dumbledore never escorted new students to Diagon Alley. Usually he instructed Hagrid to do this.

"Yes, myself. He is very powerful and it would be best if I took him. Voldemort may be after him once he gets word of what happened tonight. Now, what is it that you needed?"


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